9 Beauty Brands I Want to Try in 2019

At the beginning of 2018, I shared a list of 9 beauty brands I wanted to try during the year. I ended up buying from 6 of the 9 brands on the list, which I think is pretty good! This year, I have a few more brands that I would like to try for the first time. I’m not saying that I’m going to buy from all of them this year; in fact, I hope for the sake of my wallet that I don’t 😂 I just wanted to share a list of brands I’ve never tested out but am interested in!

bobbi brown

Image from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

This brand has never really interested me; it’s always felt like one of those brands that aren’t very trendy and come out with “boring” makeup. However, in the last year or so, a few of their face and lip products have really started to look appealing to me. I’m really tempted to give Bobbi Brown a go in 2019!


Image from Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

I’ve wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury for years, but there are a few reasons why I haven’t tried this brand yet. First of all, Charlotte Tilbury has been pretty difficult to get ahold of in Calgary. Second of all, the high pricetag has been a deterrent as well. Now that they’re at Sephora, I definitely want to pick up a few products from this brand during the VIB sales.



Image from Business Insider

Glow Recipe

This is one of those hyped-up skincare brands on social media, and while I wasn’t so much interested in trying them when the brand first came out, I’ve found that a few of their products have seemed quite appealing to me lately. Plus…their packaging is adorable. Some of their products look a little too lightweight to do much good for my dry skin, but I’m interested in the Avocado Sleeping mask and the Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer.



Image from Beautylish



I’ve wanted to try Jouer even longer than Charlotte Tilbury – I think I first heard about this brand from YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen back in her heyday, which was probably 6 or 7 years ago! Like Charlotte Tilbury, Jouer was never readily accessible for me, but now that Sephora carries it, I am so ready to try the brand! I wish I could swatch the products in person, but unfortunately, Jouer is only available online at Sephora. I’m still going to buy from them, though!


marc jacobs

Image from Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t tried Marc Jacobs yet. This was a brand on my “brands to try” list last year, but never ended up buying from them. Marc Jacobs seems to get really good reviews from a lot of people, and their bronzers, lip products liquid highlighter in particular have caught my eye. This year’s going to be the year!



Image from Nabla Cosmetics

Nabla Cosmetics

Mariah Leonard raves about this brand quite a bit, but no one else really ever talks about them. A lot of their products look absolutely stunning! In particular, I’m interested in their single shadows and their highlighters (what else is new?), but now that I’m looking at their palettes, they look gorgeous too!


ofra cosmetics

Image from Ofra Cosmetics

Ofra Cosmetics

Ofra has been all over the beauty community in the past few years, mostly because of their collaborations with Nikkie Tutorials. I’m not so much interested in their collaborations, but I really want to try their highlighters, which look super metallic and glowy. Not sure if I’ll get a chance to buy from Ofra because the brand is not readily available in Canada, but I’m still putting it on my list for the year!



Image from Smith Cosmetics

Smith Cosmetics

Okaaaaay so I have something to confess: I just made a small haul from Smith Cosmetics, but it hasn’t arrived, so I technically haven’t actually tried the brand yet. I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about the brushes from Smith Cosmetics, but it wasn’t until I watched one of Samantha Ravndahl’s videos talking about how small eyes need small brushes and mentioning the small brushes that this company makes, that a lightbulb just went off inside my head. Anyways, Smith Cosmetic brushes are constantly sold out! I put myself on a notification for when they came back in, so when I received an email saying one of the brushes I wanted came in stock, I snatched it up. I guess I can technically check this off the list already, haha!



Image from Smith Cosmetics

RMS Beauty

While there have always been big ingredients where I’ve always tried my best to avoid in my makeup and skincare (parabens, preservatives), I’ve never been particularly fussed about what ingredients are in my skincare. However, as I mentioned in my Beauty Goals post, I really want to learn more about clean beauty and whether the whole clean beauty concept is…legit? This is one of those brands that I do want to try out if I feel like it’s worth it to make a bigger effort in incorporating clean beauty into my routine. Then again, I was interested in this brand before I even realized they were clean, and the products were really beautiful when I swatched them at Shoppers a few weeks ago, so maybe I would try them out regardless.

What brand(s) do you want to try out this year?

13 thoughts on “9 Beauty Brands I Want to Try in 2019

  1. I really want to try Nabla & Marc Jacobs as well! Bobbi Brown & Charlotte Tilbury both have some amazing products, so if you can get ahold of them you won’t be disappointed!


  2. I do want to try some Bobbi Brown this year. Like you, I also didn’t think they were very interesting but I have a product on my wishlist I really want to try. Their new liquid lip packaging reminds me of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets! X


  3. I love Marc Jacobs and Jouer! I dabbled in a few of their products last year and this year I definitely want to get even more familiar with them. I’m also interested in Smith Cosm. I hear they make great blending crease brushes!


  4. You have so many great brands on this list to try!! I’m also super interested in Jouer and Glow Recipe. Their packaging is really pretty and I love that both are available at Sephora. I hope you get to try some of these brands in 2019!


  5. No one talks about Bobbi Brown these days. I used to hear about Bobbi a bit on Jackie Aina’s channel, but I stopped following her a while ago. Here’s hoping they have some good releases this year for you! I feel like their aesthetic matches you perfectly, chic, wearable and beautiful 🙂

    I’ve also been curious about Nabla but apparently their Poison Garden palette was a huge flop for a lot of people. I think the matte formula was problematic? But the same people were saying that this was unusual for them so hopefully that was just a momentary blip on their record.

    Ofra is still raved about by a lot of people even though it seems like they never come out with new products. Just new versions of the same highlighters etc. But maybe I’m just not paying attention! Honestly, I hate the rebranding they did. The packaging looks so much cheaper and crappier to me now! But maybe I just don’t like white packaging.

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  6. You have to try Bobbi Brown products, they are so underrated in my opinion! I don’t own a lot of their products apart from their lipsticks but they are such good quality. I’ve heard great things about their eyeshadow palettes. I want to try Charlotte Tilbury and Jouer as well! I really want to buy their products this year. Such a great post x

    New Lune | http://new-lune.com

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  7. I really want to try Jouer too! I almost pulled the trigger a couple of times before the holidays. It’s so great – yet dangerous – that it’s available on Sephora now!
    Haha on Smith Cosmetics! I keep hearing Samantha Ravndahl talk about their brushes too. I’m interesting in seeing what you picked up from them!
    I feel like I’ve dabbled in most brands now – even the brands that were a challenge to get in Canada. Off the top of my head, I’d like to try Flower Beauty, the new stuff – I read that the brand is now available on well.ca! The cream blush and foundation from Flower Beauty is getting rave reviews.
    I am also interested in trying Nudestix – have you tried anything from that brand? I feel bad that it’s a Canadian brand and I still haven’t tried it. 😳

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    • I almost pulled the trigger on Jouer before the holidays too! And you are right, so very dangerous yet awesome that more brands we didn’t have access to before are now being carried at Sephora!

      I just got the Smith Cosmetics brushes, so I haven’t used them much yet, but so far they’re…not as small as I expected. I am interested in trying a few more, though!

      Oooh yes, Flower Beauty is a good one! I really want to try their cream blush, but had no idea they’re available on well.ca – I swear I was on that website just a few weeks ago and didn’t see the brand on there.

      I haven’t tried Nudestix either! I don’t know *too* much about their products…I need to look into them more so I can support a Canadian brand!


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