Review: Pat McGrath Mothership VII Divine Rose Palette, Swatches & 3 Looks

Hello, my friends! Today, I’m sharing my review of the Pat McGrath Mothership VII Divine Rose I palette…just as the second one was released! Better late than never, right?

I honestly never thought I’d own anything from Pat McGrath. It’s a luxury brand, and my purchases tend to be more towards the mid-end range – I feel like there are plenty of eyeshadow palettes that perform just as well, if not better than luxury brands. To be honest, it wasn’t a brand I was particularly excited to try, because none of her products had appealed to me. That is, until Mother released the Divine Rose! Her previous palettes weren’t really up my alley, but this one just screamed “buy me!!” Read on to see whether I think this palette is worth the hefty price tag.



Elevate your artistry with formulations that release infinitely smooth and extremely blendable pigments for seamless color transitions and unprecedented buildability. Explore resplendent golds, sublime roses, gilded peaches, and breathtaking bronzes as you structure, design, and define for dazzling effects.

The Divine Rose palette is the 7th palette in Pat McGrath’s Mothership line. It contains 10 shades, 6 of which are in their pressed formula and 4 that are baked. It retails at $170 CAD and is available at Sephora and the Pat McGrath website (although it is currently not in stock on either website).



Like all of Pat McGrath’s Mothership palettes, the Divine Rose comes in a sleeve with a manila envelope closure. This one has a romantic rose design to fit the Divine Rose theme. Can we talk about how stunning the artwork on the sleeve is? It definitely appeals to me the most out of all of her palettes. It also comes with an insert that has all the shade names on it.

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Outer Packaging

The palette itself is made of a shiny lacquered plastic. It is quite hefty, which certainly makes it feel expensive – just what you would expect from a luxury brand like Pat McGrath! The issue with this shiny finish is that it attracts a lot of dust and fingerprints – the palette already had dust all over it when I took it out of the cover! It also includes a full-sized mirror inside. At first, I thought this palette was significantly thicker than most palettes, but it’s actually only a little bigger, both in height and width, than palettes such as the ABH palettes.



What I don’t like about the packaging is that there are no shade names printed next to the pans or on the back of the palette – the only way you can see the shades is on the insert included. I find this kind of annoying as I like to have the shades right on the palette. I don’t enjoy having to refer to the insert every time I want the shade names, but seeing as how I don’t have to know the names every time I use the palette, it’s not a dealbreaker.




Top Row:
Skinshow Nude – Shimmery champagne
Velouria – Cool-toned taupey mauve
Sable Bronze – Shimmery warm bronze
Refined Gold 002 – Shimmery warm gold
Iridescent Pink 003 – Opalescent pink-blue

Bottom Row:
Xtreme Mahogany – Matte mahogany
Love Lace – Shimmery cool taupe
Rose Dusk – Medium rose in a satin finish
VR Rose Venus – Pink-peach duochrome shimmer
Astral Solstice – Glittery pale gold

I had never purchased any Pat McGrath palettes because none of them really appealed to me – at $170, I felt that, I felt that it really needed to be a palette where I would love and reach for every single shade on a regular basis. This palette fits that bill. There’s no shade in here where I would say “It’s pretty but not a shade I would wear much”. What I love about the shade selection of this palette is that it contains both warm and cool tones, so it doesn’t veer too far one way. There are a ton of cohesive looks to be had with this palette!Β  The difficulty with this shade selection is that you only have two mattes to work with. Most people will use a matte shade as a transition and a matte shade in the crease, which means that you really only have those two shades to choose from.




With everything being said, I have to be honest, I find that the all of the shades in this palette to be fairly dupeable – even the baked shadows, which are the more unique shades. If you already own a lot of neutral eyeshadows, it’s very likely you would be able to find close matches within your collection.

A lot of the shades really excel in direct lighting!

It’s really hard to choose favourite shades because there’s not a single one I dislike – I guess I would have to say Rose Venus, Love Lace, Velouria, and Iridescent Pink (which is way more unique than my swatches show!)



In general, the Divine Rose I palette is very high-performing. I have to say that the shades don’t swatch well; in particular, the two matte shades and the satin Rose Dusk take forever to build up. However, it’s more important that they work well on the eyes, and all the shadows in this palette are pigmented and blend together effortlessly on the lids without getting muddy in colour. In most palettes, I find that there are always a mix of different textures within the palette, with some shades performing better than others. I find the velvety texture to be fairly consistent within all the matte and shimmer shades of the Divine Rose palette. They’re not pressed too hard into the pan, but they’re not powdery with a ton of kick-up, either. I find that the shimmers are more intensely pigmented, but the mattes build up well without much effort.


