ColourPop Jelly Much Eyeshadow | Review

Hello, my beautiful friends! Today, I’m writing a blog post all about the Jelly Much eyeshadows that I recently acquired. This is the first time I’m trying the Jelly Much formula, and the shades I own the shades Doves n’ Roses and Big Ego, which are both from the brand’s new Spring 2019 collection. While this review may not be as helpful if you want to know about the performance of each specific shade in this range, I think might be helpful if you want to pick up either of these particular shades or are curious about the formula in general.

I’ve been wanting to test out the Jelly Much eyeshadows since ColourPop first released them last year, but none of the shades were up my alley. What caught my eye about these the most was the texture. How freaking cool do these look?! Also, I’m drawn to anything makeup-related that has the word “jelly” in the name. After collecting makeup for so long, I guess I’m becoming more interested in trying makeup with unique formulas and textures.

Texture shot of ColourPop Jelly Much eyeshadows in Doves n' Roses and Big Ego on marble surface


According to the ColourPop website, the Jelly Much eyeshadows are an innovative formula from the brand, and is supposed to deliver high pigmentation in one swipe, without needing to wet your brush or use a primer. The formula is supposed to be long-wearing and will not crease or fade, and dries down to a powder finish with no fall out. At the time of this post, ColourPop has released 28 shades in the Jelly Much range, and they retail for $8 USD. They are made in the USA, and are available on the ColourPop website.


Packaging of ColourPop Jelly Much eyeshadows Big Ego and Doves n' Roses from Spring 2019 collection


As everyone and their grandmas have already mentioned on social media, the box packaging of the spring collection (which you can see in my first photo above) is so aesthetically pleasing – probably one of ColourPop’s best collections in terms of packaging for sure! With its plastic container and screw-on lid, the jars containing the Jelly Much shadows resemble the Super Shock Shadows. The Jelly Much shadows from the spring collection have colour-coordinated lids to match the colour of the shadow inside, with a window where you can see the product with the lid on. I believe not all of ColourPop’s Jelly Much shadows have this colour-coordinated packaging – doing some Googling reveals that the ones released with their holiday collection have the same packaging as these ones, but the ones from their original release came with all-white lids with no window. I’m not sure if they might have changed the packaging of the original shades since their release to be consistent…let me know in the comments if you know! Similar to many other cream shadows, the Jelly Much shadows come with a stopper to keep the cream eyeshadow from drying out.


ColourPop Jelly Much shadows with stopper


Although I’ve been eyeing the Jelly Much shadows since they were first released last year, I never bit the bullet because I wasn’t interested in any of the shades. When the spring collection came out, I was automatically drawn to Big Ego and Doves n’ Roses.

Big Ego is described as a “pale lavender with a teal shift”, which I think is fairly accurate. This is such a multi-faceted shade – a lavender base with green, silver, and golden shimmers.

Doves n’ Roses is a “soft coral with rose gold glitter”. I don’t know if I would describe this as soft, as it does appear quite bright on the eyes. It has a coral base with gold and rose gold shimmers running through it.

From left to right: ColourPop Jelly Much Shadows in Big Ego and Doves n’ Roses and

Below I have compared it to other ColourPop shadows that I thought might look similar to these two shades. As you can see, their single pressed shadow Come and Get It (which is one of my favourite eyeshadows) comes the closest to Doves n’ Roses, but Doves n’ Roses is a lot more metallic and pigmented as a result of its cream formula.

Swatch of ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow in Doves n' Roses compared to other shadows


I already own a few purple-toned duochromes from ColourPop and was pretty sure that I would have a dupe for Big Ego in my collection. However, after swatching these together, I realized that’s it’s actually pretty unique – it kind of looks like if Glass Bull and Lucid had a baby, and again is much more reflective than both due to the nature of shimmers being able to adhere better to a cream base.

Swatch of ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow in Big Ego compared to other shadows


Considering the name of this product, I was geared for this product to have a weird and unique formula, and this lived up to my expectations. It’s not “jelly” like jello or jam, but almost like soft putty. The formula of the Jelly Much shadows are quite thick in the jar; if you turn the jar upside down, the cream shadow won’t move at all. Despite the thick texture, the formula is actually quite easy to thin out. You seriously only need the tiniest amount, and the Jelly Much shadows will give you vibrant colour payoff with high, metallic shine. The only finicky part of the shadow is that you do have to be careful and only dip your finger or brush very lightly into the product, otherwise you will have way too much product on your eyelids and it’ll never dry.

