Review: Cirque Colors Thermal Polish – Colour-Changing Polish!

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is a review on the thermal nail polishes from the brand Cirque Colours. Last month, I mentioned on my Feel Good Friday post that I was curious as to whether these actually worked. Not long after, I ended up caving and buying one of the shades to try out.

I picked up the shade Terra from Harlow & Co., my favourite indie polish retailer. Originally, I had wanted Luna, which shifts from aqua to purple, but they were sold out of that shade, so I picked up Terra instead. Unfortunately, all of their thermal polishes are sold out on Harlow & Co at the moment, but is still available on the Cirque Colors website. The thermal polishes retail for $14.99 USD on the Cirque Colors website, or $15.99 CAD on Harlow & Co.

Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in Terra

According to the Harlow & Co website, Terra is a thermal polish with beautiful copper shimmers, and the shade is supposed to shift from blue when it’s warm to purple when it’s cold. I would describe the “warm” shade as cornflower blue and the “cold” shade as a bright violet. The website says this is holographic, but I would say the holographic quality is not very strong. It’s still a pretty shade, though!

The formula of the polish is smooth, and took 2-3 coats to become opaque, which is pretty typical for most of the nail polishes I own. Cirque Colors’ thermal polishes dry to a matte finish, which I’m not a huge fan of. I was worried that putting a top coat on would affect its colour-changing performance, but it does not. I later noticed that the Harlow & Co. website actually says it dries to a matte finish and that it actually suggests using a top coat on top.

Nail Swatch of Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in Terra Cornflower Warm Shade
What the thermal polish looks like when my hands are warm
Nail Swatch of Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in Terra Cool Shade
What the thermal polish looks like when my hands are cool

Does this thermal polish work? Absolutely, and it’s very responsive too! The easiest way to test it out is by putting your hands under running water – it shifts colours almost immediately and it’s really fun to watch!

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they’ll tell you that I constantly complain about being cold, so I figured I could use my nails as an interesting way to indicate the temperatures I feel the most often in the span of a week. As my suspected, my nails are the cornflower colour (meaning I’m warm) pretty much only when I’m in bed, in the shower, and during an intense workout. Funnily enough, my nail colour spends the majority of the time in a state between hot and cold, which I didn’t realize the nail polish would do – I thought my nails would be one or the other colour. Most often, my nails are in a shade I would call “grape candy” – not quite blue but not quite violet, either.

Here I’m comparing my “usual” colour vs what it looks like when my hands are warm and cold.

Nail Swatch of Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in the shade Terra Cold vs Normal

Nail Swatch of Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in the shade Terra Warm vs Normal

Does it ever create a gradient effect on the nails like they do in the promo photos? Yes, but it doesn’t happen often, at least not for me, and I even have medium-long nails where the tips don’t touch my skin. It usually happens after I work out, when my body is hot but my surroundings are cold and I’m starting to cool down. Sorry the quality is not great, but it’s just to illustrate the gradient:

Nail Swatch of Cirque Colors Thermal Polish Terra Ombre

More often than seeing a gradient on each nail, I will see each of my nails a different colour, like in the photo below where each finger is a different shade. There’s also there’s a bit of a gradient on each nail, just not as clearly as in the shot above. I don’t know how this happens – I guess my fingers are different temperatures too, haha! It kinda makes for a cool look!

Close up of Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in Terra in a gradient
Doesn’t this look so interesting when all of the fingers have a slightly different colour?

Another thing I noticed is that my hands must be different temperatures quite often, because there have been a handful of times when the shades on my left and right hands  don’t match, kind of like the photos above where I’m illustrating the difference in shades on both of my hands. If anyone else in real life has noticed this, they didn’t say anything!

I absolutely recommend these thermal polishes, if nothing else than just for how fun these are! I think my husband was getting annoyed by how often I said, “Look at my nails!” every time they turned a different colour!

23 thoughts on “Review: Cirque Colors Thermal Polish – Colour-Changing Polish!

    • Haha I didn’t mean to treat it like a science experiment, but I ended up finding it fascinating seeing patterns in my body/hand temperature! I never realized that my hands are ever different temperatures from one another, haha!

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  1. Wait, what? The colors are amazing! Definitely thought that there were more polishes in question when I clicked on your post 🙂 This tones of blue and purple are my favorite. Excellent post. Don’t know why I feel so happy. It is most likely the tones of the colors or the strong coffee that I finished up few minutes ago. 😀 But probably the colors.
    P.S. Your swatches and nail shape are way better than the model 🙂
    P.P.S It’s sold out.
    Have a nice one 🙂

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    • A combination of coffee and pretty nail polishes will definitely put you in a good mood!
      Yes, I mentioned that they’re unfortunately sold out on the Harlow & Co website, but they’re still available on the Cirque Colors website! Just added a link in my blog post if you’re interested 🙂
      You are so sweet, thank you for the compliments! Thank you for reading!

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      • I just went back and noticed that I missed that part. Thank you.
        Of course. Your posts are really good and why not spread some positiveness and share some well deserved compliments. 🙂


  2. How fun! I had no idea that thermal polish was a thing! I haven’t painted my nails in a really long time but would like to go and get them done professionally just for the experience lol

    I know I say this everytime but you have really nice nails! I think this would suit those who get tired of their nail colour easily. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t realize until recently either! You’re right, this WOULD be good for people who get tired of their nail colour easily! And yes, you should try getting your nails done professionally! I rarely do it, but it’s a very pampering experience!

      You are so sweet, thank you! I get frustrated with my nails because they’re not very strong and peel often, so it’s hard to maintain the length and shape…

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  3. These nail polishes are SO COOL!! I want one lol
    My hands are almost always cold too, it’s interesting to see how it reacts to different temperatures. I might need to pick one of these polishes up this year. The colour is really pretty too!

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  4. Thermal colour changing items are so much fun! I had a few gaudy thermal nail polishes back in the day. I like the idea of the gradient but I don’t usually keep my nails too long so there’s not a lot of free edge. But yes, I do also think my ring and pinky fingers are colder than my index and middle fingers – it’s so neat how sensitive this polish is to slight temperature changes. And I really like the shimmer in this shade. I had a look at the colours in the Cirque thermal range, and I think you picked the best shade out of the bunch. The shade Luna looks interesting too (violet and turquoise).

    This is totally an acceptable adult way to have some fun in your everyday life. 😆 I’d be running to the washroom every 15 minutes to run my hands under the taps. Don’t even get me started on scented nail polish. I was obsessed for a while! (and telling people to smell my nails LMAO) 🤣

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    • Ahh you make a good point, I should’ve said that if you don’t have long nails, you won’t get a gradient! Haha I find it kind of weird that our fingers are different temperatures… never really thought about that. I had wanted Luna first but they were sold out!

      LOL I think my husband was going to lose it if I said “oooh look at my nails, they look different again!” to him one more time 😝 omg those Revlon scented polishes, I totally forgot about them!! Were there any other brands that had these? LOL @ you asking people to smell your nails! 🤣


  5. Ok, these are so pretty and fun! I wish I could justify picking up a polish right now (I haven’t done my nails in about 6+ months or so) but I totally get why you couldn’t resist treating yourself to one! 🙂

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