Thursday Chats: Feeling Embarrassed about Blogging

Hello, everyone! Today is another Tuesday Chats post, which is a series I started where I discuss topics within the beauty community. Today’s topic is about feeling embarrassed about being a blogger. This post is actually inspired by my blogging friend New Lune, who blogged about the same topic about a month ago.


Photo source: Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

It’s funny because when it comes to blogging, everyone always tells you to promote your blog in order to increase traffic to your blog. Use Instagram, use Twitter, use Pinterest, engage with other bloggers, etc, etc…we’ve all heard the advice. Yet I feel that when it comes to real life, we tend to clam up about our blogs. In my own personal experience, I’ve tried to keep my blog quiet with the people in my real life (more on this later), and I’m willing to bet that many of you who are reading and are bloggers are the same. I don’t see this as a good or a bad thing – it just is the way it is.

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50 Movie Challenge: Movies I Watched September-December

Hello, everyone! Even though we’re almost into February (how???), today I’m sharing a post of all the movies I watched from September to December to finish off my 50 movie challenge of the year. The 50 movie challenge came from Rachael of Helpless Whilst Drying – she actually does a 100 Movie Challenge every year, but I thought that might be a bit too difficult for me and ended up challenging myself with 50 movies instead. The last time I did one of these posts, I screwed things up by posting my quarterly post at the end of August instead of the end of September. Apparently I don’t know what a quarter is even though my job revolves around quarters! Anyways, at the end of this post, I have tallied up all the movies I watched during the year.

Crazy Rich Asians – 5/5

I actually watched this movie two weeks in a row, with different groups of friends. It just so happened one was at the end of August and the other was at the beginning of September, so they got separated into different posts. Besides the fact that this finally brought to light Asian representation in Hollywood, I love how fun this was! It was just as entertaining the second time around, but the book is still better.

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Thursday Chats – Beauty Brands & Social Media

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is another installment of my Thursday Chats series, where I talk about issues within the beauty community. Today’s topic is the relationship between beauty brands and social media. With the prevalence of social media these days, particularly Instagram and Twitter, consumers are now able to easily follow and connect with beauty brands. There is no denying that brands are increasingly reliant on social media. I’m willing to bet most of us who have Instagram follow our favourite brands on there to keep up with the latest releases, am I right? While there are really good things about being able to interact with brands on social media, it’s also a double-edged sword.


Social media is a really good medium for brands to cultivate their relationship with their customers. Not only does it allow brands to give consumers a sneak peek of upcoming releases, but it helps to create a ton of hype for these releases. They do this through sharing information on their own Instagram page, as well as through content creators. Personally, I feel like social media has caused brands to up their game in terms of packaging – your products need to be Instagram-worthy in 2018!

In terms of consumers, social media easily allows customers to interact with brands. I really appreciate it when brands make an effort to respond to customer feedback or questions on Instagram or Twitter – I’ve found that The Ordinary in particular is really good about that (although their remarks can be pretty snide based on what your comment was, but that’s a discussion for later in this post). I personally don’t really interact with brands often, but I love being able to see sneak peeks of products.

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My Wedding Day Wasn’t The Best Day of My Life

I married my husband almost exactly one year ago, and I barely mentioned it on my blog or on Instagram after the wedding day. I know a lot of bloggers who get married do a recap right after the wedding, but I clearly missed that boat. Our anniversary was this past Sunday, which means that our wedding has been on my mind lately. I’ll go into a little detail about our wedding day, but considering it’s been a whole year, ain’t nobody interested in reading that anymore. This post is moreso about my thoughts on expectations surrounding weddings in general, now that I am married. Who knows, maybe this blog post might help future brides out there. I apologize for the click-baity title, but I swear it’s not actually click-bait! Also, it was super hard finding shots from our wedding photos that didn’t show people’s faces; weddings, after all, are about people!

We had a most wonderful wedding, and there were so many things I loved about it. Having all of the people we loved in one room was, of course, the best part. We were blessed with perfect weather. My makeup artist made me look the best I have EVER looked; so polished and yet still like myself. While I chose all of the decor and did all of the DIY, our day-of coordinator and put it all together so that everything looked even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined – I actually gasped when I saw our reception area! Our photographer, videographer, DJ, and photobooth exceeded our expectations by a long shot, and we absolutely loved working with them. The feedback we got from our guests was incredible – some people said it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to (although I’m sure that’s one of their duties as a wedding guest to say that). Even the employees at our venue said it was one of the best weddings they’ve ever hosted there (they probably get paid to say that, too 😝). One of our friends who attended STILL talks about how organized the wedding was (little do they know…) In general, it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun, which was important to us. Our wedding day couldn’t have been what it was without the love and support of our families, wedding party, guests, and all of the vendors.

