Project Pan: Pan 20 in 2020

Hello, friends! I’ve mentioned in my 2020 blogging goals post that I planned to challenge myself to a Project Pan this year, and today I’m sharing the products that I’ve chosen for my project! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with how much makeup I have, and I’m looking forward to using up what I already own this year instead of constantly contributing to mass consumerism and buying what I don’t need.

In 2018, I did two Project Pans lasting half a year each, where I switched out the products midway through the year because I knew I would get sick of them. This year, I decided that I’m only going to do one Project Pan with 20 products in it (since it’s 2020), and it will last all year. I am making this a rolling project, which means if I finish a product, I will take it out of my project and replace it with another item, so that I always have 20 products in my Project Pan. Theoretically, that means I could finish more than 20 products…but realistically, I’m going to be finishing very few products!

For this year’s Project Pan, I did not include products that I finish regularly (like mascara), but I did include products with varying degrees of difficulty to pan. For example, a few products are almost used up and will only take 1-3 months to finish, while most will take the majority of the year to complete. From previous projects, I’ve realized that it can sometimes feel defeating when you never see pan on a product after using it all year, so I wanted to include a small selection of products that are easier to finish in order to encourage myself. As a note, for all of the items that come in pans (powder and cream shadows, blushes, and highlighters), my goal is to see baby pan, not pan the entire thing – at least for now!

Without further ado, here are the items I am including in my Pan 20 in 2020 Project Pan!


Urban Decay Naked Palette

If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog, you may or may not remember that the Naked palette was included in my 2018 Project Pan, where I was able to hit baby pan on the shades Sin, Naked, and Buck. I am never throwing this palette away for sentimental reasons, but I still would love to pan a bunch of the shades. This year, I want to focus on seeing baby pan on Virgin, Smog, and Toasted (I’m considering this as 3 products).



Tarte Tartelette Palette

This palette might look boring, but I truly reach for it several times a week because the shades are so basic and perfect for any type of every day look. This year, I would like to see baby pan on the shades Super Mom, Wanderer, and Dreamer (also counted as three products).



ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Wattles

I’m a little worried that my cream shadows will dry out, particularly the Super Shock Shadows, which I’ve heard are prone to drying out. Out of all the SSS I own, I’ve decided to include Wattles in my Project Pan. This is one of my favourite ColourPop SSS shades, so I’m excited to focus on using it this year.


MAC Lipstick in Twig

I’ve talked about this lipstick on my blog before – it’s one of my favourite lipsticks, but I lost it two years ago. After looking for it for months to no avail, I finally caved and purchased another one. A few weeks after purchasing the new tube, I found my original tube. So now I have two of the same lipstick, and I would like to finish one of them!

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick in Chai

I discovered the Bite Beauty Liquified Lipsticks at the end of 2018, and promptly fell in love with the formula. Even though they have since discontinued the formula (maybe they’ll bring it back with the new vegan formula?!), I have 4 of these lipsticks now, and I feel like I should probably try to finish one of them this year.

Becca Glow Gloss in Tigerlily

I really got into lip glosses last year, so I wanted to include one in my Project Pan. I chose Tigerlily just to throw in a little colour. I think I’ll particularly gravitate towards this in the warmer months!




Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Moonstone

I had this highlighter in a previous Project Pan and barely made a dent in it. I’m putting this in this year’s Project Pan just for the sake of curiosity, to see if I’ll ever reach the bottom (I’m thinking not). I watched a Kelly Gooch video where she said highlighters are fairly easy to pan, and I was like “whaaaaaa?” All of my highlighters look brand new, even though I highlight every day!

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian

Since Becca’s Moonstone in the Poured formula is more subtle, I decided to include a strong highlight option. What better choice than ColourPop’s Flexitarian, especially because it’s a cream highlight and I’m worried it will dry up. In the pan, it looks a lot like Moonstone, but it’s a much cooler toned and a lot blinding, too. Flexitarian needs just the tiniest bit of product to make your cheekbones to shine like a beacon, so I don’t know how easy this is going to be to reach baby pan!



NARS Blush in Sin

This is probably the oldest blush in my collection. I love it dearly and would love nothing better than to keep it forever, but I think it’s time to try finishing it up. I can always repurchase it if I miss it, right? I wanted to include a warm blush shade as well, but just remembering how it took me ALL YEAR to pan Tarte’s Paaarty blush, which was only a deluxe sample size, I didn’t think it wise to add anything more than one blush in my Project Pan, so Sin will have to be it for now!



Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Contour in Sculpt

I use this contour shade in this face palette almost every day – I’m not sure how I haven’t reached pan on this yet. However, I feel like I might have a good chance of getting through this in 2020. Fingers crossed!


