5 Favourite Fall Nail Polishes

Hi everyone! It’s seriously been a hot minute since I’ve written a post. I have been super busy with my new role at work, and on top of that, I was away for a week and a half in Europe. I did have a few blog posts prepared for while I was on vacation, but I was so busy the few days leading up to the trip that I realized I was missing a few elements and couldn’t post them!

Anyways, now that fall has finally begun, today I wanted to share a post all about my favourite nail polishes for fall. Although fall is not my favourite season, I really love fall nail shades. The jewel tones and darker shades tend to work really well with my skin tone! I feel like I have a good mix of brands this time around as well. Read on for my picks!

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Review: Cirque Colors Thermal Polish – Colour-Changing Polish!

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is a review on the thermal nail polishes from the brand Cirque Colours. Last month, I mentioned on my Feel Good Friday post that I was curious as to whether these actually worked. Not long after, I ended up caving and buying one of the shades to try out.

I picked up the shade Terra from Harlow & Co., my favourite indie polish retailer. Originally, I had wanted Luna, which shifts from aqua to purple, but they were sold out of that shade, so I picked up Terra instead. Unfortunately, all of their thermal polishes are sold out on Harlow & Co at the moment, but is still available on the Cirque Colors website. The thermal polishes retail for $14.99 USD on the Cirque Colors website, or $15.99 CAD on Harlow & Co.

Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in Terra

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