My Summer Makeup Essentials

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is a roundup of all of my favourite summer essentials for the upcoming hot weather. Summer is not only my favourite season in terms of weather, but it’s also my favourite season in terms of beauty products.


When I think of a typical summer look, I always think of bright shades and a sunkissed bronzed (how groundbreaking, I know) – you’ll see this reflected in the products I have chosen for this post! You can read the products I chose to feature for summer last year (which all still stands as well). Read on to see my picks for this year!


ILNP Nail Polish in Jello Shot

I wear this shade over and over again every summer, because it’s SUCH a fun shade! The name for it is absolutely perfect too – it’s a hot pink holographic polish in a jelly finish. It reminds me of an outdoor summer party!



Zoya Nail Polish in Maya

I’m so into oranges this summer, which is unusual for me because I don’t really like the colour orange. I’m also not a fan of neons, and while Maya is still bright, it’s a more muted version of a bright polish.



ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Hippo

I have always been a neutral highlighter gal (champagnes, golds, etc), but I can’t resist playing with colour during the summer. This lavender highlighter is a great way to experiment with coloured highlighters because it’s subtle, yet you can still tell it’s not just your typical highlighter. I’m also a HUGE fan of the Super Shock Highlighter formula. They are intensely pigmented and blend so well into the skin!



Glossier Balm Dotcom in Dawn

One of my summer staples is DEFINITELY a bright blush. I have a ton of bright blushes, but Dawn is the first orange blush I’ve owned! I’ve only used it twice since owning it, but I’m very excited to get more use out of this one in the summer.



Tarte Pro Glow Palette

When I think of summer makeup, I think of bronzed skin and a sunkissed glow. The highlighters in this Tarte face palette give me just that, particularly the more bronzey shades Lit and Fire. When I’m not using ColourPop’s Hippo, this is what I gravitate towards!



Becca Lip Glow Gloss in Tigerlily

I am featuring this lip gloss in my Monthly Makeup Focus series for June, so I’ve been wearing it a ton, and I’m not complaining about it! This shade has been hard to capture on camera – it’s a little more orangey than you see in the photo. Corals and peachy lipsticks tend to look funny on me, but this is such a flattering sheer wash of colour.



Glossier Mango Balm Dotcom

As soon as I saw that Glossier came out with a mango lip balm, I knew I had to have it in my life. I love the Balm Dotcom formula in general, but this smells just like summer in a tube! The only thing is that I wish the Glossier lip balms have SPF in it, which would make it even more perfect for summer.



Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 PA++++

Is not having sunscreen in a summer essentials post even an option? The Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is seriously the most amazing sunscreen I’ve ever used, and this is coming from a sunscreen hater. It feels like applying a serum or some other moisturizing skincare product to the skin, and it’s very hydrating and non-sticky – nothing like most of the sunscreens I’m used to. With that being said, I would not use this as an outdoor sunscreen (ie if you’re going to be outside for hours, going camping, etc). This is more of your daily sunscreen. Even though Biore is a drugstore brand, this sunscreen is not sold in North America, but I would gladly purchase it at a markup online!



IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

Even though beachy waves work for any time of the year, I tend to do them in the summer because I can’t make myself get up early enough in the winter to do my hair. My individual curls used to clump together into two massive curls, until my hairdresser introduced me to texture spray. The grit of the texture spray helps to separate the curls, without making your hair feel hard or sticky like it does when you use hairspray. I find the scent to be a bit strong, and it does linger in your hair, but it’s not a cloying smell. I’m pretty much out of this, which is sad because I truly enjoy this product.



Ouai Wave Spray

This is another product I don’t curl my hair without. While the texture spray helps to separate my curls, this Ouai wave spray helps to give my hair that piecey, lived-in look so that the curls don’t look so perfect. Plus, it has that classic Ouai scent which you can never go wrong with.

That’s it for my summer makeup must-haves for the year! What are your summer essentials?



25 thoughts on “My Summer Makeup Essentials

  1. Definitely sunscreen! (Although that’s a must for every day of the year, let’s be real.) A colour blush is usually my summer staple however it’s gotten cooler again here that I can’t even whack it out. It DOES NOT feel like spring here, let alone summer – no idea where the sun has disappeared off to and I am feeling totally bummed out.

    Another staple is a facial spray. I like Avene Thermal Water but would be great to try a different one this year.


    • Oh no! Hopefully the nice weather chimes out again for you soon. I agree with all of your choices! I hear good things about the Avene Thermal Water. I wish I reached for facial sprays more often because I feel like there are some really good ones to be had!

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  2. The Jello Shot nail polish looks so fun and is really pretty colour! Lavendar highlights can look lovely too, I’ve got a nice one from Makeup Revolution which I used to wear all the time and should pull out more often! In summer I tend to reach for setting powder more often to keep everything in place with the extra heat 🙂

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  3. Jello shot is the prettiest Summer polish ever! Where do you normally buy that brand? I’ve never seen it in my local shoppers.

    I have recently converted to using Glossier Balm dot com, it’s so good! I need the mango one too, I’ve been making my own mango salsa and guacamole lately and it’s THE perfect summer food.. It’s weird because I actually hated mango for the longest time then one day I loved it.

    That sunscreen sounds really nice! I don’t really like the feeling of sunscreen either so it’s nice that this one feels more like a moisturizer. Great list of summer essentials!

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    • ILNP is an indie brand so I don’t think they have any brick and mortar retailers! I get mine from Harlow & Co online, which is fortunately a Canadian retailer so they charge in CAD and have no shipping/customs!

      Yes! I think I’m just missing the birthday one that you have, and then I’ll be happy with the Balm Dotcom collection I have!

      It’s hard to find a sunscreen that doesn’t feel like sunscreen haha. Thanks for reading!


  4. I love wearing bright color nail polishes, but I work on a farm. It’s pointless! But as soon as I go back to school, my nails will be painted! Great blog!


  5. Greetings! This is amazing!! Enjoyed reading every single bit and look forward to reading more! I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on breaking down the ingredients in the Becca Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation. This
    Piece is not only on that, but about how we should be more aware of what we’re putting on our bodies. This piece also focuses on clean, nontoxic products/ ingredients in products that don’t compromise safety. Looking forward to hear some constructive criticism and feedback to improve my writing style and the overall piece! – Kiran


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