Thursday Chats: Feeling Embarrassed about Blogging

Hello, everyone! Today is another Tuesday Chats post, which is a series I started where I discuss topics within the beauty community. Today’s topic is about feeling embarrassed about being a blogger. This post is actually inspired by my blogging friend New Lune, who blogged about the same topic about a month ago.


Photo source: Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

It’s funny because when it comes to blogging, everyone always tells you to promote your blog in order to increase traffic to your blog. Use Instagram, use Twitter, use Pinterest, engage with other bloggers, etc, etc…we’ve all heard the advice. Yet I feel that when it comes to real life, we tend to clam up about our blogs. In my own personal experience, I’ve tried to keep my blog quiet with the people in my real life (more on this later), and I’m willing to bet that many of you who are reading and are bloggers are the same. I don’t see this as a good or a bad thing – it just is the way it is.

There is no question that we’re all proud of what we do, but I think a lot of us are afraid to tell people we blog because we’re afraid of the judgment we will face. Despite the fact that society is constantly plugged in, I think blogging is still a foreign concept to a lot of people. I don’t mean this in the sense that they don’t know what a blog is, but some people don’t understand why someone might start a blog, why people would want to read what we write, or even how much time, effort, and discipline it takes to keep a blog running.

I feel like part of it is a generational thing as well. If we were in our late teens or early twenties and told our peers that we blog, made YouTube videos, or are “content creators”, it probably wouldn’t faze them at all. To Gen Z’ers, this is the culture that they grew up with and online content is something that they think could become legitimate careers if one spends enough time working on it. I think any other generation that didn’t grow up with the prevalence of social media tend not to see making online content as a job, or even a true hobby.

As a beauty blogger, I also sometimes have an added worry that people think I’m shallow, blogging just for the money and free products, or that I waste my money unnecessarily on beauty products. I like my love of makeup stems from a few reasons; one, that it’s almost like an art form, but you’re painting on your face instead of on a canvas, and two, because I am very petite and have found it difficult my entire life to find clothes that fit me properly, so instead of spending money on fashion, I express my style through makeup instead. Either way, how I choose to spend my money or why I got into makeup isn’t really anyone’s business. We all like to say that it shouldn’t matter what other people think, but we all know it’s a lot easier said than done.


Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash

When it comes to my blog, my parents have always known that I do it, and they don’t really care at all. It only ever comes up when my mom jokingly asks me if I’m making money off of my blog yet (lol). However, I always made it a point not to tell my friends about it, until my husband betrayed me by casually mentioning my blog to our friends. Obviously he did this for benevolent reasons; he honestly didn’t see anything weird about blogging, thought I should be proud of my work, thought that telling them would increase traffic to my blog, and didn’t really understand why I should be embarrassed to let anybody know.

At the beginning, I was definitely mortified that my friends knew about me blogging, and slightly annoyed at my husband for letting the cat out of the bag. I’m at the point where I’m not embarrassed about it anymore, although I still don’t love discussing it with my friends when they bring it up, either.

It took me a while to stop feeling embarrassed about my blog, but I think all I needed was time and some thinking with reason instead of with my emotions. First of all, only a few of my friends have shown even a mild interest in my blog; a few of them follow me on Instagram, but I don’t think any of them read my blog (at least I don’t think so) other than the casual scroll when they first found out. For the most part, the fact that I blog is mainly met with indifference, so it hasn’t really become a big deal. A few acquaintances/friends-of-friends have started to find my blog, or at least my Instagram, which is somehow more uncomfortable to me than my true friends knowing about it. After a while, that too stopped bothering me, because I realized I shouldn’t care what people who barely know me think about what I do in my spare time.

That leads to my second point, which is that I’ve come to think of blogging is a hobby where I’m constantly learning and improving my skills. I try to improve the way I write, improve on my photography skills (which I struggle with the most), as well as my photo editing skills, and even my time management skills. I’ve definitely seen improvement in my blog content over the years, and that’s something to be proud of. Blogging is a hobby for me the same way playing video games is a hobby for my husband. Is he embarrassed about the fact that he plays video games? Not at all, so why should I be embarrassed about my blog?


If you’re not comfortable with telling people you know that you blog, that’s cool. If you’re totally out in the open with it, that’s cool too! How do you feel about telling people you know about your blog? Do your family and friends know you blog, and if not, do you know why you don’t want to tell them?


33 thoughts on “Thursday Chats: Feeling Embarrassed about Blogging

  1. I can totally relate to this. If it wasn’t for having a couple of really great supportive, like-minded friends I would never have “shared” my blog or youtube channel on my more personal social media accounts. I think the saying “Other peoples’ opinions of you are none of your business” has really helped me. There are plenty of people in this world that I personally don’t agree with their lifestyle choices or opinions but am still able to accept & respect them. Having faith that other people can do the same for you is really important to personal growth.

