Japan Beauty Haul

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following me on my blog or Instagram, you might know that I recently went on a trip to Japan. I will do a thorough travel series on Japan in the upcoming month, but for now, here’s what most of you are more interested in: all of the makeup and skincare I hauled!

In recent years, Korean beauty has really seemed to dominate the Asian skincare market, but Japanese skincare has been a thing way before Korean products came onto the scene. I’ve been using Shiseido since I was a teen because of my mom, who has been using it since SHE was a teen! Although I had a long list of brands to check out while I was in Japan, I didn’t actually go too crazy in terms of actually hauling any makeup. First of all, Japanese makeup is a bit on the expensive side. I spent a little over $200 CAD for this all of these products, the majority of which are drugstore brands. Second of all, a lot of the products weren’t really “my thing”, which I’ll go into detail about later on in this post.

From previous experience, I know that the packaging of Japanese makeup is mostly (if not all) written in Japanese, so it’s hard to know what you’re buying. Before going on the trip, I had done a lot of research on the Asian Beauty subreddit to get some ideas of popular products that people recommended. I also referred to Stashy’s post on what she hauled in Japan two years ago, which gave me more ideas I had not encountered on Reddit.

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April Collective Haul

Happy 1st day of May, everyone! In today’s post, Today’s post is a haul of everything I picked up during the month of April. Most of it is from the Sephora Spring sale, but I also ended up picking a few things from other places along the way. I’m pretty happy that I mainly stuck with replenishments during the Sephora sale, but I spent WAY more than anticipated, so I’m hoping to cut down my spending a little in June and July (May is my birthday month so I’ve gotta treat myself, obviously).



Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy

This was on my “definitely buy” list and I did end up picking it up as a replacement for my MAC Cleanse Off Oil, which I’m running low on. I’m really excited to start using this – it smells so fresh and clean with a light lime-y scent, and it’ll be my first cleansing balm!

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Review: Honeymoon Haul feat. KIKO Milano, PUPA, and Wycon Cosmetics

I can’t believe we’re in April already! Time moves scarily quickly these, am I right? Hope everyone had a relaxing Easter! I’ve been behind on my blog posts (last week I only put one post up), and I’m anticipating being at work more often than I will be at home, so I worked on blog posts all weekend to get ahead and prepare for that.

Today’s post is on something that is long, long overdue: a review on all of the products I picked up in Italy while on my honeymoon last August. This post features products from the brands KIKO Milano, PUPA Milano, and Wycon Cosmetics. Some of these products are hard to come by in North America, but Nicole from Pretty Ruff Life told me that there is a KIKO store in Las Vegas, and Stashy said that PUPA is actually available at Rexall in Canada.

I bought all of these items in various cities across Italy, and they are all made in Italy as well – pretty cool!

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My First ColourPop Haul

Today’s post is an exciting one for me – my very first haul from ColourPop! I’m so late to the game as people have been using their products for years, but I’ve always held off on buying from them because 1) The exchange rate wasn’t working in my favour, 2) I hate paying for duties and pretty much try to avoid it at all costs. I decided to bite the bullet this year and just go for it, considering  our Canadian won’t be improving anytime soon so I may be waiting for years to try the brand. Read on to see my experience ordering from this brand, and of course what products I picked out!

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December Haul & Low-Buy Results

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a most wonderful and happy Christmas spent with your loved ones, and a fun New Year’s Eve ringing in 2018. May this coming year be a very creative and successful one for all of us!

Today’s post is on my December low-buy, as well as a few beauty products I received from my friends and family for Christmas. You may be surprised that I don’t often receive makeup as gifts – maybe because my loved ones know I already own too many products! With my increased time spent at the mall shopping for gifts plus Boxing Day, I thought I would have gone a bit crazy with my spending, but I actually didn’t do too badly. I managed to resist all of the Boxing Day sales on beauty products (25% off at MAC, 20-40% off at Colourpop, Boxing Day items at Sephora) by telling myself that I didn’t need anything.

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November Low-Buy Part 2

I’m sorry for all the haulage posts lately; I had a huge influx of products in November, so I’m trying to get through all my haul posts right now. I promise this is the last one! This is Part 2 of my November Low-Buy, which includes miscellaneous drugstore buys from early November, in addition to some Black Friday items. You can read Part 1 here! Onto the haul:


NYX Micro Brow Pencil – $13.99

I almost ran out of my beloved ABH Brow Wiz at the beginning of November, and although I loved it, I thought it wasn’t worth the hefty price tag, so I went online to see if there were any good drugstore dupes. I found that this was a good alternative, and decided to give it a go. I have a comparison post of this product coming up hopefully by the end of the week.

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November Low-Buy Part 1 – Sephora VIB Sale

I’ve gotta be honest, I went a little ham on my purchases this month. In my own defense, a lot of my purchases were replacement items, so I don’t think I actually went over my low-buy budget, but I won’t know until I do all the math! I’ve split my low-buy into two parts as some of my purchases from Black Friday have not arrived yet. This post only consists of items I got during the Sephora VIB sale.

Although I posted my wish list a few weeks ago, I didn’t completely stick to it because I realized as I was shopping that I had forgotten to include on my list some replacement items and things I had been meaning to try. The Sephora sale was difficult for me because I made it a goal not to buy any eyeshadow palettes this year, I didn’t want to buy any lipsticks until I finished some in my stash (one-in-one-out), and Stashy challenged me not to buy any more highlighters this ear…so basically for me that translated to not being able to buy anything “fun” for the sale. Still, I managed to get a few exciting items that I’m looking forward to trying.



Laneige Hydration Trial Kit – Regular Price: $38, VIB Sale: $30.40

This Laneige trial kit was an item on my wish list – I bought it as I’m starting to run out of some of my skincare, and I’ve been itching to try Laneige for a while, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give the brand a go.

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July and August Low-Buy

I missed out on my July low-buy post since I was just getting back into the blogging game, so today’s post is a combined July and August post. July was actually a no-buy month for me, which I successfully stuck with. I hadn’t set a budget for August since I knew I was going on my honeymoon, and all bets are off in terms of makeup purchases when I’m on vacation!

I didn’t spend too much time shopping while we were in Europe because we were on our honeymoon and obviously the focus was just enjoying our time together, but I did drop by a few shops as I noticed them when we walked by. I also picked up a few things in town before and after the trip.

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April Haul and Low-Buy

Today’s post is a combined haul and low-buy post for the month of April. The big event this month, as you all already know, was the Sephora VIB sale. I started this month off knowing that there wasn’t anything I was particularly excited about buying at Sephora. I went into the store 4 separate times for inspiration, and each time I left feeling uninspired!



Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

This is a  constant in my Sephora VIB purchases for me – it’s my favourite liquid liner, and I always replenish my stash of these during the sales. I think this is my third (or fourth?!) one.

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November Low-Buy

Today I wanted to share with you my November haul and how I did on my low-buy. Spoiler alert: I failed miserably in my low-buy!

Sephora VIB Haul 



I only bought 5 things during the Sephora VIB sale, most of which were replenishments for things I’m running low on. In the last two years, I’ve become one of the people who shop at Sephora only during the bi-annual sales, and even then, I usually don’t go crazy. I went into more detail about my Sephora haul here.

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