Review: ColourPop Going Coconuts Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop’s constant releases are news to absolutely no one. They have released an entire rainbow of 9-pan palettes this year, none of which I have been interested since I knew I would never use them. However, the second they announced the release of the Going Coconuts collection, I knew I “needed” it. Yes, it’s just another boring neutral palette, but in a lot of ways, it makes more sense for me to buy a neutral palette than an “interesting” palette, because I go for neutrals 98% of the time. It seems that the majority of neutral palettes in the last few years have been very warm-toned and red-based, so the Going Coconuts palette is a nice change.

Flatlay of ColourPop Going Coconuts palette


The ColourPop Going Coconuts palette is the brand’s neutral answer to all of its colourful 9-pan palette releases this year. It consists of cooler-toned neutrals, and retails at $12 USD. It can be purchased on the ColourPop website or at Ulta.


Like all of ColourPop’s 9-pan palettes, the Going Coconuts palette is housed in a square plastic palette and includes a mirror. I know it’s nice that the packaging is in line with the other monochromatic palettes and that having a mirror is nice, but it would be awesome if ColourPop would consider releasing only cardboard palettes going forward, to help minimize the waste going into the environment.


Outer packaging of ColourPop Going Coconuts palette


The Going Coconuts palette consists of nine shades of neutrals in various finishes. The colour story leans cool, and is generally what I would think of as a true neutral palette. It contains 4 mattes, 3 shimmers, and 2 mattes with glitter dispersed through it.

Shredded – matte yellow-toned cream with silver microshimmers
Palm Reader – bright white-gold shimmer
Coolada – matte medium cool-toned taupe
Lovely Bunch – matte medium camel
Coco Crush – metallic rosy taupe
Shell Yeah – matte red-based ginger
Get Crackin’ – Matte cool brown with silver glitters
Da Coco – Shimmery taupe with purple microshimmers
Nutty – Dark Cool brown


Closeup of ColourPop Going Coconuts palette shades

I absolutely LOVE the colour story of the Going Coconuts palette. I’ve mentioned that a lot of recent neutral palettes have been too warm and red-based for work. What I love about the shade selection of the Going Coconuts palette is that it contains truly neutral shades, leaning ever so slightly cool. I feel completely comfortable wearing these to any occasion, whether it’s work, going out on the weekend, or to a special event. This palette also contains the right shades to make up a complete look – there’s a transition shade, a shade to deepen the crease, a few choices for all-over lid shades, and a highlighting shade.

For those of you that don’t like ColourPop’s pressed glitters, you’ll be happy to note that this is their first palette in quite a while that doesn’t include a pressed glitter! I dislike pressed glitters to the point where I’ve avoided buying any of the ColourPop palettes that include that formula, even if the rest of the palette appeals to me. The fact that Going Coconuts doesn’t have a glitter shade was an even bigger reason for me to buy it!

Swatches of ColourPop Going Coconuts palette


Overall, the quality of this palette is fantastic. All of the shades blend well and have amazing colour payoff.

While the performance of the shades are wonderful, I find that three of the shades take a little more time to work with. The first one is Palm Reader, which is made in a formula that I’ve seen in almost all of the ColourPop palettes I own, and it’s one I’m not a huge fan of. It’s not glittery, but it’s a shimmer that’s very loose and crumbly, so it can be hard to deposit onto the lids without dealing with a fair bit of fallout. I tend to use this as an inner corner highlight and stamp it on with my finger so there’s not as much fallout compared to if I use it as a lid shade.

The second shade is Coco Crush. Everyone drools over this shade, and for good reason – it’s SO shimmery and metallic, and the rosey gold is gorgeous. It’s my favourite shade in the palette! Its formula is not as crumbly as Palm Reader, but I do still get some fallout from it, which is why I consider it as one of the shades that takes more work. I find it that fallout is minimized if I dip my brush into the pan, tap away the excess powder, then spritz my brush with MAC’s Fix+ before applying it on my lids.

The last one is Da Coco, which performs perfectly fine, but feels stiffer and more tightly packed compared to the other shades in the palette. It doesn’t give off immediate colour payoff like the other colours, but the formula is buildable and nothing a little bit of Fix+ can’t fix. I also find that applying with my fingers really helps.

I’ve been asked if this palette is coconut scented, and it actually isn’t, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences!