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    • I love your comment and I am so glad that you have friends that have supported your blog and YouTube journey! “Other peoples’ opinions of you are none of your business” – first time hearing this quote but I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic 🙂


  2. I’ve never been embarrassed by my blog. Once my friends & family learned I have a beauty blog, they constantly come to me for advice on anything beauty related. I told some employees at Ulta and they started following my blog & social accounts! My boyfriend encourages & enables me by buying me makeup on occasion. I found out some of my friends are fellow makeup junkies too.

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  3. Great article!! I keep mine a secret. The only person who knows is my husband and now I’m nervous about him betraying me lol! I feel embarrassed I guess, about being judged by people i know. My writing and photography is terrible but i love the beauty world. Maybe someday I’ll tell friends about it. ❤️

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    • Hahaha so sorry to put that thought into your head! If he hasn’t betrayed you by now, I’m sure he won’t LOL. I totally feel ya on the fear of being judged. But honestly, being a mom to 3 kids (one of them being a newborn!) AND blogging? That takes skills and is something you should be proud of! Your writing and photography skills are great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stacey!


  4. I have restarted the blog a few times before I got to where I am now here on WordPress. I have previously had blogs on Xanga and LiveJournal. Those in comparison were *very* amateur so I think the worry stems from the blog misrepresenting you as a person? I think as humans, we naturally avoid certain things in order to avoid future awkward conversations. Blogging definitely fits into the bill but as blogging becomes more and more prevalent, I think it will become a more natural hobby and subject to share openly.

    I wouldn’t say I’m super open about my blog now (I still suck at the whole self-advertising thing – that I definitely know LOL) but compared to my first few years, I am definitely more keen to talk to my friends about it. Some of my closest friends have taken interest in my blog and tell me that they enjoy reading it to get skincare tips from me!! That to me is insane but makes me so happy!

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    • Xanga and Livejournal!! Those were the days! I had a Livejournal as well but treated it more as a journal than a blog. wish I remembered my Livejournal username because then I could go back and look at my cringey posts and high school drama LOL. I hope you are right that blogging will become a more prevalent hobby that can be shared more openly.

      I love that your friends ask for skincare tips! My friends don’t ask me for skincare or beauty tips – I wonder what that says about my skills, LOL.

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      • Soooo nostalgic right?! I still remember when LiveJournal was particularly popular with fans before Twitter was born – so strange to think about now!

        I am just as baffled because I usually look at other people’s blogs for advice haha!

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        • After I replied to your message, I went and tried to get into my LiveJournal and succeeded…now I wish I could unsee the stuff I used to write. Embarrassing teenage angst should just be left in the past hahaha. But yes! There were so many fandoms on LiveJournal, I totally forgot about that!

          So true! That’s what I love about blogging, that we all share our knowledge with one another.

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  5. This whole post rings very true to me, almost like I had a part in writing it myself. I’ve told my family and friends about my blog and they’ve been so supportive of me whenever they can be. When I started my blog, I was at a point in my life where everything was changing, I had a lot of growing to do and writing has always been my outlet. I always wanted to be a journalist but seeing as the universe had other plans for me, blogging is a way of incorporating the two, writing and sharing what I love about makeup and skincare. Makeup is my hobby and it’s funny, I never thought of it like that until my husband told me a few years ago. I think running a blog is definitely a hobby much like playing video games or building a model set etc…. and a constructive one at that. Love the post 🙂

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    • Great minds think alike, it’s so funny how much I agree with your comment! That’s amazing that your friends and family support your blog – I’m seeing a lot of people say this and it’s so positive to hear that people aren’t afraid of sharing this part of their lives with their loved ones! You have such a talent for writing, I’m glad you started your blog. I totally agree with you that being able to write about something you enjoy (makeup) is such a great creative outlet.

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  6. Great post! I understand the hesitancy in telling people about your blog as it may seem a bit frivolous to certain people who are ignorant to these things. I have definitely felt this same way from time to time, I can’t deny that. But I’m constantly railing against that thinking in myself.

    When you step back, look at how much work it takes to run a blog. We create and/or design websites, maintain them, photograph things, write and form opinions, create content strategies, publicize posts, do social media, and on and on. It’s a lot of work which involves so many skill-sets…why shouldn’t we be proud of that? I’ve tried to be really open with friends and family about my blog, and most of them think it’s cool and interesting. Or at least that’s what they tell me to my face! 😉

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    • Being worried that it seems frivolous – that is THE perfect way to put it! It is a challenge mentally to stop yourself from feeling worried about being judged, isn’t it?

      Yes, that’s exactly it! We put in SO much work into our blogs, and it takes way more time than people realize! We should be proud of what we do! I’m so glad that your friends and family are supportive of your blog! A lot of people say the same thing about their friends and family, which is really great to hear.

