Products I Bought on Sale – Would I Buy It Again?

Hi everyone! Today’s post is an idea that was inspired by a video I watched on YouTube the other week. I don’t watch YouTube videos very often anymore, but recently I saw a Kelly Gooch video on my recommended list that intrigued me. In it, she was talking about products that she bought on sale, and whether she would buy it again. I thought this was a great idea, because I feel like all of my common sense disappears when I see something on sale, and sometimes I end up buying things that weren’t such a great idea.

All of the products from my list are from Sephora, just because we don’t have Ulta in Canada, and other retailers tend to have coupons for discounts on the whole store, rather than marking down certain products. Just as a note, I only counted products in this post that Sephora marked down (ie they were in Sephora’s sale section), and not products I purchased with a coupon code.


Urban Decay Born to Run Palette

This palette normally retails at $65, and I purchased it last year for $39 during a Weekly Wow sale. While I don’t reach for this all the time, I do think it was a good purchase because it has a great variety of both fun and neutral shades, and gives you lots of options for different looks. I often go for the same tried-and-true looks when I reach for my palettes, but this one actually inspires me to play around! I wouldn’t buy this at full price because I don’t use it enough, but in my opinion, but I think it’s worth the $65 in general, and I definitely don’t regret purchasing it at $39.


Natasha Denona Mini Lila Palette

This mini palette normally retails for $33, and I purchased it on sale during the Weekly Wow sale for $15. I like the shades, their performance, and the looks you can get from it, but the formula isn’t anything to write home about either. I’ve heard that the quality of this palette aren’t as good as her regular palettes, which could be why I wasn’t fully wowed by this. $15 isn’t bad to get to try a Natasha Denona palette, but I don’t think it’s really worth $33, and wouldn’t buy this at full price.


Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette

This normally retails at $59, and I believe I bought it for 50% during one of the Weekly Wow sales. Honestly, I can’t decide if I regret purchasing this palette, sale or not. This is actually a fantastic product in terms of pigmentation. However, a lot of it is too red-toned for me, and I can’t wear this palette on its own because it’s too red for my eyes, so I rarely reach for this. It does have some great basic shades that I like to mix with other palettes, though. I think overall, I’m happy with the price I paid for this, but would not have bought this at full price.


Tarte Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

I also purchased this for $29.50 during a Weekly Wow sale (I love those sales, okay?!), but it normally retails for $59. This actually went on sale several times in the last two years, and I think it was also included in a makeup subscription box sometime last year, too! The quality of all six powders is fantastic. I use either of the contour shades every day, and I also love the highlights in this, a lot of which are unique to my collection. I have to admit that I don’t reach for the highlighters often, but it’s only because I already own so many highlighters. It’s totally worth the price for people who are just starting out with highlighters and contours and own very few shades, but I personally couldn’t justify buying it at full price with my large collection.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Moonstone

I knew that Becca had a liquid and a pressed version of their Shimmering Skin Perfector highlighters, but I didn’t realize that Becca had a cream version of them until I saw these in the sale section of Sephora’s website (on sale for $23, original price was $46). I rushed to the closest Sephora to grab one, where there were already very few left, and it was completely sold out online within hours! Later, I noticed that these were completely unlisted from the website, which is when I realized they discontinued the formula. It’s unfortunate, because I absolutely fell in love with these! The formula is so smooth, and imparts a more natural yet noticeable glow compared to its powder counterpart. I find Becca’s highlighters to be really expensive, but I would probably buy just one more of these at full price.


IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray

This quick-dry spray retails at $19, and I bought it on sale for $11 at the end of the summer. I was curious about whether it would actually decrease my drying time and bought it knowing it might possibly be a gimmick but worth a try, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it actually does what it claims! At this point, I’ve gotten used to paying for high end haircare, $19 is a fairly mid-range price in terms of what I’ve spent on haircare in the past, so I would gladly pay full price for this.


Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

When liquid lipsticks were popular a few years ago, I didn’t want to invest in something I thought would not be suitable for me (my lips are dry and I thought liquid lipsticks would not work on me). These retail at $27, and like all of the other Weekly Wow sales, I bought this for 50% off. The reduced price was a good way for me to try out liquid lipsticks to see how I would like it! Just as I thought, this was too drying for me.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

I purchased bought these for $16, when they originally cost $26. I didn’t love the ABH liquid lipsticks, but I heard more positive things about this formula. These feel a lot less drying than the Tarte liquid lipsticks, and these two shades are so stunning! At the end of the day, I still prefer my traditional lipsticks and glosses, so I don’t get much use out of this. $16 is a good price for these, but I wish I had only purchased one.


