Feel-Good Friday

Hello, beauties! Today I have another installment of Feel-Good Friday because there are a lot of lifestyle things I’ve been enjoying lately, and would love to share with you.

I started watching the TV show Shameless two weeks ago, and I’m already on Season 5! I’m the definition of a binge-watcher, haha. Shameless was recommended to me by a coworker, who said it’s a really funny show. It centers around the Gallagher family, which includes 6 kids and their deadbeat alcoholic father and bipolar mother. They live on the South Side of Chicago (ie the sketchy area), and since both parents are otherwise preoccupied, the children are raised by the oldest daughter, Fiona. The family is scrappy and completely messed up, but at the center of it all, they love each other fiercely. It is a funny show, but it’s definitely dark humor. If you’re sensitive to bad language, nudity, crass humour, or inappropriate topics, this is not the show for you!

Now that we’re into summer, I’ve been making a lot of summer desserts, and for some reason, I keep gravitating towards key lime pie. You only need like 5 ingredients and it’s super easy to make! What are your favourite summer desserts?

I’ve been desperately needing new summer sleepwear as my current pajamas are starting to get holes in it, and I found these adorable pineapple pajama shorts from Joe Fresh when I was grocery shopping recently. I also bought a yellow tank to match and it’s such a cute sleep outfit!

I’ve been re-reading the book The Help, which is one of my favourite books of all time, and I’m reminded again of why I love it so much. I’m going to rewatch the movie this weekend!

In terms of the makeup world, I’ve been eagerly awaiting for MAC to get their new Fix+ scents in stores so that I could smell them and decide which ones I wanted. I finally got a hold of them yesterday, and I decided to get the white tea, pineapple, and watermelon scents. They all smell amazing, though! Weirdly enough, Trendmood says that the cucumber scent is an Ulta exclusive. It’s not on the MAC website, yet I found it in stores…

Another thing I’ve been really into recently has been houseplants. We’ve been frequenting a local store in Calgary called Plant. It’s super hipster and doesn’t seem like our type of jam at all, but we’ve purchased like $300 worth of houseplants and pots already! We’ve gotten a bunch of big tropical plants like monsteras and peace lilies and I love having something to care for and make the house more homey.

In an effort to start working on my 35 before 35 list, I purchased two colouring books, and one of them is this Disney colouring book. I’m obsessed and spend SO much time colouring in it now, even though it’s more stressful than relaxing!

I’m am really attracted to bright accessories this summer. I don’t wear statement earrings, but these watermelon earrings are so awesome for summer! This hat is adorable, too. Maybe I’m just suddenly into tassels, which I’ve never been interested in before.

That’s it from me? What have you been loving lately?


5 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. Haha one of my besties is super into tassel earrings in particular.

    I’ve actually not read or watched The Help (I KNOW) so I really need to get on it.

    LOVE the pajama shorts – they’re so adorable! One of my favourite things about summer is actually wearing pajamas and not having to wear a night robe like 24/7 lol

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  2. I used to watch Shameless and was completely obsessed for, like, seasons 1 – 5 or 6. I honestly liked how trashy it was! Then I guess I just lost interest or it all got to be a bit too much for me. Either way, I loved Emmy Rossum!

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    • I can definitely see this show as being too much eventually, it’s so ridiculous! Emmy Rossum is amazing in her role! Honestly I never would’ve pictured her in a role like this, but now I can’t think of anyone that can do it better than her.

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