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      • Yea, you really have to explain to people how much work it actually takes. You should overhear the conversations I’ve had with my family! 😆


  7. I relate to this as well. I don’t really tell people in real life about my blog but if they find it or ask I don’t try to hide it. I have it linked in my Instagram bio so it’s there but I’m not shoving it in people’s faces. I blog because I feel I express myself well through words and who knows, what you write could help someone. I think part of the reason I don’t shout from the rooftops about my blog is because my mum hates social media and I feel like she’d think why are you being so open and honest for anyone to read – I think it’s that generation thing your were talking about. On the whole I’m proud of my blog and the people I know because of it, I don’t blog for money or freebies, I do it because I want to!

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    • Ahh, I’m sorry about not replying earlier, I was SURE that I replied to your comment? I totally agree with that sentiment of not outright telling people about your blog but not hiding it when they ask either. Blogging is totally a generational thing, I can see a lot of parents not understanding it! You should definitely be proud of your blog, girl! You put lots of time into running it 🙂

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      • No worries at all, happens to everyone 😂 I am proud of my blog and what it gives me, it gives me an outlet to express feelings and words and hopefully help other people and connect with them along the way 😊


  8. I do have a link to my blog on the few social media pages I have… I don’t have many friends on those platform as I don’t use my real name on there… so the select few who can see my profile and basically I guess handpicked individuals :p. Great post btw !! But yeah, I wouldn’t actively tell strangers and people I don’t know well about my blog..

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  9. My husband did the exact same thing to me!! He mentioned my blog casually to my inlaws over the phone and I was devestated. Thankfully he didn’t tell them what my blog was called… they’re very conservative Christians and always talk about materialism and such so I do NOT want them reading my blog and judging my makeup collection xD

    I still haven’t told many of my friends. I think that there are 3 that know about it and I’m happy keeping it that way. There’s this weird stigma about bloggers and I’ve heard a lot of people I know mock “influencers” so I think that’s what’s holding me back. I also sort of feel like they’d think I’m pretending? Like I worry that they’d be like “why are you doing that? You aren’t a beauty guru or even that great at makeup” so I just don’t know how it would be received.

    But it’s good to know that other people can relate. Maybe one day I’ll share my blog with friends & family.

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    • Devastated, LOL! But yes, I know exactly what you mean. It’s almost like he told your in-laws a secret that you did not want other people to know about, particularly someone who might judge your consumerism hahah!

      I feel ya on your worries. There is definitely a stigma when it comes to bloggers! I say you do you – tell your friends and family if you want to, and if you never do, then that’s fine too. Also, you are so talented at doing your makeup, but I feel like as a general rule it’s ridiculous for people to feel that someone can’t do something if they aren’t good at it.


      • Luckily they let it go and I never did end up telling them what my blog was! My family must think I’m crazy lol

        I wish there wasn’t! Unless someone is a blogger themselves then there’s no way to know how much work it actually is. But try explaining that to a non blogger lol

        And thank you, that means so much to hear! I guess I have improved quite a bit over the past few years, but when I first started I was a complete beginner. But you’re right, we all start somewhere and just because you don’t know how to do something it’s not a reason to not try!


  10. Oh my gosh, I am totally the same way. For almost two years only my husband knew! And once, about a year in, a friend happened to discover my blog’s instagram and I felt mortified, like this big secret was released into the world! I’ve finally come around to feeling proud about it and have told some close friends and family members, but I am not that the point where I can completely mix my two worlds yet, for some reason.

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  11. This is a topic that is so relatable for both of us! Thank you for writing this. So glad to know that we are not the only ones who might be worried about friends and or other people finding out about the fact that we blog!

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  12. My blog title is my name (most because I’m not creative enough to come up with a title that wasn’t super cheesy/made me cringe) so anyone who knows me and see it knows its me. I also post links to my posts on my snapchat/instagram/twitter so everyone on there knows. Having said that if anyone talks to me about it I HATE it it makes me cringe so bad, I don’t want to feel like that but my blog is literally like 4 months old and I have next to no followers. I want to increase this but I feel awkward throwing it in people’s faces. I’m thinking about starting a separate instagram for flatlays etc. so I don’t throw it in people’s faces so much.. any tips/advice would be great!

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    • I totally feel you, it’s SO hard to come up with a blog name! I definitely recommend starting a separate Instagram for beauty/blog content, I think it will help to increase your blog AND Instagram following, as well as help to establish your brand. I would also recommend changing your beauty Instagram to a business account so that you can see your stats. I hope that helps! By no means am I an expert, but let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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  13. Hey, I am always inspired and it’s kind of satisfying to go through your insta-feed or your blog posts and trust me I know how much work you must put in this, a whole lot of discipline. This was a great topic and some of the things are often true amongst bloggers. I like how you mentioned that you fear, people may perceive you in a certain way just because you blog about beauty.


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