Sydney Grace Christmas in July Haul

Hello, friends! I spent way more money during the recent Sydney Grace sale than I should have, and today I have a haul for you. I’ve been wanting to try the brand for a LONG time now, and although I remember first hearing about them on IG, I can’t remember exactly who introduced me to the brand. I don’t usually like to share hauls, but part of my order came with a mystery bag, and I thought it would be fun to share what was included in the bag! I will also be sharing my experience as a Canadian ordering from an American indie brand.



Sydney Grace has the Christmas in July sale every July, so I thought I’d give you some info in case you’re interested in shopping the sale next year! The sale runs for about a week, and each day of the sale has a different deal. All of the details of the sale are released a few days before the sale starts, although there are usually two days where the deal is kept a surprise until that morning. Each sale runs from 9:00am PST to 8:59am PST the next morning, so you have a full 24 hours to take advantage of the deal. The nice thing about the way the sale is run is that you can shop on multiple days, and the company sends your order out all at once after the sale ends. You are charged for shipping on each order, but once they ship your items out in one order, you’ll get refunded for the difference. I ended up shopping the sale twice, once on the second day when the offer was “Buy $50 and receive a mystery bag”, as well as the last day, when the offer was “25% off all eyeshadow singles”.



My order alone came to $82 USD – pretty decent, right? Well, not really, because I also had to pay $16 USD in shipping, which for somebody like me who HATES paying for shipping, is really steep. In addition to this, I was annoyed because I got dinged by customs and had to pay another $14.50 CAD when my order arrived in Calgary! I didn’t realize I would have to pay for customs as I hadn’t heard of anyone else having to pay for customs in Canada, but I guess it was because my order was so big. In total, I was charged $148 CAD on my credit card. Was it worth it? I guess we’ll see when I actually start using the products regularly!

With that being said, the actual order and delivery process was pretty smooth. It took a few days after the sale ended to ship out, which was understandable as they were processing ALL of the orders at the same time. Once it was sent out, it arrived in about a week, which I thought was really reasonable.



I had my eyes on the cream shadows and pressed highlighters, but I already own a lot of cream shadows and they tend to dry out eventually, and I couldn’t justify buying another highlighter when I have enough to last me 5 lifetimes. Maybe next time! I mostly ended up with single shadows, which was what I really wanted to try from the brand anyway.


From left to right:


From left to right:
Milk and Cookies
Winter Wonder
The Greatest Gift
Totally Worth It
You, Only Better

From left to right:
Golden Rose
Lords a Leaping
Siren Call



The first deal when I shopped the sale was “Buy $50 and get a free mystery bag”. I wanted to show what I got in the mystery bag, because I know Sydney Grace does a lot of mystery bags, and this might give you a good idea of what they include!

I really liked the way they set the mystery bags up. They had three colour options (Brights, Cools, Warms) and within each colour option, they had two choices for skin tone, either light and deep, for a total of six options. I love that they had options for deep skin tones. Each set comes with a Sydney Grace bag, which I actually really liked!

The mystery bag has an approximate value of $50, and includes 4 new eyeshadows and 1 blush that is exclusive to the bag, with an assortment of other items that may or may not be new. I was feeling both excitement and trepidation over the mystery bag. I like surprises, but I don’t at the same time. I chose the warm set for light/medium skin, but then I got worried because I feel like a lot of people equate warm tones to coppers and reds, which are not shades I wear often. So, let’s see what’s in the mystery bag!


Pressed Matte Shadow in Burning
Pressed Matte Shadow in Spark
Pressed Matte Shadow in Fire
Pressed Matte Shadow in Blaze
Pressed Blush in Ballet Slippers
Loose Pigment in Coral Rose
Loose Pigment in Disco
Cream Eyeshadow in Cranberry



I do think that the mystery bags are really good in terms of value and quality, but it also depends on if you’ll use all of the shades they’ve given you. I’m a little dubious of whether I will actually use all of these products regularly, but I’m going to give it some time before I make a final judgement on these.

Did you shop the Sydney Grace sale? What did you buy, or what do you want from the brand?


13 thoughts on “Sydney Grace Christmas in July Haul

  1. Eek those customs & shipping charges! I’m guessing you weren’t able to find a customs charge to offset the cost?

    I hope that you end up getting lots of use of the shadows you picked up, the shades looks so pretty! Especially those purples.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve only heard about Sydney Grace in passing – now you got me curious. But man, it’s so annoying when your parcel gets “caught” by customs. It happened to me with BeautyBay now that their minimum order for free shipping is $60 (used to be $25!). I probably won’t order off them anymore.
    That’s so great that the site let you get all the deals over multiple days and consolidate the shipping – smart business move. The way they set up the mystery bag sounds really good too – not too often you get to choose the bundle in terms of undertone. Normally, it’s “you’ll take whatever weirdo colours we give you!” 😛
    I hope you end up liking these products – all those TAUPE eyeshadows! – looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you get to use them thoroughly. And I’m proud of you for not picking up another highlighter. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness, it’s you! How are you? How was Japan?

      Argh, Beauty Bay upped their minimum order AND you have to pay customs now because of that? I’ve been hoping to try shopping from Beauty Bay for Black Friday, but that’s a pass.

      Yes, I thought it was brilliant for them to put all your orders together into one shipment! I would have had to pick and choose between the sales, because I wouldn’t want to pay $26USD in shipping instead of $14 (but then again, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten dinged by customs if my orders shipped separately, but I digress).

      I totally agree that they set up the mystery bags really well, especially for people with a dark complexion, who probably have to opt out of mystery bags a lot because they are given shades that are way too light!

      Hahaha thank you for appreciating my taupes, most people would think they are boring but I knew I could count on you 😝 I’m proud I didn’t get another highlighter, yet I picked up 20 eyeshadows when I already own 300… #logic


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