Best of the Best: 2016 Favourites

Although we’re already into the middle of January, today’s post is on my favourite products of 2016. This post focuses on my favourites in each makeup category, although there are a few categories that I did not include because I either did not try anything new in that category, or I didn’t find anything I loved during the year. A few of these products you will have also seen in my two bi-annual favourites posts.



Foundation Primer: Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer

I discovered this primer in early 2016, and although I’ve only used up sample after sample of this primer, I’ve fallen in love with it. It goes onto the skin feeling like a moisturizer, and applies smoothly without giving that typical silicone feeling that a lot of primers do. It feels very hydrating on my dry skin, and I’m really glad I still have a few tubes of samples left of this before I need to start purchasing it!

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Summer Makeup Must-Haves

Summer is my favourite season – the sun is out for 15 hours a day, there are more activities going on outdoors, and best of all, I don’t have to wear pants! Unfortunately, the last week was absolutely miserable – there was always torrential downpour at some point in the day, every day, and even some flooding occurred. Nonetheless, I am eagerly anticipating the sun to come back.

Today I thought I’d share with you my favourite makeup products for summer. Like most people, I always go for brighter shades during this season. You will see that there are a lot of fuschias, corals, and blues going on! This post focuses mostly on colour makeup, as I find that my skincare routine doesn’t change all that much throughout the year (besides slathering on more sunscreen than usual, of course).

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Review: Teeez Cosmetics Products

While I was on vacation in Toronto, I visited the Hudson’s Bay in the Eaton Centre and found my way to the Teeez counter. The counter is located in The Bay’s Beauty Underground section, which features many indie or hard-to-find brands. The SA who was helping me at the counter was really great, and gave me a solid background on the company. Teeez is a brand from the Netherlands, where a large majority of their colour makeup is a part of limited edition collections with limited edition packaging. They launch a new collection every season, and once the collection is gone, you will never get the same shade or the same packaging again. The idea of that makes me panic and want to buy everything before they’re gone!

I found the packaging of this brand to be a little edgy with all the colourful abstract graphics. At the time I was at the counter, the Sugar Rush collection was out. All of the packaging for this collection was mirrored, so it was difficult to take pictures of the exterior of the compacts without catching myself in the reflection!


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Vacation Beauty Haul, Part 1

First of all, I want to apologize for disappearing for over a month. I hate using the excuse of being busy and blah blah blah, but between hell breaking loose at work (we did major layoffs last month) and stepping up the wedding planning, my brain has been too scattered to blog. Anyways, I’m really hoping to get back into a regular blogging routine.

Part of the reason why I disappeared was because I went on vacation this month to Toronto and Montreal – more on our wonderful trip in a separate blog! Today is all about the hauling I did while I was there. I was very happy with what I bought (except for two items which I will be talking about), and I feel like I didn’t go TOO crazy. With that being said, I still had to separate my haul into two separate posts, otherwise this post would be way too wordy. My makeup low-buy budget was $40.68, and ahem, I may have blown that budget a little. And by a little, I mean a lot.

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Shopping My Stash – The Check-In

In January, I shopped my stash and set out to use several products in my collection that were generally neglected. Today’s post is a check-in to see whether I’ve actually been using them and what I think of them after using for two months. The goal of shopping my stash was not only to rediscover products that I already own, but also to see which ones out of this bunch I would reach for automatically instead of forcing myself to use it. Based on this information, I planned to throw out the ones that I didn’t find myself using.

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