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ColourPop Haul Follow-Up Review – Lip Products

I made my first ColourPop order back in February, and after more than two months of use, I’ve had enough time to test everything out thoroughly enough to do a review. At first I was going to put everything together into one post, but decided to split them up in order to be able to go into more depth. In today’s post, I’m covering the lip products I purchased. The next post will be on eye and cheek products!

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Thursday Chats – PR Trips

Today is the third installment in my Thursday Chats, where I discuss “hot topics” within the beauty community. As you can tell from the title, this month’s topic is PR trips. Just a disclaimer: none of these photos are mine, and they are all credited to the original source. There will always be that one person who tells me I’m gorgeous because they thought I was Tati (or whoever), even though I linked to the original source 😂

So, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, what is a PR trip? It is a trip in which an influencer is invited to travel to another city (often a vacation hotspot and/or trending city) where they will participate in activities organized by the brand. The flight, accommodations, and activities are paid for and provided by the brand (likely partnered with other companies such as hotels or brands that will provide swag). The influencer may or may not be paid to attend the trip.

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50 Movie Challenge: Movies I Watched January-March

In 2016, Rachael from Helpless Whilst Drying did a 100 Movies challenge where she watched 100 movies with her husband during the year (here’s her 2017 list.) I loved the idea, and set to do the same thing myself in 2017. I wanted to do a little summary of my thoughts of each movie, but since I waited until the end of the year to post a list of the movies I watched, my post was over 5,000 words long – I never ended up posting it on my blog.

This year, I’ve decided to challenge myself to the same thing again, only I’m going to challenge myself to watch 50 movies this year since there’s no way I’ll be able to watch 100. I’ll do a movies post every three months, which will let me “review” them. Keep reading for a short review of each movie – it seems that I watched some really good movies these last few months even though not many of them are current!

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Feel-Good Friday

Hello, and welcome to another installment of my Feel-Good Friday series!

First off, a life update. Life is legitimately kicking my butt right now. My work is implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is going live April 1st, which means there’s 15 workdays to go and we just started to receive training on it at the end of this past week. Yeah, it’s bad. Getting training this late in the game means that we’re pulled into full-day training sessions for days at a time, while still trying to manage our regular workload. This means I’ve been working 12-13 hours every day and sometimes on the weekend, which leaves little time to do much else when I come home, other than eat, sleep, and shower. I’ve been more consistent with my blogging this year than I have been since starting my blog, and I feel like this is totally derailing my progress. With my blogging getting more consistent and me also wanting to spend time trying to get better at my new craft, calligraphy, I’ve been so disappointed. It feel like there’s not enough time in a day to achieve everything. Anyways, where I’m going with this is I might not be as active in the next little while, but please be patient with me!

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Thursday Chats – PR Packages

Lately, I’ve been thinking of starting a new series called Thursday Chats, where each post focuses on different issues within the beauty community. I first discovered makeup videos about 10 years ago, when I was in university and stumbled upon a (now OG) beauty guru doing makeup on YouTube. Since then, watching videos and reading blogs about makeup has become a hobby ever since. Two and a half years ago, I decided to join the beauty community even further by starting my own blog. Blogging and making beauty YouTube videos has changed significantly in the last few years, and I would love to have a discussion to see what everyone’s else’s opinions on some of these things are.

I thought I’d start the series off with what is probably the hottest topic in the beauty community these days: PR packages. Let me be clear about something right off the bat: while I don’t really receive much (if at all) PR myself, I have absolutely no problem with other bloggers receiving them. Unless a blogger makes a lot of money off of their blog and/or is somewhat well off to begin with, it’s impossible to continuously buy new releases to review without slowly depleting your savings.  It’s a win/win situation: PR samples are a great way for bloggers to get new releases without having to spend as much of their own money, while the brands get marketing for their products.

While I think that PR samples certainly have their place and function within the community, I see them as a good thing with unintended consequences:

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2017 Beauty Resolutions Check-In

On Friday, I shared a blog post of my 2018 beauty goals, and today’s post is along the same vein: how I did on the beauty/blog goals I made in 2017.


1. No purchasing of eye shadow palettes in 2017

I thought this one would be my toughest goal, but despite so much temptation, somehow I made it! Eye shadow palettes are my weakness in terms of makeup, and it doesn’t help matters when palette releases are super hyped up. Although it was hard to resist all of the palettes on my wish list (of which there were many), particularly at the end of the year with all of the sales happening, it made me thoroughly enjoy the palettes that I do own in my collection. I feel that I sometimes neglect my old palettes when I get a shiny and exciting new one, so not being able to buy any new palettes really made me appreciate the ones that I do have.

Even though I haven’t banned myself from buying palettes this year, I’m really going to try hard not to go crazy.

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