Honeymoon Travels: Amalfi Coast

Today’s post is the second installment of our honeymoon – this time takes us to the Amalfi Coast, Italy. While my heart always belongs to Paris, I was the most excited for the Amalfi Coast because I was pumped to see the famous views I’ve only ever seen on Instagram and never dreamt I would see in real life. My husband had never heard of the Amalfi Coast before I brought it up as a potential honeymoon locale. I was incredulous – had he never seen photos of the hill with all of the houses on it?! As soon as I showed him photos, he said, “Oh, I’ve seen those before. I didn’t know that was the Amalfi Coast!”

In my head, I thought that the Amalfi Coast would be the most relaxing part of our trip, but in reality it was probably the most chaotic of the four places we visited due to the massive crowds. A coworker had told me that a lot of Italians go down to the coast during the summer, which made perfect sense when we got there because it seemed like the majority of the tourists were either Italian or British.

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Foodie Friday – Hawaii Edition

Happy Friday! I hope all of you in the US had a relaxing and scrumptious Thanksgiving yesterday and are enjoying all of the Black Friday sales right now!

Today’s Foodie Friday is a Hawaiian edition featuring a small sample of the food we ate in Hawaii last week. We would have gained about 10 pounds each from all the eating if not for all the hiking and walking around we did during the week we were there! I wanted to highlight the food we had that was uniquely Hawaiian – not that they can’t be found elsewhere in the world, but when people think of these foods, they think of Hawaii.

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Foodie Friday: Sunday Brunch

Brunch is probably one of my favourite meals, and it always feels like a treat because we don’t do it often. My boyfriend and I visited Vendome Café for the first time, a place we’ve been meaning to try out for a while. The small café is located in Kensington, a trendy little neighbourhood in our city with a bunch of restaurants and boutiques. My boyfriend noted that this place was full of hipsters and that he felt out of place, ha! I think all brunch places are full of hipsters.

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Saturday Date Night

Featured Image from Una Pizzeria

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a date night on 17th Ave, a bustling street in our city full of trendy shops and restaurants. We’ve tried to get into a pizza place for UNA Pizza + Wine about four different times. This place is first-come-first-serve and doesn’t take reservations. Every time we’ve tried our luck for dinner, the wait list has always been an hour and a half long, and we end up going somewhere else to eat. This time, we went at 5:00 pm and was finally able to beat the crowd.

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