July-September Movies I’ve Watched

Hi everyone! Today is the third installment of my 50-movie challenge for 2018. Read on to see what I watched in the last three months!

Cars 3 – 4/5

I’m a big fan of Pixar movies, and I loved, loved, loved the first Cars movie back in the day. The second one I did not like at all, so I was pretty apprehensive about the third – sequels tend to get worse and worse, and I always feel like they should just quit while they’re ahead. I was actually pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this one – it had a lot of heart.

Bad Moms – 4/5

This movie was hilarious! It’s about three overworked and underappreciated moms that decide they’ve had enough and go wild. I really loved the cast – the moms had a lot of chemistry together. Even though it’s a chick flick, my husband enjoyed it, too.

How To Be Single – 4/5

I didn’t know much about this movie going into it and thought it might be one of those silly chick movies with no storyline, but it ended up being a very thoughtful movie. The characters learn that it’s okay to be happy about being single, to not be happy about being single, but also that it’s okay not be be single. I really liked the cast, how all of the story lines fit together, and the ending was really satisfying.

The Boss – 1/5

This movie was terrible. Not only is it so, so forgettable, but it’s not funny. Melissa McCarthy plays some type of business magnate that gets caught for insider trading, and when she gets out of prison, she’s ready to start a new venture. I honestly could not tell you one funny part in this. Passable!

Walt Before Mickey – 3/5

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love Disney, so I’ve been wanted to watch this movie that’s based on how the Disney company was started. I loved whole theme of tenacity and never giving up on your dreams, but this seemed to drag on after a while. Overall a really feel-good movie and I enjoyed the ending (spoiler alert, he creates the Disney franchise at the end), but a little dry.

Ghostbusters – 3/5

This movie had bad reviews so I went into it with really low expectations, but it actually ended up exceeding them. Some of the humour was kind of random, but to be honest, that’s what I expect when a group of SNL women come together. Also, I totally forgot that Chris Hemsworth is in the movie as the dumb receptionist, so that was a very welcome surprise, haha!

Set It Up – 2/5

This is one of those movies I put on as background noise while I was blogging. So far, I’ve enjoyed all the movies I’ve seen with Zoey Deutch as the female lead, but this movie bored me. Two assistants decide to match-make their nightmare bosses so that they will be too busy being in love to ask their assistants to stay at work all night. The acting was good and the chemistry was there, I just think that the storyline felt a little uninspired.

Sausage Party – 3/5

Okay, I died when I first saw the trailer for this two years ago, but as funny as I thought it would be, it was one of those movies I knew I probably wasn’t going to get around to watching. I mean, I can just picture Seth Rogan sitting there stoned and thinking that a movie about cartoon food discovering the truth about what happens to them after leaving the supermarket would be the funniest thing ever. I thought this was going to be a R-rated movie with dumb humour, but it surprisingly had some pretty clever parts in it. I feel like if I watched it a second time, I would catch even more references. The raunchy parts were a little ridiculous, though.

Daddy’s Home 2 – 3/5

We saw Daddy’s Home last year and thought it was hilarious, so we’ve been meaning to see this for a while. This time, Dusty and Brad’s (Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell) dads have decided to join the family for Christmas, and they’ve brought their very different parenting styles with them. The storyline was rather typical, but it was still cute and gave me the Christmas feels in July, haha.

The Incredibles – 5/5

I watched this about a dozen times the year it came out, but my husband is not a big Disney fan and so has never seen it. I made him watch this with me so we could go see Incredibles 2 together (we still haven’t seen it at the time of posting this). It was just as good as I remmber, and Vince said he enjoyed it. I’m so excited to see the sequel! Hoping that it will be playing on the plane during our vacation…

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – 4/5

The title of this movie is…ridiculous. When my husband came into the room to ask me what I was watching and I told him the name, his reaction was “……” Apparently the movie is actually based on a book. It’s a historical fiction about a literary society during the second World War, and a writer who learns of the society and joins them at the end of the war. I’ve always loved books and movies about WWII, not to mention this movie is basically a reunion of actors from Downton Abbey, so when I saw the trailer for this movie on Netflix, I wanted to watch it right away. It was more of a romantic drama than I anticipated – not quite what I expected, but a pretty decent watch nonetheless.

Crazy Rich Asians – 5/5

My friend and I read the books WAY before they had even announced they were coming out with a movie, so when we first heard that the movie was in production, we promised each other we’d see it together. I was a little hesitant at first because the cast did not look at all like what I imagined in my head, and even after watching the movie, I still don’t think they’re what I imagined. However, I thought it was a really entertaining movie, and I personally think they did the book justice. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this movie coming out – I felt like it would give people the wrong impression of Asians and consumerism, especially in cities where real estate has escalated due to foreign buyers. But as a lot of people have been saying, it’s really nice to have Asian representation in normal roles, not just kung fu masters or nerdy tech kids.

Ocean’s 8 – 5/5

My husband is a big fan of Ocean’s 11 and its sequels – I had never actually watched them until I met him! We were both looking forward to the female rendition of it. I loved it, and he thought it was “pretty good”. If there’s diamonds and fashion, I’m there. Not to mention that the casting was absolutely perfect – how do Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett still look so badass in their late 40s or 50s? I just wish that Mindy Kaling and Awkwafina had more screen time. My husband still thinks that Ocean’s 11 is better, though.

What movies did you see these last few months that stuck out as being particularly good or bad? Any recommendations of things for me to watch?


4 thoughts on “July-September Movies I’ve Watched

    • I’ve heard that it’s just as good as the first! It’s been so long since the original has come out, it’s definitely worth it to re-watch it.

      Highly recommend reading the book before watching the movie. There are so many characters in it that you get more out of the movie when you know who’s who and all the background info they skip in the movie!


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