Thursday Chats: The Pros and Cons of using Hyped-Up Skincare Brands

Hello, everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a post for my Thursday Chats series…mostly because I haven’t been able to think of a topic, haha. If you’re not familiar with Thursday Chats, it’s a series where I talk about “issues” within the beauty community in order to get some discussion going. Today’s post is all about using skincare that is really popular on social media – we all know what brands these are, because we see them over and over again! This has been a thing in the beauty industry for years, but has become more prevalent and noticeable in the last few years because of the internet.

As you will see from the pictures in this post, you’ll notice that I own a lot of products from hyped-up brands – and these are only the ones that I currently own. Luckily, the vast majority of them are minis that were purchased in a set, because I didn’t want to invest in a full size without knowing whether it would work well with my skin. Still, the fact that I own these means I’ve been sucked in by continuously seeing them on social media! After trying so many hyped-up products, and I can confirm that while some of these products have quickly become favourites, others have done more damage on my skin than good. After thinking about my buying habits, I’ve thought of a few pros and cons about trying skincare that gets raved about on social media. Are these products worth it, or are they overhyped? Do people actually think they’re good, or are they just raving about them because they got sent PR? I think the answers to these questions are very individual depending on the user!

Close up shot of Herbivore skincare products


Let’s set the scene: lately, you’ve been seeing a ton of people on Instagram talking about a skincare product and how it’s so hydrating, how it has made their skin so glowy and clear, and your interest is piqued. You buy yourself a mini to try, and a week into using it, your skin is all red and you have weird bumps and texture all over your skin…just great! I have to admit that this has happened to me on a few occasions, even though I bought products that were recommended by bloggers I trust.

One of the biggest problems with trying skincare willy-nilly is that you run the risk of damaging your skin. Even if someone has the same skin type or skin issues as you, it’s possible that the ingredients in the product just don’t work well with the unique makeup of your skin. I’ve also purchased hyped-up products that didn’t end up doing anything for me at all. Just because it’s popular on social media doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee that it will solve your skin issues like it does for other people!



Buying hyped-up skincare because you see everyone using it on Instagram might mean you’re spending money on things you normally would not have, because you’re trying something out of curiosity to see if it’s really worth the hype. On top of this, a lot of highly raved skincare brands come with a really high price tag. While The Ordinary is popular largely due to how affordable it is, brands like Drunk Elephant, Summer Fridays, Tatcha, and Glossier are really pricey for the average consumer. For some products, you could be spending upwards of $100+ just to see if it’s as good as everyone says it is, at the risk of being disappointed.

Close up shots of Drunk Elephant skincare products from The Littles Kit



Something that’s really tough about being a content creator is finding your own voice or standing out in a sea of a million other content creators. If you’re using and taking photos of the same thing highly-hyped products, your product reviews will end up blending in with everyone else’s, and your Instagram feed also ends up looking very similar to all of the other accounts out there.

Close up of The Ordinary products


While all of the points so far have talked about the negatives of trying popular skincare, one of the downsides of not trying highly raved-about skincare is feeling like you’re out of the loop. In a way, this is a pretty silly one because we should never waste money and mess with your skincare just for the views, but we all know how fast-paced the beauty industry moves – if you don’t try a product while it’s still trending, you’re out! Whether it’s makeup or skincare, I don’t often try trendy things right after they first release, so I know firsthand how annoying it is when I constantly see the same brands being hyped up on social media when I don’t plan on buying it in the near future, if ever.



If you’re anything like me, you might scroll past all of the IG posts or blog post reviews that feature popular brands because you think people are raving about them just because they received PR from the brands, or that the products are overhyped and not as good as people say. This kind of thinking can also make you miss out on some really high-quality products. For example, I’ve held off on buying a jade roller because the whole idea of it seems a bit ridiculous to me. Am I missing out? Quite possibly, but I guess I’ll never know because I don’t plan on buying one.


