Beauty Products I Regret Purchasing

Hi everyone! Today, my blog post is all about the products I regret buying. I do quite a lot of research before I buy makeup, so I tend to love what I buy, but there have been a few bad eggs that have snuck into my collection over the last year or so. These mostly tend to come from online orders where I can’t test or swatch products – online shopping is a blessing and a curse at the same time! Without further ado, here are the products I regret purchasing.



Jouer Highlighter in Rose Gold

This highlighter looks like a gorgeous golden peach in the pan, and I bought it in hopes that it would be a dupe my beloved Becca Parisian Lights highlighter, which I have decided I want to keep as a collector’s item. Swatched, Rose Gold looks almost exactly like Parisian Lights, which made me so excited. Unfortunately, applied to the face, it leans very gold, and doesn’t flatter my skintone at all. I wouldn’t classify this as a glittery highlighter and can’t see any glitters when swatched, but the shimmer particles are larger than I prefer and look quite apparent on the cheekbones. Overall it’s just not a good look, and while I do still want to try some of Jouer’s other highlighters, Rose Gold isn’t for me.


Ouai Wave Spray

I’m quite well-versed with wave sprays because they’re a staple in my hair-curling routine, and I have used a fair few that I love. Ouai’s Wave Spray falls short of other ones – while wave sprays tend to give your hair a bit of gritty texture (like the way it feels after it’s been windswept at the beach), Ouai’s version makes my hair feel sticky and crunchy, the way old-school hairsprays feel. This is something I’ve never experienced with other wave sprays, and on top of that, the Ouai Wave Spray is really expensive, too. Luckily I bought this in a set of minis, so I’m glad I didn’t shell out full price for this.



ColourPop Salvaje Palette

ColourPop palettes are notoriously high quality at an affordable price, and the colour story of the Salvaje palette completely caught my eye when I first saw it online at the end of 2018. However, the reality is that I never reach for this palette, and I find it really difficult to pull together a cohesive look only using the shades in it. Every time I look at the promo pics of Becky G wearing this, I want to bring it out to play with again, but I can never create nice looks with it. It’s a beautiful palette, but I regret having it in my collection!



ADDICTION Eyeshadow Quad

ADDICTION is a luxury Japanese beauty brand, and is only available in Japan. I bought this at the airport in Tokyo because I had heard so many good things about the brand and was dying to own something from them. This is a custom quad and I chose all the shades in it. They are all stunning colours, but honestly, I regret this purchase. Because ADDICTION is a Japanese brand, it follows the Japanese aesthetic of a sheer wash of colour over the lids, whereas I prefer a more pigmented look. The quad works out to almost $100 CAD, and I really don’t think it’s worth the price for something I rarelyreach for.



ColourPop Jelly Much Eyeshadows

I bought these Jelly Much cream eyeshadows last year when the Sweet Talk collection came out. That purple shade especially is sooo beautiful, but both shades are unique and full of depth. However, they both completely dried out on me a few months after I purchased them, even though I had even kept the stopper they came with. Not worth buying, you guys!



Fourth Ray Beauty Products

I did a review of the Wide Awake set last year, where I said the products were pretty forgettable. I ended up decluttering everything I bought from them because overall I find they don’t do anything for the skin and just take up space on my vanity. The oils have terrible packaging on top of that, so I just don’t reach for them when I own so much skincare that actually gives me results. I actually own two more products from FRB, a facial spray and a face milk, but I have no idea where those went! I’m not necessarily saying that FRB is a bad brand, but I’m definitely less interested in trying more of their products.



Shiseido Aura Dew Highlighter

I did a review of this cream highlighter two months ago, where I mentioned I had bought this to use it as a highlighter. However, it’s just too glittery, and I ended up using this as an eyeshadow topper instead. While it’s beautiful, it’s not a WOW product, and it’s disappointing because I hadn’t meant to buy a $40 eyeshadow topper.



Sol Body Pink Champagne Highlighter

I purchased this highlighter hoping that this would be a dupe for my beloved Becca Parisian Lights highlighter (are you seeing a pattern here?) However, it’s WAY too glittery to be used on the face. Let me be clear that this isn’t a bad product – it’s a stunningly metallic peachy-gold that was designed for the body, so the noticeable glitter is technically a non-issue. I’m just disappointed because it can’t do what I was hoping it could do. I purchased this powder body highlighter and a Sol Body Glow Oil at the same time, and I don’t need two body glow products in my life. I probably would have bought only the Glow Oil if I had known this wouldn’t be a dupe for Parisian Lights as well.



