My Favourite Makeup Products for the Holidays

Hello everybody, and Happy Christmas Eve! I’m still working today, but I do hope you are all at home drinking hot chocolate, relaxing, and watching Christmas movies before getting into the madness of Christmas dinner with family! Since it is Christmas Eve, today I wanted to talk about products that are perfect for holiday gatherings. I’ve already been to two Christmas parties/dinners and have had all of these products on rotation!


Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

You can’t do the holidays without some glitter in your makeup routine, and these Stila Glitter & Glow liquid shadows are absolutely the perfect choice. They are long-wearing and will glitter on your eyelidsd all night with no fallout!

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Holiday Gift Guide – Affordable Beauty Edition

Hello, everyone! Today is the second installment of my holiday gift guide, where I’m sharing my picks for affordable beauty products. These are all products that I love myself, and best of all, they’re all under $30 CAD! I think these would be particularly good as stocking stuffers or gift exchanges where you might have a budget to work with!

Becca Drenched in Glow Set.jpg

Becca Drenched in Glow Mini Face Set – $30 CAD

This Becca set only retails for $18, and is new to Sephora. What a perfect way to try a well-rounded sample of Becca’s most popular products, which includes minis of a Glow Gloss, a Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter, and their First Light Priming Filter. For some reason, I can no long find this on the Sephora website (maybe it sold out?) but this Jet, Set, Glow set is a good choice as well. Although at $30 it is pricier, it has both of Becca’s bestselling primers as well as their Eye Brightening Corrector, which I also love.

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Review: ColourPop Super Shock Shadows & Highlighters

Hi everyone! Over the last eight or nine months, I’ve started collecting a few ColourPop Super Shock products. I currently own six of their shadows and two of their highlighters, and today I’m doing a review of the shades I have. It’s tough to choose between everything that ColourPop has to offer, but I think that so far, the Super Shock products are one of my favourite products that I’ve tried from the brand. The formula is easy to use and the pigmentation is generally great (more details later on), not to mention the texture is quite interesting. Read on for more details!


I ordered these straight from the ColourPop website; the company offers free shipping for purchases over $30 USD within the United States, and for international customers like me, shipping is free for orders over $50 USD, otherwise you pay $9.99 USD for shipping. I did not have to pay customs for either of the orders.

The Super Shock Shadows retail for $5 USD and the Super Shock Cheeks retail for $8 USD. Both the shadows and the cheek products are made in the USA. The Super Shock products are supposed to be metallic and bold, with no creasing or fading.

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New Beauty Releases: What I’m Buying and What I’m Not

Hi everyone! As per usual in the beauty community, we’ve been seeing rapid-fire new releases from brands. In today’s post, I’m sharing my thoughts on some of the new releases we’ve been seeing, and whether I am thinking about purchasing them. Read on to hear my thoughts!



ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Zodiac Collection

When ColourPop first released the teaser for this collection, I was so. excited. However, when I saw the actual palette, I was a little disappointed. The palette does look nice, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting. I know a lot of palettes these last two years have had really interesting colour combinations, and I feel like this is one of them. I know Kathleen chose the shades based on the actual colours of the zodiac, which is actually pretty cool. I like about half of the palette – I was just personally expecting a lot more smokey shades, bronzes, and jewel tones, and I feel like if the palette had looked like that, I would have been more inclined to buy it. I feel like I’m still undecided, but leaning towards a no. All of the other items (lip products, highlighters, liquid eyeshadow) I wasn’t really interested in from the beginning.

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July Collective Haul

Hi everyone! I haven’t really been doing hauls since I stopped my yearly low-buys, but I did more shopping this month than anticipated, so today I’m sharing all of the stuff I purchased.



Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette – $27.50

When the Just Peachy Mattes came out last year, I felt like I really wanted it. As I watched/read reviews, I started to realize that as pretty as the palette was, I wasn’t sure if I would get a ton of use out of the colours. However, a few weeks ago, this palette was part of the Weekly Wow sale at Sephora, and it was only $27.50 which is half price! I didn’t want to try the palette at full price, but at half price, I was definitely happy to try it.


Ouai Canada Day Set – $35

I’ve been meaning to try Ouai for a while, and I thought that their sets were probably the best way to try the brand out. I had seen that this limited-edition set was released on the Sephora app right before Canada Day, but it sold out almost immediately. When I picked up the Just Peachy Mattes palette a few weeks ago, I saw that this was available again, so I picked it up in the same order. Ouai offers a few different sets, but I was drawn in by this set because it’s limited-edition, and plus…patriotism, am I right?! The packaging is adorable. This comes with a dry shampoo, soft mousse, wave spray, texturizing hair spray, and finishing creme. The only product I’m not particularly familiar with using is the mousse, so this should be interesting. This is still available for any Canadians if you’re interested!



ColourPop almost always has sales – never buy ColourPop for full price! At the beginning of July, they had a 20% off sale off of a bunch of their items. When I browsed through their list of sale items, there were a few things that have been on my wishlist for a while, so I decided to make an order. All of the things I wanted only ended up adding to $10, so naturally instead of forking out $10.99 for shipping, I bought another $40 worth of full-priced item just so I could get free shipping. In total, I spent $50.77 USD – just enough to get the free shipping.