Putting aside all of the bad aspects about trying hyped-up skincare, one of the major positives is something that I think makes us all continue trying new skincare or makeup: you might discover something you’ll absolutely fall in love with year. In the last year or two, I have tried a bunch of hyped-up skincare, and luckily, I have found my fair share of products that ended up working really well for me; for example, the Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm and the Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisture Creme were clear standouts last year. Other products, not so much (I won’t go into these as they’ll be in future reviews coming up).

Are you a user of skincare products that are highly raved about on social media, and did they work out for you? Share with me your experiences in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Thursday Chats: The Pros and Cons of using Hyped-Up Skincare Brands

  1. Excellent points! I too am guilty of buying in to hyped products sometimes but have been trying to make more of an effort to use up what I have in my stash before running out to purchase the latest and greatest! Happy Thursday!

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    • It’s true, when we keep collecting hyped-up products, we end up accumulating so much without using things up! Great for you for trying to use up finish up what you have instead of running out to buy more new stuff though. It ain’t easy!

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  2. I got a sample of a Drunk Elephant serum once and it stunk so bad I threw it away after one use. I’m normally not super sensitive to smells but that thing just REEKED. I’ve actually downsized a lot of my skincare and tossed a bunch of stuff I don’t use anymore or had expired. The bottom shelf in my cabinet over the toilet is a lot less cluttered now. But I need to track down a new bottle of my L’arvore (Korean brand) hyaluronic soft toner as I’m running low. I got the bottle I have at TJ Maxx. Hope I can find another there or at Marshall’s. 😬

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    • I remember you saying before that you thought the DE Vitamin C serum stunk, and then when I tried it in a mini size, I totally understood what you meant! It definitely is not a pleasant smell.

      Good luck finding that HA toner!


  3. Great post! I hear ya on not wanting to miss out. I recently tried some Drunk Elephant serums (mini sized) to see what all the fuss was about. I wanted to think they were overhyped but they actually cleared up the texture issues I’ve been having with my skin over the past year. It’s so interesting how products work differently for everyone and so important to keep in mind. Thank goodness for mini sized products so we can test the waters before jumping in!

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    • Minis are definitely the way to go, especially when it comes to DE! That’s great that they helped you with your texture issues! I’ve been using the The Littles Kit for the last few months and have been finding that I like some of their products but not others. It’s almost a lifesaver when expensive products don’t work because then you don’t have to keep buying them, haha!


  4. Great post! Like you, I’d rather test out a product via mini sizes before commiting to a full size. I learn best that way whether something will work for me rather than relying on recommends of influencers who my not have my skin type or share my skin concerns.

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  5. I’m super careful about putting things on my skin so it’s actually not really a temptation for me. I know that the most important aspect of skincare starts with what you eat and drink so I try to focus on eating well first before I think some cream will help. I do tons and tons of research before I’ll buy anything!


  6. omg yes! I have dry and sensitive skin, and so I’m constantly looking for THAT product that’s going to magically change my skin. More often than not though that doesn’t happen. I’m usually stuck with products that make my skin even redder, bumpy, pimply, and gross. But I have to say, if it wasn’t for hyped makeup, I would have never bought the summer fridays jetlag mask, and that literally works miracles! Great post xxx

    Melina |


  7. Such a great post! I have dry and sensitive skin so I’m cautions of the products I use, for me it’s always quality over quantity. Just because everyone is raving about a product, it doesn’t mean it’ll work on me. Most hyped-up products are usually very expensive. Plus, a lot of people think good quality equals to expensive products which doesn’t make any sense to me. You can find as much great items, if not better in the drugstore as well. I can’t imagine spending that much money on high-end or luxury skincare products, maybe if I was earning a lot of money, I’d probably splurge on them but if they don’t work on me – it’s just a waste of money.

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    • Yes, exactly! Price does not necessarily mean the quality is good! You do make a good point on not being able to imagine spending that one much on something – we have have a different definitely on what “pricey” means.
      Sensitive skin is particularly scary when you want to try a new product, like you said you have to be very careful about those hyped products!

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  8. I definitely take into consideration user reviews before I try something. I’ve thought long and hard about Drunk Elephant products, but I just can justify the price.

    I did try an Origins product one time, and it completely ravaged my face. Massive fail. I returned it, which I’ve never done before.


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