Beauty Products I Purchased Because of Other Bloggers

Like most beauty lovers, I like to stay on top of beauty releases and new products. There are different factors that come into play when I choose which beauty products I’m interested in buying. A lot of the time, I buy ones that sound interesting when I first hear about them in press releases. Others I buy because of YouTube reviews, and some are recommendations from friends. However, there have been a lot of purchases over the years that have arisen because I see my beauty blogger friends raving about them. Today’s post is on the latter: stuff I’ve bought because of other bloggers!

Delectable Hand Cream

Delectable Hand Cream

When I first saw these hand creams at the grocery store, I thought the brand was a rip-off of the Canadian brand Cake, which were slowly disappearing from shelves. After reading many other bloggers raving about this product, like Nicole from Pretty Ruff Life, I found out that the Delectable line is made by Cake! I finally got my hands on some of the hand creams last Christmas, and the good reviews are so justified. They’re creamy and moisturizing without feeling sticky or heavy on your hands!

Quo Sponge Surratt Artistique Blush.jpg

Quo Blending Sponge and Surratt Artistique Blush

You don’t even want to know how many products I’ve purchased because of Stash Matters, but these are two of my favourites! Stashy sent me this Quo sponge a few years ago in one of her giveaways and I have repurchased it so many times since – it’s inexpensive and works incredibly well! I know everyone loves the Beauty Blender, but I can’t justify buying a $25 CAD sponge when this $8 does the job just fine.

The Surratt Artistique blush in the shade La Vie en Rose is the opposite – NOT cheap, but is so soft and finely milled that it almost feels creamy. Stashy raved about this shade on her blog and it intrigued me, but at the time we didn’t have a Surratt section at our Sephora (I still don’t think we do?) I took the plunge and bought this when I was in Toronto a few years ago – Stashy was with me when I checked their blushes out for the first time, although I went back for it on another day.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.jpg

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I saw this all over social media in the last two years and was intrigued but not ready to buy it due to the price. The person who pushed me over the edge to buy it was Tigritsa. She hasn’t blogged since late last year, and I miss her posts! Anyways, I have a love/hate relationship with this cream – it smells absolutely freaking heavenly, but I don’t find it all that moisturizing. I’ve contemplated buying their perfume/body spray, but I have a feeling the scent wouldn’t last on me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Nova from Super Nova Beauty absolutely raves about these lip glosses, which really made me want to try it for myself. I bought my first one during the Sephora sale back in August and haven’t looked back since. I currently only own two, but I can see myself buying a lot more of these in the future. They are really pigmented, even on my lips which are naturally pigmented, and they don’t have a tacky consistency like many traditional glosses do. I’ve never been much of a gloss girl, but this one converted me!

Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid.jpg

Hada Labo Gyokun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

I bought this product in September when we were in Japan, and it partly came to my attention because Judy, or Hoi Yin Li, talked about Hada Labo on her blog post. I don’t think I bought this specific product because of Judy, but I did first hear about the brand from her. I really, really love this Hyaluronic Acid; although it’s called a lotion, it’s definitely more of serum. It’s the third HA I’ve tested across all brands and is by far my favourite as of yet. She did recently recommend the Hyaluronic Acid  Gyokun Hyaluronic Milky Lotion, which I just bought in Taiwan and am so stoked to try.

Garnier Miscellar Water.jpg

Garnier SkinActive Miscellar Cleansing Water

I heard a lot of people raving about this miscellar product, but I wasn’t remotely interested in buying it until I saw Cleia of Always Cleia talking about how much she enjoyed it. I bought this as my makeup remover when I got eyelash extensions a few months ago and couldn’t use oil-based makeup remover. This sounds weird, but I didn’t “believe in miscellar waters until I bought this one. It just removes makeup and cleans the skin so gently but effectively removes my makeup!

I am honestly so grateful in my blogging career to have found bloggers that I not only trust in terms of their opinions, but have also become good friends with. Do you remember which products you have purchased because of other bloggers?


15 thoughts on “Beauty Products I Purchased Because of Other Bloggers

  1. I had the same issue with the bum bum cream. Smells amazing but I didn’t find it particularly moisturising. I love Cake! Stashy sent me their products and I loved them (but we sadly can’t get them in the UK).x

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  2. I’m glad you love the Delectable Hand Cream! I always go back to it and those little tubes from the sets are so perfect for my purse and travel! I’m hoping I can get my hands on a set again this year.

    I love the Bum Bum cream but I struggle with the cost of it; I was interested in the body spray but have heard that it has zero lasting power. Now if they made an actual perfume I’d be all over that!


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