2019 Anti-Haul #1: New Products I’m Not Interested In Buying

Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to do my first anti-haul post of the year – I’ve decided I’m going to try and do this once a quarter this year. I’m in a “not-really-into-makeup” phase right now, and for the most part, none of the new releases have caught my eye. If any of these interest you, that is awesome because it just shows the diversity in our community, so please don’t take offense that I’ve included them in my anti-haul.


Source: Urban Decay

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette

They discontinued the original Naked Palette for this?? That was a classic, so whatever replaced it needed to have been epic…and what a disappointment this is. Not only does it look like exactly like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette, but it’s just boring in general. Hard pass.


Source: ColourPop

ColourPop So Juicy Plumping Lip Gloss

ColourPop, the 90’s called and they want their kiddie makeup back! These new lip glosses remind me of the lip glosses I used to use as a tween – specifically these Bonne Bell Lip Bursts and the Lancome Juicy Tubes, which my mom bought for me and made me feel so fancy, but really these were just sticky and…not good. I’m sure after 20+ years, a brand like ColourPop would have improved the formula greatly, but I’m still not interested.



Source: ColourPop

ColourPop x Zoella Brunch Date Collection

With the overly juvenile packaging, I thought at first this was another one of Too Faced’s releases ridiculous releases, but nope, it’s ColourPop. They’re back with another collaboration, this time with Zoella. I used to watch Zoe when I was in the very early stages of discovering makeup videos on YouTube, but I eventually outgrew her content as it ended up being geared toward a younger and younger audience. Zoe’s been in a few scandals over the last few years, particularly her advent calendar drama and her book being written by a ghostwriter. None of the products appeal to me either – it’s just a very bland collection all around. The packaging, the products, and the influencer elements combined all together make this collection a no go for me.


spring-rivera-abh-ca34Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

I knowwwww I know, this is going to be such an unpopular opinion, but this is going in my anti-haul. Okay, the packaging just gets my soul. I love anything beach-related, which includes nautical designs. The shades inside are absolutely stunning, but I know my makeup habits well enough to know that my neutral-loving self wouldn’t reach for this palette. Out of all the releases recently, this one is the one that really sits on the line between buying and not buying for me. It hurts my heart that the shades don’t call out to me, but at $55-$60, it’s not worth it for me to buy this palette and only use it once a year.



Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Daytime/Sunset Collection

Was there a name for this release? Either way, this collection is really boring to me, particularly the Daytime set – 4 mid-toned neutrals for $32 USD? No, thanks. The Sunset palette is a little more intriguing because it’s more cool-toned and therefore unique to what we’ve been seeing from brands in the last few year, and that periwinkle shade in the palette looks really pretty. BUT it’s not unique enough to justify buying.



Source: Too Faced

Too Faced x Pretty Mess Collaboration

This  isn’t super new-new, but it was released in February which still makes it somewhat new in my books. This is a collaboration between Too Faced and Erika Jayne aka The Pretty Mess on Instagram. In my opionion, the aesthetics don’t appeal to me, the products are boring, and the names are AWFUL. I mean, I’m not offended easily when it comes to makeup product names, but “Pat the Pu$$”…WHAAAT?? I remember doing a second take when I first read that name, cause it’s so not okay! All of these reasons combined means that I’m not buying.

Too Faced Natural Lust Palette

This palette is SO beautiful. I missed out on the Natural Love palette in 2017, so when I saw that this was coming out, every part of me wanted it. However, the rational side of me knows that I shouldn’t buy this. I’ve owned large palettes in the past (coincidentally also from Too Faced), and I didn’t end up pulling them out often – in fact, I decluttered them at the beginning of last year. Plus, this is just another neutral palette, and this gal does not need any more neutral palettes in her life, especially not one that contains 28 neutrals.


Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Collaboration

While I have watched a few of Shane Dawson’s more popular/controversial videos in the last year, I wouldn’t say I’m a follower or anything. However, I 100% support the fact that he’s one of the OG YouTubers still on the platform, and the fact that his channel is still going strong. On the other hand, I don’t support Jeffree Star, which I’ve already talked about in the past – plus the fact that Shane is not at all involved with makeup makes me uninterested in the collaboration. I think the shade names are going to be pretty interesting, though.



Urban Decay x Game of Thrones

So obviously this release is aimed towards Game of Throne fans, of which there are MANY. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. We haven’t seen what will be included in this collection so maybe it’s a little too early to write this off, but Urban Decay’s releases have not piqued my interest in the last few years, and I doubt this  there’s anything included in this collection that will change that. I have a friend who is going to be mightily excited when I tell her about this release, though!

Are any of these on your anti-haul too, or will you plan on snatching these up?

29 thoughts on “2019 Anti-Haul #1: New Products I’m Not Interested In Buying

  1. That UD Naked Roloaded is so lame! If they really felt strongly about this palette, they should have just left the original alone and released a version of this as yet another add-on to the Naked range.

    I can’t remember the last time I watched Zoella. I used to watch her before too… but she’s now just someone who’s famous for everything else but being a YouTuber.

    I’m very curious to see what the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Collaboration will result in but I’m planning on buying it. I’m somewhat torn about my opinion of Jeffree Star based on the Shane Dawson videos. But generally, his esthetics aren’t what I go for typically anyway.

