Feel-Good Friday

I love me some fall colours and pumpkin spice everything, but can people please stop talking about how they’re ready for fall? The summer felt like it was two weeks long. It went by way too fast and I’m not ready for it to end! Today is another Feel-Good Friday post – read on to see what I’ve been enjoying and what I’m wanting!



The Fosters

I started watching The Fosters on Netflix a few weeks ago, and I freaking love it. It’s about a family called The Fosters, made up of lesbian moms Stef and Lena, and their five children. The name of the show has a double meaning – Foster is their family name, but four out of five of their children are fosters (that they eventually adopt). This show hits me in the feels – the family has so much heart and love, it gives me the warm fuzzies.


Despite being born and raised Calgary and country music basically being a birthright, I’m not a fan of country music. However, for whatever reason, lately I’ve been really into country right now. I’ve discovered a bunch of corny pop-country songs that I love: Tequila by Dan + Shay, Speechless by Dan + Shay, Mercy by Brett Young, and Marry Me by Thomas Rhett. Don’t judge, okay?



Terrace House

Okay, The Fosters is great, but I started watching the latest season of Terrace House on Netflix and I. Am. Obsesssssed. I watched twenty-four 40-minute episodes in four days, but now I’m caught up and waiting for the next 8 episodes to come out. Terrace House is a Japanese reality show about 6 strangers (3 boys and 3 girls) who move into a beautiful house together, and you follow their interactions and lives both inside and outside the house. There’s no point to the show – people aren’t trying to oust each other, aren’t (necessarily) trying to find love, and aren’t trying to win anything. North Americans may think it sounds like Big Brother or Real World, but it’s not. People on Terrace House are polite, get along with one another, and genuinely like and respect each other.

It sounds boring – why would anyone want to watch a show about people getting along? Yet somehow it’s so captivating, because interesting stuff still happens. The show follows them when they go on outings as a group or dates with one another, and also if anything interesting happens at their jobs. They are allowed to leave the show at any time, and are replaced by a new member which sometimes causes some drama (but polite drama lol). Each episode is also interspersed with a panel of commentators made up of 6 Japanese celebrities/comedians who discuss what they’ve just witnessed, and they are HILARIOUS. Last season took place in Waikiki, Hawaii, but this season takes place in Karuizawa, a snowy city North of Tokyo, so they go snowboarding instead of surfing. I loved the Hawaii season, but it doesn’t even compare to this season. I can’t sell it well – you just have to watch for yourself. The first episode or two is confusing (or at least I was confused, particularly by the commentators), but you get sucked in pretty fast.


I’ve never been one for nail art but I want these nails so much! I’m thinking of getting these before I go on vacation, but I can’t decide…

I’m currently looking for a tight turtleneck for the upcoming fall season and this one is perfect – I love all of the colours that it comes in!

I’m on the hunt for sneakers and these and these have really caught my eye. I love how the pink ones are made of fabric, but I wish it came in white!

I recently discovered Desenio and I really want to buy some prints from them. There are SO many I want to buy, but I don’t really want to go and spend $200 on prints…

This mug is hilarious – my friend and I always joke at work that we’re not in the mood to work.

Does anyone have any recommendations of makeup and skincare brands and/or specific products that I can find in Asia? Namely Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I will be visiting these places in the fall, and I do have a small list going, but I’m hoping to get some more ideas!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

18 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. Happy Friday! I loved reading this post!

    ‪Have you checked out my new post today? It’s my marriage bucket list 🌸‬



  2. I’ve never heard of terrace house, it sounds interesting! People at work got me to watch the Bachelor in Paradise and I couldn’t stop cringing, these people are so dramatic! I like the idea of a reality show where people aren’t being awful to each other.
    Those nails are so pretty! Where are you going for vacation?

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    • Okay, so I don’t watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette, but one of my friends got me hooked onto BIP and I’ve been watching it for two summers (it’s cringey but it’s the lesser of two evils compared to Bachelor/Bachelorette where it’s 20 girls fawning over one guy or vice versa. The darma is kinda funny). Anyways, I watched the first episode of this season’s BIP, and then I started watching Terrace House, and now I refuse to go back to watching BIP! Terrace House is such a pleasant watch – your blood still boils once in a while when there’s a stupid house member, but people aren’t as dramatic.

      We are going to Japan in September, and then Hong Kong/Taiwan in November!

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      • That’s the one that I’ve been watching! I’ve never seen the bachelor or bachelorette but my coworkers got me hooked on Bachelor in Paradise too.

        I have to check out terrace house now, it sounds like I wouldn’t get as mad at the house mates as I do at the people in BIP!

        Omg Japan will be amazing! Angela from Life of Angela got back not to long ago and it sounded like the perfect vacation. I hope you post some of your travel pictures, I’d love to hear how your trip goes!