Essie Go Go Geisha Nail Polish

Nail polish is always a tough one because what looks good on one person may not suit your own skin tone. I saw this shade online worn by a nail polish instagrammer and it looked so beautiful on them, so I bought a bottle for myself. This shade is so light and milky on my skintone, it almost looks white and is too stark on my skintone. I haven’t reached for it since!

That’s it for the products I regret buying! What’s on your list?




20 thoughts on “Beauty Products I Regret Purchasing

  1. I hope you find a great dupe for Becca’s Parisian Lights highlighter! Have you browsed through the dupes on Temptalia? Thanks for the heads up on the Jelly Much shadows, the texture sounds fun but I’m not surprised they aren’t very long lasting. That nail polish looks pretty, unfortunately a lot of pastel, light shades that aren’t nudes don’t hold up well on the nails.

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    • I have used Temptalia’s dupe list to find a dupe for Parisian Lights! That’s actually how I found the one from Jouer. Funnily enough, most of the other dupes are limited edition so I can’t get them anymore – what are the chances? And yes, I didn’t realize until the last year or so that you really have to look at the undertones of pastel nail polishes!

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  2. It’s too bad about the Salvaje palette! It looks so good on Becky G but I can see what you mean about it being hard to create looks with.

    Yikes, $100 for an eyeshadow quad! I’m sorry it didn’t work out, for that price I would expect something very pigmented.

    I’m over fourth ray beauty! I can’t believe they haven’t fixed the packaging of the oils yet, it’s terrible! I’d rather spend my money on skincare that is released in a time frame that at least makes it plausible that it was tested out properly before it launched.

    Hopefully you have better luck with purchases this year, and can finally find a dupe for your Becca Highlighter x

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    • I think some of the shades don’t look good on me either – I think they look more flattering on people with tanner skin like Becky G!

      It’s hard to hold a brand like Addiction to the Western standard of “pigmented shadows” because it’s not what Japanese brands go for. 90% of the eyeshadows sold in Japan are sheer or sparkly, because that’s just how Japanese girls wear their makeup. I think this palette would be good for “no-makeup makeup” days…which I rarely do LOL.

      I feel like FRB releases a lot of the products just for the aesthetics. All those colourful milks look so cute when you have the whole set, but do they actually do anything? I really wonder.

      Thank you! I’m being so careful with my purchases this year since I’m doing a low-buy, so hopefully there won’t be any bad purchases!

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      • That’s too bad, something can look so good in the promo photos but until you have it in person it’s hard to know what it will look like against your skin tone.

        Yes that’s true! Beauty trends are so different all over the world. You might get more use out of the no makeup-makeup shades while working from home at least!

        TOTALLY! I wish there was more substance to their skincare.

        Good luck!! I definitely need to try to spend less this year. I’m not spending nearly as much on makeup but I’m on a home DIY and improvement kick and we just went overboard on things for our garden and repainting. No more spending!


  3. It’s always disappointing when beauty products aren’t as great as we hoped. Sorry about the Parisian Lights dupe, I will keep my eyes peeled! I would suggest Lancome’s Rose Gold but that’s about the same as the Jouer. Let’s see, I definitely regret the three Colourpop Jelly Much shadows I bought (same issue as you had – got all dried out even though I kept the lids on tightly), their liquid highlighters from the crystal collection (they got all weird/chunky/separated after a couple months), and Huda Beauty Amethyst palette. It’s nice but it doesn’t wow me. Hope your future purchases are more worth it!

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    • I’ll check out the Lancôme one, thanks for the recommendation! Thanks for sharing your regrets, too – I feel like CP should stop releasing those Jelly Much shadows since they stop working after a few months. And that’s so weird that the liquid highlighters separated, they looked like a pretty standard liquid highlighter from other brands!


  4. I actually adore the Shiseido Aura Dew but I love glittery highlighters. I’ve been using it every day for like 4 months. It’s definitely pricey so I see why don’t think it’s worth it

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  5. I don’t really understand glitter in highlighters, so I’m totally with you in thinking they’re too much on the face! I bought Smoke n’ Whistles from ColourPop which isn’t exactly glittery but it’s got really reflective silver pearl in it. At first I thought I liked it on the face, but it turned out to be way too much and too noticeable. So now I just use it as a cream eyeshadow. It’s not the worst but I definitely wouldn’t repurchase it!

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  6. I’m obsessed with the jelly much shadows and the sol body dry oil. But given that I’m in this quarantine I really hope my jelly much products don’t run out before I get the chance to finish using them

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