    Honestly I haven’t paid much attention to new releases. There’s nothing I’m eyeing at the moment so I guess they’re all on my anti haul list! 😛

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    • Lame is the right word for the UD Reloaded! I agree, I’m not sure why they didn’t just make this another version of the Naked line instead of discontinuing the original…

      Haha, it’s true, she’s definitely branched outside of YouTube these days, hasn’t she?

      Shane’s videos on Jeffree Star definitely shed an interesting light on him, didn’t it? I had NO idea what an empire he made for himself until I watched that! I’m curious as to what the collection will look like too, even though I’m not interested in buying anything from it.


  2. I feel like a ton of makeup brands are coming out with the same color palettes that every one of them looks too similar to one another. Just because you add one pop of color doesn’t make a palette that much special. Awesome post btw I love these anti-hauls!

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  3. I am interested to see if the GOT palette can be the new born to run. I mean we know there will be a matte teal and metallic blue. I have tried and returned several palettes, and now I just down to buying my fav singles and tartlette in bloom.

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    • Here’s to hoping the GoT palette is like the Born to Run, that one is beautiful!
      I totally know what you mean though, we end up collecting so many palettes, but really we just need those few that we keep going back to. Thanks for reading!

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  4. I agree with you on all of these except for the Riviera Palette. It’s so beautiful, I waaaaant it! But I understand your reasoning for not getting it.
    I’m so unimpressed with the new Naked palette, as well as those lip glosses! What’s the point of having a giant lip gloss shade range if none of the shades really look all that different? I watched a swatching video and they didn’t seem very special.
    I’m all for Game of Thrones as a TV show but I’m tired of the “fire & ice” and game of thrones makeup collections. WE GET IT. Game of thrones is a money maker. I’m not really into that collection, even though it’s officially a GOT collab it’s already been done.

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    • Oh trust me, I think the Riviera palette is so beautiful too! I just can’t justify having it in my collection, haha.

      You’re so right, what the heck were they thinking with the lip glosses! They all look exactly the same!

      Game of Thrones is SUCH a money maker – I can understand why. It would be cool if they could come up with a theme other than fire and ice, but I suppose that’s the running theme of the show.

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      • I probably can’t justify the price anyways haha
        But I can dream!

        It’s very true, there isn’t really another giant theme. I guess they could have gone with palettes for each of the major houses, with a Targaryan palette, Stark Palette, Lannister palette.. or something like that. But that would be a LOT of makeup lol

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          • Yes that would be nice! I’m sure that Makeup Revolution will have a dupe palette soon!

            Oh yes like mini quads, or 6 pan palettes. Sephora would make a killing in that isle right before the counter lol


  5. I love this concept for a blog post! I giggled quite a bit throughout, especially those Colour Pop tube lip glosses, very 90s indeed 😀 Oooh I’m a fellow nautical and coastal themed lover too. I really wouldn’t mind trying the Riviera palette because a) I’ve never owned an ABH eye shadow palette b) it’s nautical themed lol and c) I’m trying to branch out and use brighter colours and the few she offers in there are right up my alley. Can’t wait for more of these 🙂 x

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    • Hehe, I feel like those ColourPop lip glosses might be appealing for some people who are nostalgic for the 90’s! Oooh so glad I found a fellow coastal themed lover! I feel like the Riviera palette is a really good choice for you – you’re a lot more adventurous with eye shades than I am!

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  6. I find the ABH Sultry palette much prettier than the Reloaded palette, maybe it’s only me lol! But other than that, I completely agree with everything you’ve said. The CP x Zoella collection is just ‘boring’, I do find the packaging to be quite cute but apart from that, the shades and products don’t appeal to me.

    I’m not a fan of Jeffree Star but I love Shane Dawson, I’m not planning on buying their collection but I’m definitely curious to see the products. Great post as always my lovely x

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    • You’re right, the Sultry palette does look prettier! From swatches, it looks like the shades are more pigmented at the very least.

      Curious to see what they include in the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson palette too! Specifically if they make a palette, it’ll be interesting to see what it looks like!

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  7. I actually got myself the original urban decay palette before they discontinued it. They had it at half off too! I’m not really impressed with most of these palettes. The only palette I’ve considered out of the ones you mentioned would definitely have to be the riviera. I don’t know about the shane x jeffree one yet or the GOT one, mainly because the shades haven’t really been released. I definitely agree with the other ones though. Great post! I loved hearing your thoughts on them xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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    • How do you like the original UD palette? It’s such a classic! I almost picked up a backup when it was half off, but I had to stop myself haha.

      The Riviera palette is beautiful! It’ll be interesting to see what the Jeffree Star x Shane and UD GoT palettes look like for sure.

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  8. I completely agree with you on the Zoella and Sunset collections. And the riviera palette didn’t spark my interest either, because I already own similar shades in my collenction. Lovely post xx

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  9. All I can say is, AGREED. Except for the ABH palette. I totally understand where you are coming from with it though, it is not intended for you. But I am loving it!

    And uhg, I could not despise Too Faced more for the pretty mess BS any more than I do.

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    • Do you find that the shades would be easy to dupe if you own a lot of colour eyeshadows? I love that they came out with some a unique palette, but at first glance the individual colours seem like they would be easy to dupe. I haven’t swatched them in person though, so who knows!

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