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        • LOL you’ll still get mad – some people are just frustrating AF. But it’s definitely a much more thoughtful show than BIP.

          I’ll most definitely do a post on Japan when I get back! I’ll have to check out Angela’s instagram for ideas, thanks for the tip!

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  3. Terrace House is very popular in Japan from what I’ve heard. I might Che knot out. Do you remember the names of any of the comedian commentators? I love Japanese comedy so I’m familiar with a handful of names.

    Since I’m in Florida, I am SO ready for fall & winter. It’s been unbearably hot and humid and rainy all summer and I’m over it. I can’t wait for not having to run the AC all day (the ridiculously high electric bills are killing me). Plus Halloween is my favorite holiday & cant wait for haunt season to start.

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    • Yes, I think they released Terrace House internationally because it was doing so well in Japan! The comedians are Azusa Babazono, Yoshimi Tokui, and Ryota Yamasato. Tokui has more of a dirty sense of humour (at least on Terrace House) and Yamasato is the more “find a petty reason to hate someone on the show” kind of humour.

      Haha, I can see why you would be looking forward to fall, it definitely gives you relief from the hot humidity. We have the opposite problem – we don’t have AC, but our electric bill goes up in the winter because we need to run the heat.


      • It only gets cold enough to run the heat here one or 2 weeks out of the year. But I have a little space heater I use in my living room that does the job and I just use extra blankets on the bed.

        Not sure if I know those comedians. I might recognize them if I see them. I know of some of the duos like Downtown, Cocorico and others like Matsuko Deluxe. I love the show Japanese variety show Gaki No Tuskai.


  4. Nothing wrong with liking a bit of country music! I wouldn’t say I’m like a super fan of the genre but there are definitely a couple of songs that I really like. Carrie Underwood is probably my favourite because her voice is just amazing. This summer, one of my jams was Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line’s song “Meant To Be” and since then, I discovered more of Florida Georgia Line’s songs and they have a couple of good tracks too!

    Ohh I will have to check out those two Netflix programs! I finally got Netflix since last month but haven’t been watching too much lately (sometimes because I don’t know what to watch). The Terrace House sounds really really interesting. I know Japanese reality (game) shows are renowned for being random and hilarious so look forward to see what this is about! Also – I love how respecting Japanese people are.

    Hmm, I’ll have to compile a list for you for your Asia trip – when is it? For now, I can only think of Miniso! They have some hits and misses but the hits is definitely their 3-way eyebrow pencil for me! (It’s what I’m wearing in my latest IG selfie if that helps…LOL). I don’t use the brush part though, only spoolie and pencil but ahh, for such an inexpensive product, I love it.

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    • I haven’t listened to Carrie Underwood in so long! But yes, she has a beautiful voice. I love Meant to Be, but they’ve played that song so often on the radio all summer that I’m sick of it. Georgia Florida Line does have a few good songs, though.

      Netflix can be overwhelming when you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to watch. Terrace House is nothing like the game shows lol, but I definitely think it’s an interesting insight into Japanese culture.

      We actually have Miniso here! Although maybe it’s a lot bigger in Asia? Daiso is definitely on my list, though. Would love a list from you!

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      • I have to agree about Meant To Be being overplayed! Radio does that to like every song that’s top 20 or whatever though unfortunately.

        I really like Netflix but I don’t like the way it’s organised. I feel like I’m always browsing the same films/series?

        Oh yeah doh! Totally forgot Miniso is available in other countries except for the UK which is like the basic standard for many brands LOL >.<! I'll think up a few brands/products and will reply in your next post or two! 🙂

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        • Yes, Netflix does have a tendency to show you the same things over and over again. At least as you use it more, it’ll start recommending things that are more up your alley.

          Ha, to be fair, we just got the Miniso stores here! Thank you for brainstorming for me!


  5. OMG yes if people don’t stop raving about Fall – Fall is like 2 weeks here and then it’s WInter. Let me enjoy my last few weeks where I don’t have to shovel show and wear winter boots!
    I’m going to have to check out The Fosters, we need a new Netflix series to watch.
    K I don’t know what it is but I’ve really been enjoying some country too – especially Dan & Shay! Their whole album is really good – I recommend it! They’re kind of like a laid back country which I like. 🙂

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    • Agreeeeed. I love fall and all, but it also signifies the impending -30 degree weather and ugly winter wear…I’ll take sunshine and flowers over PSL any day, LOL.

      I hope you love it if you decide to check it out!

      LOL, glad I’m not the only one who’s been enjoying country – if I recall, you aren’t normally a fan either? I’ll have to give the rest of their album a listen, I only know two or three songs from them.


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