In terms of shadows, Pat McGrath is best known for her baked shadows that have their special duochrome or glitter finish. All of the baked shadows I’ve tried in the past can tend to lack pigmentation, so I was a bit worried about these. However, they apply beautifully on the lids and are not difficult to work with at all. They have good colour payoff regardless of how you use them, with a brush or finger, dry or wet, but I personally find that these perform better with a dampened brush or with the fingers. Rose Venus, the peachy shade, pulls a lot more gold on my lids compared to the peach-gold duochrome when swatched. I’m a little sad that the shade is not as nuanced on the lids as it is in swatches, but this seems to happen with a lot with duochrome shades. Astral Solstice seems like a little more of an eyeshadow topper – the delicate glitter finish gives the lids a wet look to the lids, and the effect reminds me of the Hourglass Scattered Light shadows.


I did three looks with this palette, and I made sure to incorporate all of the shades into the looks I’m sharing.


The first looks is a bronze one featuring Velouria as a transition shade, Sable Bronze all over the lid, Xtreme Mahogany in the crease, Refined Gold in the middle of the lid, and Skinshow Nude in the inner corner.






Look 2 is a rosey-gold halo eye with Velouria as a transition shade, Rose Dusk in the inner and outer third of the eyelid, VR Rose Venus in the middle of the lid, and Iridescent Pink 003 in the inner corner.




The final look is a cool-toned taupe look. Again, I have Velouria as a transition shade, Xtreme Mahogany in the crease, but this time, I placed Love Lace all over the lid, and Astral Solstice in the middle of the lid as well as the inner corner.






-Beautiful packaging
-Cohesive colour story
-High-performing formula


-Very pricey
-Shade names are not printed on the packaging

Is Divine Rose a beautiful palette? Yes, absolutely! Not only does it have stellar performance, but the shades complement each other so well. Is it a must buy now, can’t-be-missed palette? Honestly, no, I don’t think so. As beautiful as the shades are, they are not entirely unique, and at the end of the day, I feel like you could recreate the same looks using other palettes. Considering the price, it’s not something I would tell anyone they need to run out and buy, but it IS a wonderful addition to my collection that I’m happy to own.


10 thoughts on “Review: Pat McGrath Mothership VII Divine Rose Palette, Swatches & 3 Looks

  1. Ugh I get you, it’s so annoying when they print shade names on the back of the palette, but other than that this palette looks gorgeous! And I love the eye looks you create.
    On a side note, how do you take your eye shots? It’s something I’ve never been able to crack! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hate when shades names aren’t printed on the palette. I just got the Sunset palette from Natasha Denona and they have a little plasticky thing that’s super uncomfortable. Especially for blogging. This palette looks gorgeous but I’d need a really good sale to get it. I got the ND one for 50% off!


  3. I agree, I do wish the shade names were printed on the palette somewhere! I love Pat McGrath eye products so I just buy them without fully investigating them first (oops). But I have to say this wasn’t my favorite color scheme of hers – I agree that most of the shades could probably be duped. In any case though, you created some stunning looks with it!


  4. I think Pat McGrath is such a beautiful brand in terms of packaging and overall esthetic of the brand, but like you said, $170 is a lot of money. I’m definitely interested in purchasing from her in the future, but right now there isn’t a palette that I find too interesting. This is a stunner though. Great review! xx

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  5. Wow these shades look incredibly beautiful, but you’re right, nothing especially unique. I’ve only tried one Pat McGrath palette before, but you really can’t argue with the quality!


  6. Hey you! πŸ™‚

    Love all the eye looks you did, especially #3 – I need to try to bring my eye shadow onto my lower lash line more. This palette doesn’t look as rosey as I’d thought it would. And I agree, many of the shades are completely dupeable.

    I only own the PM 6 pan Subliminal Platinum Bronze Palette which I do thoroughly enjoy – the quality is top notch but I can’t help but feel that it was a waste of money because the colours are so common. However, it does not stop me from wanting a 10 pan PM palette for the astral / duochrome shades just to see for myself what all the fuss is about. I was THIS CLOSE to buying the Mothership V Bronze Seduction Palette during the Sephora Spring sale – because ya know, “Pandemic Treat Yo Self!” Ultimately I decided to resist once again. Maybe come Sephora Fall sale… (justifying with all the money I’m saving now WFH and not buying daily lunches… right?) I’ve not bought ANY colour makeup through all these months – only skincare – which seems to fit what the statistics are saying about pandemic purchasing behaviour.

    Hope you’re doing well! And Happy Canada Day! ❀


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