2020 Blogging Goals

Hello, my friends! Happy New Year, and wishing you all a wonderful 2020! Today, I’m talking all about my blogging goals for the upcoming year. I know a lot of people say they don’t make new year’s resolutions because they end up dropping them after a few weeks. Not tooting my own horn or anything, but I feel like I’m generally pretty good at it because I make my “resolutions” SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based) goals instead of generic, so they’re not as intimidating to tackle. With that being said, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t address any of my 2019 blogging goals (great example of how good I am at achieving my goals, right??) 2019 was an off-year for me in terms of blogging. I took lots of breaks, and when I wasn’t taking a break, I felt like my heart wasn’t into the posts I was putting out. With that being said, I feel like I’m going into the new decade with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for blogging, and I would really like to do a better job at achieving my goals this year.

No more big hauls for me this year…


I went on a low-buy in 2017 and it went pretty well. Much like a lot of people these days, I’ve been overwhelmed with how much I own and am feeling icky with my part in consumerism, so decided to do another low-buy for 2020, but I’m going to make it harder this time. The rules of my low-buy are:

  1. Replenishments are allowed, and I can replace an emptied product with a new product of the same type (ie I can replace a moisturizer with a moisturizer from a different brand).
  2. Redeeming points for makeup products are allowed.
  3. Outside of the replenishments, I can shop an additional $100 in April and $100 in November (timed for the Sephora sales/Black Friday)
  4. For the remainder of the year, I have a budget of $200 that can be used in any month. I can spread out the $200 between several months, but my total for the year cannot exceed $200.

This basically gives me a budget of $400 to spend outside of replenishments, which may seem like a lot to some, but is actually a big cutback in spending for me. You have to start somewhere, right? $400 doesn’t always go a long way in the beauty world, especially when you’re buying at places like Sephora. I felt like a lot of my purchases this year were driven by the fact that it was going to be a popular product and therefore I had to have it too, which is so not the type of shopper I used to be before I go on social media. The point of my low-buy is to force myself to go back to purchasing wisely because I only have a certain amount to spend, and not to buy something just because of FOMO (fear of missing out).

My Project Pan went fairly well last year. I finished up a blush, which was a big feat for me! Fingers crossed that I can replicate this success this year.


After my low-buy in 2017, I did a Project Pan in 2018 and it was fairly successful, so I’m attempting to do it again. I feel like a Project Pan goes hand-in-hand with a low-buy (I’m not allowed to buy anything, so I might as well focus on using up what I already have) so it’s a good time to do it. This year, I’ve decided on Panning 20 in 2020. Realistically, I might only pan 5 of the 20 products, but hey, at least I tried!

If I’m completely honest, I’m a little hesitant going into this year’s Project Pan for several reasons, and I completely understand why people don’t do Project Pans because of the same reasons.

  1. I’ve done them before, and I know how difficult and frustrating it is to “pan” a product. I follow a few Project Panners on Instagram, and I’m sometimes skeptical because I’ve seen some of them finish products way too quickly – a girl once said she got through a ColourPop Super Shock Shadow after 5 uses. As someone who has used the same Super Shock Shadow over 50 times and not gotten anywhere near pan, I call bullshit. I hate to say that people are lying, but it’s not normal to be finishing a Super Shock product after five uses. I bring this up because someone who can finish a product after 5 uses will have not only a much more successful Project Pan, but a much more interesting one for readers to follow than mine, who will hit pan on that same Super Shock Shadow after working at it for an entire year.
  2. The idea of Project Pan is show love to some of the products that you already have in your collection, and I definitely think that a Project Pan accomplishes this. However, in order to pan a product, you really have to focus on using it the entire year, which means you end up neglecting some of the other products in your collection. In my eyes, as long as you change it up regularly and enjoy using everything you own, it should bring the same amount of joy as being able to pan a product. Therefore, is a Project Pan really necessary to “get the most” out of your collection?
  3. I’m not the type of person who uses makeup products over and over again for long periods of time. Sure, I’m a neutral gal, but I’ll rotate which neutral palette I’m using every day. Doing my makeup, particularly in the morning before work, is kind of my time to relax and pull myself together mentally before I head into the office, so I love having fun with it. Using the same products over and over kind of takes the fun out of it.

With all of these doubts, I am still eager to do a Project Pan this year. I’m hoping that having 20 products in my Project Pan will give me more options and make it feel a little less monotonous, although having that many products may also make it harder to pan them! I will be sharing my Panning 20 in 2020 post next week.



One of my goals in 2019 was to inventory my entire makeup collection. I did start doing that, but I didn’t get very far. I’m determined to accomplish this for 2020, and I feel like going on a low-buy and decreasing the amount of products I add to my collection will really help, because my stash won’t be continually expanding. I will be sharing my makeup inventory with you when it’s done!

That’s it for my blogging goals this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing how far I can go with these, and if I can get creative with my posts if I’m not allowed to add any new products to my arsenal. Do you have any blogging goals for the new year?

15 thoughts on “2020 Blogging Goals

  1. I totally slacked off blogging in 2019 too. I’m kinda feeling burnt out on it all really. I still post regularly on Instagram though. But I’m actually thinking of just stopping the blog here (at least for awhile). I make ZERO money off it and I’m trying to cut back and declutter my collection again on top of it. We’ll see.

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  2. Is your 20 in 20 all makeup products or does it include skincare? If it’s all makeup that’s ambitious!
    I’ve seen some of those project pan accounts and I’m like, HOW!? How are they finishing products so fast!? Good luck with your low buy year and your project panning goals!

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    • It’s pretty much all makeup! I didn’t think there’s much point of me putting skincare in it because I only use one moisturizer, one cleanser, one makeup remover etc. at a time, so they get used up regularly anyways – I’d be putting them into my Project Pan just so I can say I finished something 🤣 but yes, all makeup is going to be super tough!


  3. I am such a snail when it comes to finishing up products, all I can say is they must be using a tonne of super shock shadow to finish it after 5 uses 😛 Good luck with your low buy and project pan, I’d like to try and do a low buy as well, basically not buy any makeup unless I’m replenishing a product I have finished 🙂

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  4. I think these are doable! I have many goals but each one requires so many steps, and given my parents’ health I may not have the time to devote to blogging…but hopefully I’ll do more than I did in 2019! I am planning on buying fewer things to actually use and focus more on the Museum’s collection. Good luck with panning – I don’t even bother trying to pan any products because I know I will never come close. If it happens, it happens. LOL.

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  5. It sounds like you’ve got your Low-Buy completely figured out! Although I get that the challenge is actually in following it for most of the year. I have accumulated a lot of cleansers and moisturisers from the past year which I feel will last me until the end of the year. One thing I haven’t been very good at doing is sheet-masking so I’m hoping to use up more sheet masks this year (I’m currently making myself use up the older ones before they expire.)


  6. I loved reading this post! I share a lot of similar goals, but I was really inspired with how you’ve defined you low buy! Social media has definitely change my spending habits too. I look forward to the updatesxxxx


  7. My goals are similar to yours! I want to get back into the swing of blogging weekly (or as regularly as I can handle), I want to focus on making amazing content that I am proud of for my Instagram, I want to do a low-buy (might need to steal your budget idea) and I want to TRY and commit to a project pan!


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