Review: Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a review on an oldie in the makeup world: the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette. I’ve wanted this palette for years, but for some reason I always held off because I would end up getting sucked into buying another palette instead of this one. When Tarte was having a 25% off sale a few months ago, I finally decided to take the plunge.


The Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette is a 12-pan palette consisting of 3 shimmers and 9 mattes in shades of neutral. Each shade contains 0.053 oz of product. The palette uses the brand’s signature Amazonian Clay formula, which is supposed to be long-wearing and pigmented. It retails for $49 CAD, and can be purchased at Sephora and the Tarte website. It is made in the USA.




Tarte_Tartelette_in_Bloom Packaging.jpg


The packaging of the palette is made of plastic with a lid that snaps. The packaging is really sturdy – I’ve never dropped the Tartelette in Bloom palette, but I’ve dropped the original Tarte Tartelette palette before, and all of the shades survived with very minimal damage. I also absolutely love the pink/purple packaging with the gold lettering on the front – it’s so pretty!

This next point is something minor and not a feature I really ever thought about until I owned the original Tartelette palette. I’ve come to realize that I prefer the shape of these square Tarte palettes. Not only is the mirror full size instead of like the Too Faced or Urban Decay palettes where there is a big border around the mirror, but the square shape is also easier to hold in my hands when I’m using the mirror, versus the long shape of the UD/Too Faced palettes. I realized after a while that even when I was using shades from other palettes, I always reached for my original Tarte Tartelette palette for the mirror.

The palette is thoughtfully put together in terms of shades. I realized shortly after starting to use the palette that the shades are arranged in rows that can be used as complete looks. I’ve used them this way and they make really cohesive looks, but I tend to like mixing it up.



I don’t know why, but when I look for palettes, I always want them to be good for travel, both in terms of having sturdy enough packaging for travel, and having a shade selection where I can do complete looks. I’m not sure why the travel thing is important to me, considering I only go on one or two vacations a year. I plan on taking this to Japan with me, so I wanted to test this palette out thoroughly before taking it on a trip.

The Tartelette in Bloom palette consist mostly of warm neutrals, but there are a handful of cool shades as well.

Charmer – Matte Off-White
Jetsetter – Matte Taupe
Rocker – Shimmery Taupe
Smokeshow – Cool Brown
Flower Child – Matte Peachy Nude
Smarty Pants – Matte Tan
Firecracker – Shimmery Bronze
Activitist – Matte Deep Warm Brown
Funny Girl – Shimmering Champagne
Sweetheart – Matte Tanned Peach
Rebel – Matte Mauve-Chestnut
Leader – Matte Aubergine



While I personally think that this is a really good standalone palette, I feel like it has a few too many shades that look too similar. Jetsetter and Smarty Pants look a lot alike, as do Smokeshow and Activist. I also don’t know if it’s necessary to have both Charmer and Flower Child in the palette, since they’re both matte whites – yes, one is pure white and one is more peachy, but hear me out. All of the shades I mentioned look significantly different in the swatches, but on the eyes, I feel like they look really similar. I feel like either Flower Child or Charmer could be made into a shimmer shade to be used as the browbone highlight. I’ve made some modifications to the palette so that it looks exactly the way I would like it:


I made Activist a warmer chocolate brown, deepened up Smarty Pants a little so that it’s a darker and warmer peach, and made Flower Child into a shimmery shade. They’re small and subtle modifications as I don’t think this palette requires a lot of changes, but ones that I think would make the palette perfect (for me at least)!


First off, let’s talk about the scent – this palette smells like chocolate. I only own three Tarte palettes so I’m not sure if all of the newer Tarte palettes smell like this. The original Tarte Tartelette palette isn’t scented, but the Tarte Pro Glow palette has the same scent.

In terms of the formula, I’ve always been used to palettes having extremely strong shimmers with weak, underperforming mattes, but I actually find this palette to be the opposite. The mattes are very pigmented and buttery, while the shimmer shades are pigmented, but require a little building up.

A few of the matte shades, particularly the second column (Jetsetter, Smarty Pants, Sweetheart, as well as Rebel) are really soft and have a lot of kickback when I dip my brush into it. I know a lot of people don’t like this, but I personally have no issues with kickback, as long as the shades are pigmented and have no fallout once applied to the lids. As long as I tap away the excess before applying it to my eyes, I don’t experience any fallout. Flower Child is a bit powdery – I hate to point this out, but you’ll see in my third eye look that I was in a rush and didn’t really blend away the excess powder in my look.

While the mattes are soft, I find that some of the shimmers, particularly Rocker and Firecracker, are slightly more firmly packed and require more building up. They’re pigmented shades and are easy to work with, but just need to be layered more. Funny Girl is a bit crumbly, but it hasn’t given me issues with fallout either.

My favourite shades in this palette are Jetsetter, Firecracker, Rebel, and Leader. Not only are they gorgeous shades, but they all apply like a dream.

Here are three looks I did with the palette:



I ran Jetsetter into the crease as a transition shade. Then I applied Rebel into the inner third and outer third of the lid, deepening up the lower third with Leader. Finally, I patted Funny Girl all over the middle of the lid, blending in the edges. For the browbone highlight, I used Flower Girl.



For the second look, I used Sweetheart as my transition shade, and the placed Rocker all over the lid. Finally, I packed Smokeshow into the outer third of my lid to create more dimension, and then used Charmer as the browbone highlight.



For the last look, I ran Smarty Pants all over the crease as a the transition shade, and in the outer third of the lid, I applied Activist to create depth. On the rest of the lid, I applied Firecracker, making sure to blend it into Activist. Finally, for the browbone highlight, I used the shade Flower Child.

I really enjoy this palette, and would highly recommend it to any neutral lovers. As “boring” as it is, I get a ton of use out of it as I wear neutral looks 98% of the time. Do you own this palette, and if you do, what do you think of it? What’s your favourite neutral palette?

18 thoughts on “Review: Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette

  1. This is a really pretty neutral palette that I have considered getting for years. I love how many mattes it has, but I probably won’t pull the trigger and get it any time soon. You know I don’t need another palettes! Let alone a neutral one! And only more will be coming out over time.

    I LOVE how you edited the palette to look like how you would want it! How did you make Flower Child look shimmery?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry, I just realized that I missed replying to this while I was on vacation!

      LOL I get it, girl. I only just bought it after sitting it on years. I feel like a lot of neutral palettes will continue sitting on my wish list!

      Oh gosh, I can’t quite remember. I think in Photoshop, I copied one of the shimmery shades as a layer, and then set the layer to ‘Overlay’!


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