Becca Cosmetics Glow Glosses

I purchased these in the summer when they went on sale at Sephora for $14 (originally $28). I did a review of these lip glosses, where I talked about how much I looove the formula and the pigmentation of these. They smell slightly minty and have a cooling effect on the lips, but not to the point where it’s bothersome. I would be willing to pay full price for them any time!


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick

It seems like I often get things on sale as they are getting discontinued! I picked all of these Liquified Lipsticks up when they were on sale for $14 at the end of 2018, and when I saw that they were in the sale section for MONTHS, I realized Bite was discontinuing them. I went into this purchase blind, with absolutely no clue as to how these performed, but I figured – it’s Bite, it can’t go that wrong, right? These have turned out to be one of my favourite makeup discoveries, ever! Insanely pigmented and creamy, hydrating, and slightly glossy – everything I want in a lipstick. I would definitely pay full price for them, over and over and over and over again!

What products did you find during a sale that you absolutely love? And what do you regret buying?


12 thoughts on “Products I Bought on Sale – Would I Buy It Again?

  1. A Becca cream highlighter? STOP IT. Too bad they are discontinued!

    Also: I’m from the US and I had a HEART ATTACK when you said the Born to Dun palette cost you $65. I was like IN WHAT WORLD – but then I realized you are writing this from Canada. Hahaha. Awesome post!

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    • YES, and it was magical! I wonder why they discontinued it – considering nobody seemed to notice it existed, maybe it just wasn’t popular enough.

      Hahaha, now you understand the pain! Everything looks so much affordable in US dollars. I was in the US in December and bought a shirt for $40 USD which I thought was a decent price…came back and looked at my credit card, and it was $70 CAD 😒


  2. Are those BITE lipsticks matte? I vaguely remember Becca’s cream highlighters, shame they don’t make them anymore as I feel cream products get a bad wrap when they are a dream for those with dry skin. I guess they don’t last as long as powders though. The Becca glosses look really pretty, haven’t tried a gloss with a cool, tingling feeling before. The Urban Decay palette you got at a great price, glad it inspires you to use a bit more colour!

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    • No, they’re not matte! My dry lips can’t do matte lippies. You’re right, cream products do get a bad reputation, which is unfortunate because they’re always so beautiful! I didn’t think I’d like the tingling sensation of the gloss, or the minty scent (mint always reminds me of toothpaste), but both are fairly pleasant. Thank you for reading, Chanelle!

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      • I don’t like matte lipstick either and thankfully I don’t get dry lips. Matte bullet lipsticks aren’t as bad and MAC’s matte formula is nice too! I have more glosses than I need right now but I’ll consider trying one from Becca in future x


  3. I love the idea of this post! I’m one of the suckers who bought the mini Lila palette full price and have since regretted it. I would rather buy a palette that has some more shades, I rarely reach for the blue and I only really use the tan and cream shimmer shade in here. What a waste of $33 xD

    I got my peachy mattes palette as a birthday gift but for me I would absolutely repurchase if I dropped it or something. It’s too bad the shades didn’t work out as well for you 😦

    It’s so sad that the Becca cream highlighters are discontinued, that’s the worst! I found that IGK spray in Marshalls a few weeks ago and I remembered you sharing it on IG so I bought it for $10. It really does help hair dry faster!

    The tarte quick dry lip paints are awful!! I got one from Ipsy a couple of years ago and I threw it out, it was so crumby and dry. The non quick dry formula is much better!

    Great post!


  4. The Canadian and American beauty sales seem to be a lot more frequent and better overall than what we get here in the UK! Now and again, we might get the odd 10% off beauty brands in Debenhams or some 3 for 2 on a particular brand, but in most cases, nothing over 20% discount. There would probably be a much better experience online though but I seldom online shop when it comes to makeup so I can’t be sure.


  5. I got that Mini Lila palette on sale too. It’s ok. Definitely not worth the full price. I do use the 2 far right shades (Flint & Linen) often when I want or need a quick, easy neutral eye. Those 2 shades are great. The other 3 shades are… meh.


  6. […] Polished and Inspired’s post about makeup she bought on sale, and whether or not she’d buy it again, really made me think- often I give in to buying new things because of their sale price. But I’m trying to recognise, it’s not a saving if you don’t need it! […]


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