Anti-Haul: Holiday Release Edition

Every fall, us beauty lovers eagerly look forward to all of the holiday releases being announced and deciding which items to put on our wish lists for the holiday sales and for Christmas. This year, I’ve noticed that there’s more I’m not interested in than ones that I am. Hence, today I’m talking about all of the holiday releases I don’t plan on buying. My list is not extensive – there are a whole lot more holiday products that I will not be buying, but I didn’t want my blog post to be a one-hour read. While I was researching, I realized all of the brands/collections I have listed have at least one eyeshadow palette in the collection, which may be why I don’t want any of these. I feel like I’m drowning in the eyeshadows I already own and don’t want any more!

Please don’t be offended if you want to buy (or already own) any of these products – I feel like these are really popular products right now, and they are popular for a reason!



I was super into Too Faced holiday releases a few years ago, but I stopped buying them for several reasons. First of all, the packaging is absolutely ADORABLE, but when you’ve been through 10 Too Faced holiday collections, they all start to look the same. I rarely reached for the holiday products I bought when it wasn’t the holiday season, and actually ended up decluttering them. I didn’t find the quality up to par with their permanent products, either. Last year, I really wanted the Gingerbread Palette, and I feel the same about the Ginger Bread Extra Spicy palette for this year – the warm tones are totally my vibe. However, I remember reading Nicole from Pretty Ruff Life’s review of last year’s palette, and it didn’t get glowing reviews.

Too Faced goes all out on their sets during the holidays, and this year is no exception. The Christmas Cookie House Party set, the Christmas Star Face and Eye Palette, and the Let It Snow, Girl sets have adorable packaging too, but again, I know I’m not going to reach for these – though they’re so cute I kind of which I had a teenage niece or something who was into makeup so I could buy it for her! The brand has also re-released the Melted Matte Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Girl lipsticks, and while the shades are right up my alley, I’m come to terms with the fact that me and matte lipsticks just don’t mix, so I know better than to buy them anymore.



Tarte has a bunch of cute things for the holidays too, but like Too Faced, I feel that I have started to grow out of them. The Tarte Winter Wonderglam Luxe Eye Palette looks like it has a great variety of shades included, but I’ve been done buying big eyeshadow palettes like this for the last few years, because I never reach for them. Plus, Tarte suffers from the same problem as Too Faced – the quality of their holiday products are not on par with their permanent items. One thing I was interested in them for a second was the Chrome for the Holidays setas you can tell from my review, I am a huge fan of their Chrome Paint Shadow Pots, but unfortunately, I already own one of the shades and wouldn’t wear the other three.

I also took a look at their Lip Ornaments Lip Gloss Set in stores, but I’m not a fan of the kiddy packaging, and I also think that these are too sheer for my own lip colour. The one thing that caught my eye from Tarte is the 9 Ways to Shine Cheek Wardrobe, but this year, I have other blushes in mind to spend my money on. I’m also worried that the quality won’t be up to par with their usual blushes!




Hourglass always has the most beautiful holiday releases, but this year I’m just not feeling them. They have two of their famous face palettes out for the holidays this year, a Ghost Ambient Lighting Blush quad and the Ghost Ambient Lighting Edit Face palette. I bought the Unlocked Palette last year, and after a year, I am still head over heels in love with it. It was pricey, but so worth it. For some reason, I’m not so into this year’s palettes even though they are both stunning – at the end of the day, shade selection is just a personal preference thing. I find that this year’s packaging also makes it look cheaper. ALSO, they raised the prices from last year, and it was expensive to begin with! My wallet is happy that I’m not a fan of this year’s palettes.

Similar to the Tarte Chrome Paint Pots, I’m a huge fan of the Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadow Glitters, so I thought I’d be all over the Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow Holiday Trio, but I’m not. This is actually quite a steal in terms of price compared to a single pot of these, and it’s also a great way to try several of the shades, but none of the shades in this trio appeal to me.



There are so many brands coming out with palettes at such a rapid pace that I’m getting them confused – for a while there, I thought the Mercury Retrograde palette (which is coming out today!) was yet another ABH palette, but it’s Huda’s. While I find the colour story very appealing, I don’t think I’d get a lot of use out of it – plus the shades seem really pastel and more suited for the spring? The three Nude Obsessions palettes look really pretty, but I’m not sure why people are acting like these are groundbreaking when nude palettes have been done 100 times over and people had been calling the UD Naked palettes boring for years.




Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like a few of Charlotte Tilbury’s holiday releases this have just been permanent products with limited-edition packaging. I’m not interested at all!

With that being said, the Starry Eyes to Hypnotize palette is a new holiday product from CT. love myself a neutral palette, but this looks especially vanilla to me. They also released another quad in their Palette of Pops line, called Celestial Eyes. It looks promising in the pan, but I wasn’t that into the shades once I saw them swatched. The packaging of the Magic Star highlighter is unreal, but I know a highlighter that golden would not look flattering on my skin tone.

Initially, I was interested in trying the Hot Lips 2 Mini Lip set because I want to try some of Charlotte Tilbury’s famous lipsticks. However, have you seen the size of these lipsticks? They are absolutely tiny! I’m putting them on my anti-haul because I find they’re just not worth the price.



When I first saw the Metropolis palette, I wanted it badddd. The colour story is right up my alley – warm-toned, but not too red or pink. But honestly, I just don’t get much use out of huge palettes like this, and ND palettes are ridiculously expensive. It’s best I stay away from this!

