9 Beauty Products I Want to Try in 2019

Hi everyone! Last week, I shared a post on Nine Beauty Brands I Want to Try in 2019, and today I’m wanted to talk about nine beauty products I want to try this year. You might be wondering what the difference between the two posts are. Last post featured brands that I’ve never used before, whereas I’ve previously used the brands mentioned in this post, but have just not tried the specific products mentioned. However, as I was writing this post, I also ended up making a list of 9 more products from the brands featured in my Nine Brands I Want to Try post, so you’ll see those underneath as well. Onwards to the products!


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask – $30

I’ve wanted to try these lip masks for years. Years! Currently, I’m trying to work through 3 mini Laneige lip masks and one regular sized one – I doubt I’m going to get to the Agave lip mask this year with all of the lip masks in my collection, but I’ve wanted to try it for so long that I might as well put it on my list. I’m interested to see how it compares with the Laneige lip mask!



Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer with Echinacea GreenEnvy – $58

I tried my first Farmacy product this year via the Green Clean Meltaway Cleansing Balm, and I fell in love. There are a lot of skincare brands where one or two of their products look interesting to me, but I honestly want to try almost everything from Farmacy! I know I won’t be getting to all of their products in one year, but this moisturizer is the first on my list. I felt the texture in stores and it felt really lightweight yet hydrating. I think it might be a nice option for the summer!



Herbivore Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial Oil – $80

In 2018, I finally got into facial oils, and I’ve heard that this Phoenix Oil is really good for dry skin. I’m also at that age where fine lines start to appear, and this is supposedly able to help with that. At $80 a pop, I think I would try to get a tester of this first before investing in a full size, but either way, this oil is intriguing.



Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eye Shadow – $38

I’ve only ever tried the Ambient Lighting Powders from Hourglass, but I’m so ready to branch out into their other products. A lot of these types of cream shadows were released from high end brands last year, and at first I wasn’t particularly interested. However, I’ve been really into doing just an all-over eyeshadow look lately and I have one particular shade in mind that I want to purchase – obviously, it’s the taupe shade in the line!


Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick – $52

These didn’t really appeal to me when they first came out because not only are they they cream highlighters, but they’re also in stick form – I can’t think of anything I might hate more. However, this year was the year I finally discovered how much I enjoy cream highlighters, and I feel like if there’s one brand that might make me like face makeup that comes in a stick, it would be Hourglass. After seeing many positive reviews of this product, I have to say that my interest is piqued…



L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion – $18.99-$21.99

I’ve had my eye on this product since it came out, but I never ended up buying it last year. I think they only had one or two shades to begin with, but I like that they have since released deeper shades to suit a wider range of skin tones. I’m waiting for this to go on sale, and then I’m snatching this up!



Makeup Geek Pressed Eyeshadows – $6-$10 USD

Makeup Geek has been out of the limelight for a while now, until Marlena Stell came out with her “My Truth” video back in the summer. Anyways, even though nobody talks about Makeup Geek anymore, I’ve been meaning to try Makeup Geek’s eyeshadows for a few years now. I love their highlighters, and their eyeshadows are the next logical step. I plan on focusing on building up my custom Z-palette this year, so I think it’s a good time to buy a few MUG eyeshadows to add to the palette.



Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter – $42

When these first came out, I didn’t even give them a second glance because it’s a cream highlight, and as I mentioned above, I’ve always disliked cream products. However, 2018 was the year that I surprisingly fell in love with cream products, so now I’m a bit more open-minded about these. I swatched these in stores a while back and they are freaking stunning! Instead of buying this at Sephora, I’ve decided I’m going to use my Optimum points to get this during one of their Spend Your Points events this year.




Physician’s Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer – $18.99-$21.99

Stashmatters first brought this primer to my attention last year when she told me that it’s a dupe for my beloved Becca Backlight Priming Filter. I’m curious now, and I really want to give it a try. It’ll make for a good dupe post, too! Similar to the L’Oreal Lumi Glotion, I’m waiting for this to go on sale before I buy it.

9 Honourable Mentions of Products from Brands I’ve Never Tried:


Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipstick

I fell in love with the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipticks in 2018 and I think these might be pretty similar. Bobbi Brown has the regular Crushed Lipsticks in bullet form, which I also want to try, but these liquid lipsticks are new to the brand!



Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow – $36

Apparently, I want to try all the cream makeup this year! I finally had a chance to swatch these around Christmas, and they were really gorgeous. It’s going to be hard to choose between these and the Hourglass shadows because they’re so similarly priced!


