Sephora Holiday Bonus Sale Wish List

Hello, you guys! Today I’m sharing my Sephora wish list for the upcoming sale, which was just announced a few days ago. In previous years, the sale has always come around the second week of November, but or some reason, this year’s sale is starting a bit earlier than usual. I think this is going to be the last year I’m a Rouge member, so I’m going to enjoy that

The sale date and discount rates will be as follows:

VIB Rouge: 20% off, Friday, Nov 1 – Monday, Nov 11, use code HOLIDAYSAVE online
VIB: 15% off, Thursday, Nov 7 – Monday, Nov 11, use code HOLIDAYSAVE online
BI: 10% off, Thursday, Nov 7 – Monday, Nov 11, use code HOLIDAYSAVE online

It’s funny, because I spend all year creating my wish list, but when the sale actually comes, I don’t really want to part with my money, hahah. As per usual, I’ve divided my wishlist into items I will 100% buy, 50% chance of buying, and 25% chance of buying.



CoverFX  Monochromatic Matte & Shimmer Blush Duo in Warm Honey

I have had this on my wishlist forever and wanted to buy this during the last Sephora sale, but they had sold out by the time I checked out during the first day of the sale. It’s currently still in stock online so…fingers crossed!


Farmacy Very Cherry Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

I love the original Green Clean cleansing balm, and when I saw the Very Cherry scent in stores, I had to give it a sniff. It smells like cherry candy, and I need it in my life! I still have half a jar of my current Green Clean balm to finish up, but I need to buy this limited edition scent before they take it off the shelves! Strangely enough, they don’t have this online, so hopefully they’ll have enough in stores.


Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace (Rollerball)

I am running low on my current fragrance, the Chanel Chance eau Tendre, and am in the market for something new. I gave this a sniff in the summer and I really loved the warm vanilla scent. Since I don’t like woody, musky fragrances that tend to be more popular in the winter, I think this might be a perfect winter scent for me. I’m only purchasing the rollerball of this, as the full size is quite pricey!


Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer (Mini)

I’m not much of a primer person in terms of ones that fill in your pores and smooth out your skin. The only primers I’ve ever used are ones that impart a bit of a glow to the complexion. I had originally wanted to get this in a set along with the next product, but unfortunately, Sephora doesn’t carry all of Tatcha’s holiday sets and none of the sets have these together, and the Tatcha website charges $25 USD for shipping. No thanks! The full size is something ridiculously expensive, plus I don’t know if I’ll like it anyways, so I’m going to pick up a mini to try first.


Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

I recently realized that I’m running low on my current moisturizer, and I’m not sure if it will last until the next sale, so I should probably pick something up right now as backup. I have said in the past that I feel iffy about Tatcha because I feel weird about them exploiting the whole geisha thing to market their products and that I don’t really want to buy their products. With that being said, I’ve taken the last year to look around moisturizers that I would like to try, and there really hasn’t been anything else I am interested in.



Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

I kind of want this to put in my gym bag, but it’s not a necessity. I go to the gym in the middle of the day, but I generally only rinse my body right after the workout, and leave my face and hair unwashed until I get home. After I take my hair out of my ponytail at the gym, it always looks frizzy and unkempt, and I feel like a hair oil would really help with that.


It Cosmetics CC Cream

I kind of want this for my gym bag as well, because I don’t like continuously moving products from my vanity to my gym bag, then back again. I work out in the middle of the work day, and if I get super sweaty, I have to wash my face (without touching the eyes) because I’m scared I’m going to break out. It means I have to (super quickly) redo my face makeup before heading back to work. I’ve been decanting my current foundation, which is working for the most part, but I feel like my makeup would just look better in general if I use a cc cream instead.


It’s weird, because I have never wanted to try the Fenty lip glosses until very recently, even though people have been raving about them for so long. I had originally wanted the holiday set they came out with, but my blogging friend Nova gave it a pretty bad review. I think I might just be safer sticking to their original shades! However, I already broke my one-in-one-out rule (3 times over) when Bite Beauty had their sale last month, so I can’t really justify buying this right now.




Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush

I wasn’t really interested in any of the Charlotte Tilbury blushes until they recently came out with the Pillow Talk shade, which is SO beautiful and natural. However, if I buy the Cover FX blush, I probably should not be buying this one as well. I’ll have to wait until the next sale to do this!


Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

This has been on my wishlist ever since they came out, but I still have a ton of Glossier Balm Dotcoms to get through during the day, and Laneige Lip Mask to get through at night. Can’t justify getting these, so they’ll stay on my wishlist for now.


Pinrose Wild Child Perfume

I’ve had this on my wishlist ever since I saw robinbeattieny talk about it on her Instagram around summertime. The way she described this scent made it seem like one I would really enjoy, so I promptly went to Sephora to give it a sniff, and fell in love it (side note, the Pinrose bottles are all different colours and I kind of want all the scents just so I can have a rainbow of perfume bottles sitting on my vanity). Wild Child is more of a fresh floral that most people would wear in the spring and summer. As I mentioned before, I’m not really into woodsy/musky winter scents, so this is something I would wear all year. However, since I’m getting the Maison Margiela fragrance, I think I might actually wait until spring to get this.

That’s it for my wishlist! If you’re shopping the sale, what are you planning on picking up?



8 thoughts on “Sephora Holiday Bonus Sale Wish List

  1. I love that Tatcha primer. I went through 2 minis and then splurged in the full size. It works great with every foundation I own. Pretty much the only primer I use now.

    I’m not sure what I’m going to be getting besides a new jar of the Hourglass setting powder as I’m running low.

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