Review: Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blushes

Hi everyone! Today I have a review of the Glossier Cloud Paints, which is a long time coming. I have been slowly collecting these over the last two years, and now that I finally have all the shades, I’m ready to do a review of them. I previously reviewed their Balm Dotcoms here. These were the first cream blushes that I had tried in years, after seeing people raving about them on social media. I actively avoided cream products before buying these, because I found them hard to work with. Read on to see what I think about the Cloud Paints!


The Cloud Paints are a gel-cream blush you can’t mess up. If you can fingerpaint, you can Cloud Paint—simply dab it onto cheeks wherever you like, and tap into skinIt has a lightweight, pillowy formula that instantly blends into a natural, flushed-from-within glow.

The Glossier Cloud Paints are a cream blush formula and come in six shades that are inspired by NYC sunsets. These are made in the USA and retail for $22 CAD for 10mL, but you can buy these in a duo for $36, which saves you $8.



The Cloud Paints come in tubes that look like paint tubes, with the lid and top of the tube in different colours that correspond with the product inside. Umm, how cute do these look?! Glossier always nails it with the packaging. I loved art as a kid, and these remind me of the paint tubes that my parents used to buy me when I was little. I feel like a legit Bob Ross using these!

The not-so-great thing I found about the packaging is that every single time I opened up a new tube to use for the first time, I always found that some product would explode out as soon as I unpeeled the protective covering from the applicator, even without squeezing the tube. Luckily, this only happens the first time I used a tube, and you don’t lose a TON of product – you just get more than you need that first time after opening. After you get through the initial use, it’s easy to control how much product you get, and no liquid comes out unless you squeeze the tube.



The Balm Dotcoms come in six shades, ranging from neutrals to brights to vampy shades. None of them have any shimmer.

Beam: Neutral peach
Dawn: Bright orange
Dusk: Brown nude
Haze: Bright berry
Puff: Cool Pink
Storm: Deep wine

I personally think Glossier came out with a great range of shades, and that there is a shade for everyone, from the fairest to the deepest skin tones. My personal favourites are Beam, Dusk, and Haze, which all look natural and are so easy to wear. Puff was not a shade that I thought would like – cool Barbie pink is never a good shade for warm, yellow-toned skin. However, I bought it just to have the whole collection, and am very happy that I did. The shade dries down warmer than I expected, and actually looks quite flattering with warm skintones. Dawn and Storm are more iffy shades for me. I’m not intimidated by bright or deep blush shades, but unfortunately these are just not as flattering on me. I was so excited about Dawn because I was missing an orange blush in my collection, but Dawn is really orange and looks quite stark on my face, even blended out. Storm looks wine-coloured when swatched, but pulls a bit too brown on the face. I think both shades would look absolutely gorgeous on deep skin tones!

The fun thing about the Cloud Paints is that you can mix the shades too – just like with art paint! Of course, like with mixing paint, some shades look better together than others. Below I’ve shown examples of combos one can create with these – the pairs in the top row is what creates the shades on the bottom row. My favourite mix is Puff and Beam, but I also try to find different combos that work well with Dawn and Storm, since those two blushes don’t work as well on my skin tone alone.



I have never been a fan of liquid/cream blushes, but I took a chance on the Cloud Paints, and they started my current obsession with cream formulas. I find them to be so easy to use, and give you an effortless look.

Although the name Cloud Paint (and the description the brand gives of “light, pillowy formula”) may give you the impression that these blushes may have a whipped, airy texture. It’s what I was expecting, to be honest, but this is not the case. Glossier calls these a gel-cream formula, which I find to be quite a fitting description. I find the consistency to be somewhere between a liquid and cream blush. It not as thick as the usual cream blush formula, but not as runny as a typical liquid blush either. For some reason, I find that Haze is runnier than all of the other shades, but it doesn’t make it harder to use.

The effect these will give you is very much in line with Glossier’s aesthetic – a light flush of colour on the cheeks to give you that effortless no-makeup makeup look. You can build these up a bit for a stronger look, but the end result won’t be as pigmented as what a powder blush will give you. I like using these blushes paired with a very natural eye look, or when I’m going out without makeup but want a bit of colour on my face.


I actually apply these in different ways depending on the shade. For the lighter shades, I can get away with using my fingers to apply them. I feel like it might move your foundation around if you try spreading the blush, so instead I use a tapping motion to sheer it out. I find the dark shades look a little patchy applied with my fingers, so I usually prefer to apply them using a sponge. You do have to work somewhat quickly before the formula starts drying in place, so I usually do one side of my face at a time. Don’t let that scare you though – I love how effortless these are to use. Since they’re more sheer, it’s hard to go overboard, and I love taking the lighter ones on vacation with me because I don’t need any tools to blend them out.

Overall, I love the effect of these blushes. They made me go from a cream/liquid blush hater to being obsessed with cream formulas, and I highly recommend these to anyone who struggles with cream products.

What are your favourite cream blushes? I’m always looking for good recommendations!



7 thoughts on “Review: Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blushes

  1. The Cloud Paints are a new classic, and I’m tempted now to get more shades after reading this post! I only have Dusk, but it’s one of my absolute favorite cream blushes.


  2. One of these days I’ll get around to trying these. They do sound amazing, even though I’ve always been more into powder than cream products. You’re wearing me down! And I need to get another balm dot com soon…


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