Consonant HydExtreme – $149

This is another product that Stashy told me about last year. She told me she loves this, and when she says she loves something, you go out and buy it! In all seriousness, this product sounds sooo nice but it’s $150/30 mL?! Might be one to save for the VIB sale, or for when I win the lottery this year.



Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask – $59

As cute as the packaging of Glow Recipe products are, I haven’t really been interested in their products until now. Most of their skincare looks too lightweight for my dry skin, until they recently came out with this Avocado Sleeping Mask. I love me some sleeping masks, and since I am also a millennial, I also love me some avocado!


IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+ – $49

I’ve always been a light coverage kind of gal when it comes to foundation, but in the last year I’ve had a lot of hyperpigmentation and needed a more medium coverage foundation to help cover up the dark spots. However, I’m at the point where I’m happy with my skin again and am looking to go back to a light coverage foundation or BB/CC Cream. A lot of my blogger friends rave about this, so I’m curious to try it.



Jouer Cosmetics Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette – $38

I’ve never been much of a blush person; I can go using the same two blushes for years without being bored. However, I’ve been having a blush moment in the last few months, and these blush duos look so stunning. Also, I find this strangely affordable – $38 for 2 blushes is $19 per blush, versus their single highlighters which are $30. The only problem is that I can’t decide which duo I want because they all look pretty!


Jouer Cosmetics Powder Highlighter – $30

Do I need another highlighter? Nope. Do I want another highlighter? Heck yes! I’ve had my eyes on these since 2017 when I first heard about them, but back then I had no way of getting my hands on Jouer. Now that the brand is more readily accessible through Sephora, I’m going to make them mine!



Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You? – $55

This is another product I’ve had on my wishlist for years. It’s a huge bottle and pretty pricey, which has always stopped me from buying it. I would prefer if this came in a mini because it would be less costly and I would never be able to finish this, but I doubt they’re coming out with one anytime soon, so I think I’m just going to bite the bullet this year!


Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask – $59

To be honest, I’m a little hesitant about this one, because I’m not really one for using brands started by influencers. With that being said, their Jet Lag Mask has gotten a lot of rave reviews from skincare bloggers and YouTube channels, so that definitely has me intrigued. I also love masking, so this is right up my alley.

That’s a long list, but it’s all the products I have my eye on this year! What products do you want to try in 2019?

21 thoughts on “9 Beauty Products I Want to Try in 2019

  1. I hope you’ll like the Physician’s Formula version of the Backlight Priming Filter. You should watch the dupe video from Jessica Braun where she shows them side by side:

    And yes, wait till PF is on sale for 40% off. 😛

    Last year I did get a couple of items from your list:

    • MUG eye shadows: I’m in the minority but they don’t work for me. Even over my normal primer, the MUG shadows fade and crease! It’s really too bad!

    • IT Cosmetics CC cream: the colour selection is wonky. I got the shade Light and it’s too dark for me. I think you would like the formula more than I did because it has no oil control for my t-zone. I’ve heard good things about the Matte version of it though.

    That Consonant HydrExtreme is my secret weapon! I only use a tiny bit for under my eyes and my smile lines since they tend to get dehydrated through the day. BUT, I’m curious to try this little hyalouronic acid gem by “Taiyou no Aloe”:
    I’ve read really good things about it – it’s a very high concentrate of hyalouronic acid to mix with your existing skincare items. And it’s only $6! I’ll let you know how I find it. 😉

    Another product I want to try is the Nars Soft Matte Concealer. It’s been on my list forever it seems!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh! I watch Jessica Braun but I must have missed this video! Thanks for sharing it!

      Boo, that’s so disappointing that MUG shadows don’t work for you! How weird is that?

      You are totally right, the one thing I worry about is the colour selection of the IT Cosmetics CC cream. How is it possible that a colour called Light is too dark for you?! It’s not like you have a porcelain skintone…

      I mostly want the Consonant HydrExtreme for under my eyes! My eye area has been so dry. That HA looks really interesting!

      Oooh good call, I think the Nars Soft Matte concealer might be a good choice for your skin type!


  2. I love the Bite Agave Lip Mask, Farmacy Honey Drop, Makeup Geek shadows, Stilla Highlighter, It Cosmetics CC Cream and Jouer blushes and highlighters. I heard great things about the Hourglass glitter eyeshadow, the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow and the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops.