Pressed Powder Shadow in Come and Get It 

I’ve been meaning to try ColourPop’s pressed shadows for a while, so I wanted to pick some up in this order. I’ve always been obsessed with peachy shades with a duochrome shift, but I’ve been even more into them than usual lately, so you know that I had to get this shade!

Pressed Powder Shadow in Dragonfly 

I have a million versions of this shade in my collection, but I was curious to see if this is a little different than all of the rest. Either way, this taupe-y shade is right up my alley, so I’m super excited to try it.

Pressed Powder Shadow in Glass Bull 

Although I love duochromes, for some reason I have always been rather undecided about this eyeshadow -I feel like maybe because it reminds me of duochromes I already own. However, this is one of ColourPop’s bestsellers, and I wanted to try to see if this was worth the hype.


Super Shock Shadow in Bae 

I have had my eye on this deep shade for a long time, but I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to wear this dark shade. However, this was part of the sale, so I thought I might as well take advantage and buy it.

Super Shock Shadow in Nillionaire 

I was undecided about this eyeshadow because I thought it might be quite similar to the shade So Quiche, which I already own. This bronzey shade is so gorgeous, but I’ve swatched it once and I’m not that impressed with the quality. This is supposed to be one of ColourPop’s most popular shades, so I think I will have to play with it a bit more first!

Super Shock Shadow in Wattles 

This is another eyeshadow I’ve wanted for the longest time, and everyone keeps telling me that I need to have it in my collection. At first, the shadow looks pretty boring inside the pan, but the swatches of this shade look amazing. I can’t wait to wear it!

Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian

I am such a highlighter junkie, but have yet to try one of the most popular highlighters that have been released in the beauty community in the last few years. I’m excited to make my cheekbones look like a beacon of light!


Lippie Stix in Brink 

I hadn’t been meaning on trying another lip product from ColourPop considering that I thought the ones I bought from my last order smelled funky. However, this shade was on sale, and it just so happened to be a shade I had wanted to buy during my first ColourPop order. I was a little interested in seeing whether this shade would smell better, or if all of ColourPop’s lip products smell bad. So far, it smells like vanilla – I must have gotten a bad batch last time!


Brow Boss Pencil in Soft Black 

I have been meaning to try this brow pencil for a while, and I have also been meaning to purchase a brow pencil since I am going to be doing a lot of travelling in the next few months, and I find brow pencils a lot easier to use while on the go compared to my current brow pomade.


Clear Brow Boss Gel 

Can you believe that I’ve never used a brow gel before? I kind of need one though. My brow hairs never behave the way I want them to. I thought that $6 isn’t bad to try one for the first time.


Small Fluff Brush 

Honestly, I bought this brush because I need another $5 to get free shipping and I didn’t really have any other makeup I wanted to buy. I haven’t tried any of their brushes or even heard all that much about them, so I thought I’d go ahead and give it a try.

And that’s it for my July haul! What did you buy in July that you’re excited to use?

My Summer Makeup Picks

In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my favourite makeup picks for the summer. I didn’t include skincare in this post because my skincare routine doesn’t change too significantly between seasons, but I did include some body care and hair care. I mentioned on Instagram a week or two ago that I’m all about fuchsia in the summer, so you’ll be seeing a lot of this particular shade in this post! Also, the good thing about including so many products in this shade is that I’ll use the word ‘fuchsia’ so many times in this post that by the end of the post, I’ll hopefully know how to properly spell the word without having to spell-check it 🤣

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ColourPop Haul Follow-Up Review – Lip Products

I made my first ColourPop order back in February, and after more than two months of use, I’ve had enough time to test everything out thoroughly enough to do a review. At first I was going to put everything together into one post, but decided to split them up in order to be able to go into more depth. In today’s post, I’m covering the lip products I purchased. The next post will be on eye and cheek products!

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2018 Spring Beauty Picks

Spring is finally upon us! Usually  try to live in the moment as much as possible, but this year, I’ve been anxiously waiting for it to become spring since January 1st and am so happy the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up (let’s ignore the fact that it’s forecasted to snow over Easter…)

I have to admit that I’m one of those people that changes my makeup depending on the season, and in the springtime, I ditch the vampy shades I’ve been wearing all winter. The more colourful makeup items resurface from the bottom of my collection, and in particular, you’ll see a lot of peachy shades in this post, which pretty much carry me from March to the end of August. Read on for my picks!

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My First ColourPop Haul

Today’s post is an exciting one for me – my very first haul from ColourPop! I’m so late to the game as people have been using their products for years, but I’ve always held off on buying from them because 1) The exchange rate wasn’t working in my favour, 2) I hate paying for duties and pretty much try to avoid it at all costs. I decided to bite the bullet this year and just go for it, considering  our Canadian won’t be improving anytime soon so I may be waiting for years to try the brand. Read on to see my experience ordering from this brand, and of course what products I picked out!

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