MAC holiday kit.jpg


MAC’s Starring You holiday release this year features lipsticks, lipglasses, highlighters, and their spellbinder eyeshadow. I have to say, the packaging of the lipsticks and highlighters are STUNNING, but the lipsticks in particular are not wearable. I feel like they’re more of a collector’s item than actually usable, and I don’t really buy makeup to collect. This would be a great collection for those that do collect makeup, though!



Last year’s Pat McGrath holiday sets were so beautiful, but I’m just not feeling any of the three quads from this year’s collection. That blue one above seems particularly summery as well? Also, can someone who owns a PMG palette tell me if they’re really worth the money? I’m asking seriously because we don’t have this brand in stores so I’ve never been able to swatch it! They look super beautiful in the brand’s IG videos, but I know it’s because they use special filter/lighting to make it look particularly shiny.

What products are on your anti-haul as of late? Or are you the opposite and want ALLLL the holiday collections?


9 thoughts on “Anti-Haul: Holiday Release Edition

  1. It’s amazing how little excitement I am feeling over the holiday releases this year. I enjoy seeing them come out, but I guess I’ve hit saturation. Out of those you’ve listed, what tempts me most is the hourglass blush quad, which I very seriously considered, and a mac face palette. In both cases, I feel like I can just wait until next year as I’ve got face palettes galore and haven’t even come close to using up last year’s ambient edit. I am happy to spend another year with it and then see what they do next year.

    I, too, regularly wish I’d picked up the gingerbread palette. But not enough to seek it out. And I don’t think extra spicy is for me, I doubt I’ll regret that one the way I do the gingerbread palette, which is technically still available on ulta here.

    Great roundup of products to talk about but not need in our lives!

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    • Yes, exactly! I feel like a lot of people are feeling the same way, to be honest. The crazy amount of releases is really making us feel the intense consumerism that is the makeup industry. Even though the Hourglass blush palette is on my anti-haul, I still think it is stunning! The unfortunate thing with “holding off” is that Hourglass keeps increasing their prices ever year even when it was already expensive to begin with – the same thing happened to me when I skipped the first few palette releases and finally bought the Unlocked palette!

      If it makes you feel any better, I’ve heard the quality of the Gingerbread palette isn’t that great. I get it though, the colour story is stunning.


  2. I’m the same – just not into matte lipsticks. They don’t mix with me. I don’t suffer from dry lips but wearing them is definitely a quick route towards that!

    I was at the MAC counter just last week getting some eyeshadows tested on me and one of the retail assistants was showing the one dealing with me a swatch of the new holiday release eyeshadows and it looked STUNNING though.

    It’ll be interesting to see how much more palettes people are willing to purchase/collect because it’s all just getting too much for me. Never mind these holiday releases, I feel like there’s new palettes out every season!

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    • Yes that’s true, not only are dry lips not suitable for matte lipsticks, but matte lipsticks CAUSE dryness too!

      The holiday shadows look seriously stunning! I don’t know if I would wear any of the shades though…

      It’s true. I don’t want to see another palette ever!

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  3. For a sliver of time in July, the Too Faced Gingerbread palette came BACK in stock. I was so tempted to pick it up (my excuse at the time, it was around my birthday) but then I also remembered Nicole’s ho-hum review of that palette and resisted. When I spied this year’s Gingerbread Extra Spicy palette, I was less enthused. It contains too many peachy and pinky tones for my liking… now I am remorseful that I didn’t pick up last year’s Gingerbread palette – those boring brown and bronze shades appeal to me! **sob** Maybe I should buy Nicole’s palette off her. 😆

    Confession: I ordered the new Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in “Gorgeous Glowing Beuaty”. I loved the Beauty Glow version and I saw reviews that claim this one is even better. I’m not sure if this palette is technically part of a holiday release. I have yet to receive it in the mail but I shall let you know how I like it. My excuse, “it’d be perfect to take for travelling!” 😆

    I’m so OVER all of MAC’s releases lately. I used to so into them (another confession: I have been known to wait in line outside of a MAC store before they opened, on new collection release day). This year’s collection contain a lot of re-promotes of previous formulas / shades, just in new packaging. I guess they know those items sold well so they’re just repeating them? I did see that they released an advent calendar this year which I think is a first for MAC. Interesting.

    I own a Pat McGrath palette and I do NOT think they’re worth the money. I have the Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette which contain nice wearable colours but all very dupeable and I did not find the formula to perform any better than say, MAC or Too Faced. However, the palette I have doesn’t contain any of those “magical” colour shifting glitter shades which everyone raves about. So maybe I should get one of those new quads to try the glitter shades. But the quads are $86 for 4 shades – excuse me?! I just double checked, the palette I own with 6 shades also costs $86 – what is Pat McGrath trying to pull with the quads? I suppose they contain larger pans – but still? 🙄

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    • I saw their Christmas in July re-release of the Gingerbread palette, and I sooo wasn’t into it at that point cause…summer. haha. I am sure Nicole would be happy to pass the palette off to you 😂 but ultimately think we didn’t miss out on anything by not picking it up!

      Literally every excuse for picking up a face palette = “It’ll be good for travel”, even though we only travel once or twice a year 😂 Am interested in seeing what you think of it though, I’m intrigued by CT colour products for the face!

      Oh my gosh, I had no idea you used to wait outside of MAC on the release dates of the holiday collections LOL! I still vividly remember some of their old holiday collections, even though I only admired them from afar. The releases from the last few years have not been memorable at all! I didn’t know they released an advent calendar though – very interesting!

      Pat McGrath is just so insanely expensive, it’s hard to justify. I’m sure their eyeshadows are gorgeous, but $86 gorgeous compared to other brands? Hmmm, I don’t know. Also, I think it’s silly that they came in larger pans this year. Like any of us pan eyeshadows regularly!


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