  3. I love the MUG eyeshadows. I have like 30 so far. They just launched some new shades that look really pretty.

    I was at Marshall’s last weekend (similar to Winners) and they had those Stila highlighters for I think $7.99. I debated about getting one, but I have too many highlighters already. I got one of the Glitter & Glow shadows instead for the same price.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What are your favourite MUG eyeshadow shades? They have so many to choose fromt!

      What a steal for both the Glitter & Glow and the highlighters! At $7.99 I would have justified by saying “It’s okay to have one more when it’s so inexpensive”, haha.


      • One of my faves I’d Coco Bear (matte reddish brown) that’s the best crease shade. But I heard it’s getting renamed (it was named after Marlena’s now ex-husband). Havoc, Karma & Blacklight from the duochrome line are awesome. There’s a few more but I’d have to look at the shade names when I get home.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh dear, the story about the renaming of Coco Bear! I have heard lots about that specific shade, and have heard really good things about their duochromes, too. Those are definitely on my list of shades to try from them!


  4. Ohh I loved all the products you’ve mentioned, they all look amazing! I’ve tried the MUG eyeshadows in the past and they are really pigmented, you won’t be disappointed! As for the other products, I haven’t tried them but I’d love to try the CT cream eyeshadow! It looks really good x

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  5. J definitely want to try some of the same brands as you but different items from them. For example I want to try the bite beauty iridescent lip glosses. I would like to try the hourglass stock foundation and the stila all day lipsticks as well as a bunch more of their liquid eyeshadows. I have the heavens hue highlighter and I’ll say it’s nice if you’re partial to cream highlighters but it’s not that amazing

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  6. Ok so! I have some things to say lol.
    I have been using the Herbivore Phoenix oil for about a month now and it seems very nice. It seems to be hydrating and doing it’s job, but I’m not noticing any crazy effects or anything. But I haven’t had crazy dry skin this Winter, so maybe I wouldn’t notice anything. And I’m not sure I’m seeing any visible improvement in pre-exiting lines, but this is likely more of a preventative product than a fixing-after-the-fact product. Overall, it’s nice! But it’s $110 not $80 (maybe you’re seeing a smaller size somewhere that I’m not?), so you have more thinking to do cause it’s even pricier than you thought lol.
    As I think you may know, I 100% recommend the Hourglass cream highlighters. I just LOVE them! And more than the Stila ones. I have the Stila one in Kitten, and I really did like it at first. But as time has gone on I have liked it less. I think it is more glittery and highlights texture more! The Hourglass ones are perfection.
    I got one of the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipsticks last week and I am really liking it. I think you are right, it is very similar to what I remember of my small sample of the Bite Beauty Liquified one. Regardless, I do think that the formula is very nice, and really does feel like a balm! It actually kind of reminds me of the L’Oreal Matte Glosses, with a pigmented, comfortable formula that has minimal shine. I don’t find the Bobbi Brown ones have very much shine, despite mentioning shine in the product description, but the pigment is there! Overall, I might get more shades. I have Juicy Date, and it’s a bit more peachy pink than I thought it would be (described online as a pink brown), but it’s a nice every day colour regardless. I am super interested in Mango Mood, which looks like a really vibrant coral! So pretty for spring!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your thoughts on the Phoenix Oil! Oops, I think I must have gotten the $80 from the Orchid Oil and not the Phoenix Oil, haha. Hmm, maybe I’ll get that Hydrate & Glow set that comes with a mini size of that Phoenix Oil to test before I invest in the full size.

      Yes, I started seeing a lot of people post about the Bobbi Brown Crushed lipsticks in January (funny how I was just talking about how no one talks about Bobbi Brown and then a PR package comes and everyone’s talking about them lol…but that’s beside the point). I saw your IG story on it too! I kind of wish they had more more shine, but oh well haha, I’m still interested in trying them!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah the shine is definitely minimal! I also find the hydration isn’t perhaps as long lasting. Since there’s no tackiness with this formula it definitely doesn’t stay on as long as a gloss might. But it’s comfortable while on and super pigmented!


  7. I’m so mad because the Bite Beauty lip mask does not agree with my lips – it makes them so dry! I had the same problem with the Laniege Mask too so there must be a similar ingredient in both of them.

    You’ve got some many great products on your list! I really want to try one of the Joer Highlighters too – I’ve heard good things. And those blushes look amazing, might have to add those to my list for 2019!

    This is a fun post idea – I’m going to steal it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh that’s so sad that neither of them worked for you! Hopefully another brand will have a lip mask release soon that actually works on your lips.

      It’s so nice that we can finally get our hands on Jouer, isn’t it? I hope you can get your hands on it too!

      Yay, steal away!


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