Becca Backlight Priming Filter

You may or may not remember that this primer was in my 2018 Project Pan, and now it’s 2020 and I STILL haven’t finished it. I didn’t touch this much in 2019, and I was worried that it had gone bad, but luckily, the scent and the texture hasn’t changed yet! I’ve decided to put this in my Project Pan to finish it off. I’m estimating that it’ll only take around 2 months!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

I don’t know how I haven’t panned this yet. I’ve owned it for over three years and reach for it every. single. day! I think I’m VERY light handed when swirling my brushes in my products so as not to ruin their aesthetic. For the record, my goal is to see baby pan on each of the shades, and I’m including this entire palette as ONE item because I tend to swirl the shades together.


MAC Fix+ Setting Spray

I am really bad at remembering to use setting spray, but I have three of these mini Fix+ that I bought in the summer, so I think it’s time for me to focus on using up at least one of them. Between the white tea, pineapple, and watermelon scents, I’m not entirely sure which one I want to “pan” in 2020, but I’ll figure it out eventually!

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom

I currently own 3 lip masks (from Laneige) and 6 lip balms (from Glossier). WHY. There’s absolutely no reason for me to own 3 lip masks and 6 lip balms, because it’ll take me FOREVER to get through all of them. This is the oldest Glossier lip balm that I have, so I’m going to try to use it up first!



Farmacy Honeymoon Glow

I’ve owned this for a year and I’m only halfway through this bottle – how?! I’m making it a goal to finish off this bottle this year. Like the MAC Fix+, I marked a line where the serum currently is, so I can keep track of the usage.

Verb Wave Spray

I’ve owned this for almost two years now and I use it regularly, but I don’t understand how it’s not used up yet. I’ve decided to make an effort to actually finish this up this year. I’ve also marked a line of where the liquid is currently sitting in the bottle!

And those are the 20 products I’m trying to pan this year? Are you going to be doing a Project Pan this year? Please share with me what products you’re trying to finish this year!


17 thoughts on “Project Pan: Pan 20 in 2020

  1. For my 20 in 2020 project pan, I am not sticking myself to 20 particular products. I just want to use up 20 full sized products this year. I also have a monetary goal of 200 dollars that Im thinking about raising to 500. I was going for the 2020 theme but I think 200 might be too low of a bar for me as I have many high end products and Im looking to add to the challenge. I am panning an hourglass palette as well! The 2016 palette I think it was as it has a marble design that I bought in Spring of 2017 discounted. I figure I need to use it up this year.

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    • What a good idea to not focus on 20 specific products, but just go have a goal of using up any 20 products! When you say that you have a goal of $200 (or $500), do you mean you’re hoping to use up $200/$500 worth of products? I like the way you think!


      • Yes, I am hoping to use up that much between everthing. Im even going to include clothes and such items towards the monetary goal.

        I used to do project pans. Im trying to ease into it and I think my worst thing was having to stick to the same items. So, I decided to join the yearly project pan. Still thinking about doing other projects pans as well like Roulette project pan and fun themed ones!


  2. The MAC Fix+ spray and Glossier balm should be easier to finish! Highlighters are so hard to hit pan on but I guess if you’re using the same few in rotation it will be easier! Wattles is such a gorgeous Supershock Shade πŸ™‚ good luck with your others items too!

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    • You would think the Fix+ would be hard to finish, but I always forget to use setting spray! It’ll definitely be an experiment to see whether I can pan 2 highlighters in a year. I feel like that is a hard feat, but I guess you never know until you try!

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      • I don’t find setting spray a necessity so I can see why you may not always use it. It can be nice to apply first thing in the morning under moisturiser too πŸ‘πŸ»


  3. Highlighters are so NOT easy to pan! I have NEVER hit pan on a highlighter ever, besides my becca highlighters which broke and had to be repressed. haha that’s so crazy, I wonder how she’s hitting pan on so many of them!

    I remember seeing that Naked palette in your 2018 project pan! I can’t believe we’ve know each other through blogging for so long already. Good luck finishing some products and hitting baby pan, you can do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right?? Even the thought of panning a highlighter seems impossible! It’s one of those things that you need SO little of, it’ll take years to finish.

      Hah you’re right, this will be the third year that we’re blogging friends! Time flies by when you’re having fun πŸ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement, Cleia!

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  4. Wow. Your Project Pan this year is really ambitious! Best of luck though – the highlighter and eyeshadows are going to be a huge challenge but I think you’ll do well.

    I told myself that I’d finish 2 lipsticks last year but it never happened. Now I find myself in the same position because I’m obsessed with other lip products. Typical…

    Liked by 1 person

      • The problem is I bought like 4 new liquid lipsticks/lipglosses the other day…hahaha! But for what it’s worth, I do think I will finish the NYX liquid lipsticks this year if I continue to use them like I have!


  5. Glad to know other fellow bloggers who are doing similar project like this. I also don’t want to contribute in consumerism, so I’m trying my best to use up my makeup collection as much as I could. One of your rule also inspired me. I’ll also add another item on my empty goals once one item is finished. Good luck for both of us! πŸ€—

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