I’ve done three looks using this palette, and I have tried to utilize all of the shades in the palette within these three looks.


Look 1 is a halo eye using Lovely Bunch as a transition shade, Nutty in the inner and outer third of the lid, Coco Crush in the middle of the lid, Palm Reader as the inner corner highlight, and Shredded as a highlight shade. Coco Crush seriously pops in a halo look!

ColourPop Going Coconuts palette halo look



Look 2

Look 2 is a typical every day look that I do, with Coolada as a transition shade, Nutty in the outer third of the lid, Da Coco all over the lid, Palm Reader as the inner corner highlight, and Shredded as a highlight.

ColourPop Going Coconuts Look Da Coco



Look 3

Look 3 is a smokier look, with Shell Yeah as the transition shade, Get Crackin’ all over the lid, Nutty to create some dimension in the crease, Palm Reader as the inner corner highlight, and Shredded as the browbone highlight.

ColourPop Going Coconuts Get Crackin' Look





  • Inexpensive
  • High quality, pigmented eyeshadows
  • Provides options for a complete look


  • Not the most exciting colour story
  • Plastic compact packaging

I know this looks like a very standard neutral palette, but there’s something so special about this. I own so many neutral palettes, and I have absolutely no regrets buying this – it’s different from all of the ones I own! It has become one of my favourite palette purchases in the last two years, and I can definitely see myself reaching for this regularly in the future.

Have you bought this palette, or are you thinking about it? If you own it, what are your thoughts on it?



24 thoughts on “Review: ColourPop Going Coconuts Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I’m currently waiting for this palette to come in the mail. I also love that they don’t include any pressed glitters here. I don’t hate them, but I won’t reach them on the daily basis. Your eye looks are gorgeous! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so excited to see what you think! I’ve never used their glitters before, but somehow I’ve already made up my mind that I won’t like them haha – hopefully that doesn’t affect my opinion about them when I actually try them!


  2. This palette is a dream come true for anyone who reaches for neutrals consistently! I love that there is finally a ColourPop palette that doesn’t lean warm.
    I also had some issues with Palm reader, it’s oddly crumbly as you said and it gets everywhere haha. Da Coco is so frustrating to me because I need a setting spray every time I try to use it. I wish it would stick to my eyes dry!
    Coco Crush is the BEST shade in here! It’s so beautiful.
    I’m so glad that this palette worked out for you, I love the looks you created with it. You could wear them literally anywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I saw your IG story review of this palette, and I’m sorry you didn’t love it! Have you tried packing Da Coco on the lids with your finger? I started doing that this week (after getting my post up) and I feel like it works decently well. Still, it’s annoying that you kind of have to find ways to use it instead of just applying it easily with a brush.


      • I either have to apply it wet or with my finger, I just feel like I get so much fallout whenever I try to use my fingers to apply eyeshadow πŸ˜„ But I’ll have to try it again.
        Oh well! I still like the palette, I’m even wearing it today for Christmas Eve 😊


  3. I just placed an order on Colourpop ($80 CAD later…) and I blame you! πŸ˜‰

    This particular palette was the primary reason why I placed the order – I am a bit tired of all the warm toned palettes and I’m so down for a neutral to cool toned palette! You pointed out that this doesn’t contain any pressed glitters which was another selling feature for me – I have no use for those glitters.

    I can’t wait to get this! My favourite look you created Look 1 – hell ya halo eye! πŸ˜€

    FYI my order also contained the Brown Sugar palette, hydrating setting mist, Pretty Fresh concealer, Super Shock shadows (Wattles, DGAF, Like a Butterfly), and a couple more of their pressed powder shadows (Thank U Next, and Karat Cake).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I always try to buy $50 USD from ColourPop to get free shipping, and then I look at my credit card bill and it’s $80 CAD πŸ˜‘

      I completely agree with you that there’s been way too many warm-toned palettes as of late – a true neutral palette like this is so refreshing! I’ve been avoiding every palette that contains a pressed glitter, but I gave in and bought the Flutter By palette – it was too pretty to pass up!

      Oooh sounds like a great haul! I love the Brown Sugar palette too, the quality is top-notch! I’d love to wear what you think about the Pretty Fresh concealer – I want to try Pretty Fresh, but find online colour-matching to be so intimidating! Enjoy your new goodies!


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