The Jelly Much shadows contain more glitter than I imagined – while they have a foiled base like I imagined, they are also packed with fine glitter. I wish these were more apparent in photos!

Close up shot of ColourPop Jelly Much shadow in Big Ego from Spring 2019 collection
The texture of these is so cool!

Close up shot of ColourPop Jelly Much shadow in Doves n' Roses from Spring 2019 collection

I found the best way to apply this was in thin coats, and layer on until you are happy with the opacity. If you apply too much at one time, it takes longer to dry and runs the risk of creasing or moving around. My favourite way to apply this is with my fingers, as you can really pack on the colour. Using a flat brush also works well and gives me more precision, but I felt that it didn’t give me as vibrant of a colour payoff as using my fingers.



Before trying the Jelly Much shadows, I was a little worried, as cream shadows that are this wet can sometimes be a challenge to work with and may end up creasing or fading. However, the worry was unfounded because out of all the cream shadows I’ve ever tried, the Jelly Much shadows have one of the most impressive staying power. You have more than sufficient time to move the shadow around while you’re applying them, but once you’ve put them into place, they seriously don’t budge.

Unfortunately, the one bad thing about the formula is that I did get a bit of fallout sometimes during the course of the day. There is no fallout during the application process because the shimmer is suspended in this cream, but I guess as the formula dries, the shimmer no longer adheres to the base product. By the end of the day, I noticed some sparkles under my eyes with both shades, but it was always to varying degrees. Most times after wearing this, I saw a few shimmers under my eyes that were probably only noticeable to me, but there were a few times when I feel like the shimmers would have been apparent to anyone who was talking to me.



I’m showing two looks that I did with these Jelly Much shadows, and I paired them with two different ColourPop palettes.

Look 1

The first look is a purple-based look featuring Big Ego all over the lid, paired with shades from the Chasing Rainbows palette. Again, I wish that the photos could show how sparkly this eyeshadow is! Now that I’m looking at the the look, I feel like this would’ve also looked beautiful with teal.

Eye look featuring ColourPop Big Ego Jelly Much Eyeshadow


Eye look featuring ColourPop Jelly Much eyeshadow in Big Ego


Look 2

The second look is a pink-based look with Doves n’ Roses paired with shades from the Rendezvous palette.

Eye look featuring ColourPop Jelly Much eyeshadow in Doves n' Roses

Eye look featuring ColourPop Jelly Much eyeshadow in Doves n' Roses



-Vibrant colour payoff
-Affordable price
-Easy to work with
-Great staying power


-Issue with fallout occurring during the day with both shades
-Have to be cautious about overapplying

Overall, these Jelly Much eyeshadows were a lot easier to work with than I anticipated, and they are absolutely beautiful on the eyes. I have really been enjoying them for a statement look. They look difficult to use, but I think they’re worth a shot if you’ve been interested in trying out the texture. I will surely be snapping a few more up if ColourPop ever releases more shades I’m interested in!

Have you ever tried these? If so, what do you think of them?


13 thoughts on “ColourPop Jelly Much Eyeshadow | Review

  1. Big Ego looks right up my alley. I have a couple minis of the Butter London Eye Glosses and they’re basically the same type of texture & formula.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you like these so much! I was wondering what you thought of them since you mentioned you picked them up.

    I think I like the shade Big Ego the most out of the two, it’s very unique! It’s so hard to capture that duochrome on camera but I’m sure the teal shift is even more stunning in person.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Big Ego is my favourite out of the two as well, it’s just such a unique shade! All I can get from it when I try to take a photo is just flashback from all the glitter hahaha. Doves n’ Roses is pretty too, but I feel like it’s more easily dupeable.


      • We need a duochrome filter that can show both shades at once 😄
        I think I would definitely go for a more unique shade when trying a new formula. Doves n roses is pretty but you’re right, it’s probably easy to dupe.


  3. First off, the two looks you created are so beautiful and elegant. Your blending and application of shadows is so perfect 😀 I also loved hearing your thoughts on these cool shadows. They look so fun and the colours you chose are so pretty too 🙂 x

    Liked by 2 people

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