Review: Juvia’s Place The Warrior Palette

Hello, my friends! I accidentally took an unplanned break from blogging in August – I had a few blog posts planned out and ready to go (this one being one of them), but never ended up posting them! I hope you all had a wonderful summer, even if it feels different from the summers we usually know.

Today’s post has been a LONG time coming – a review on the Warrior Palette from Juvia’s Place, which was kind of an impulse buy for me back in December of last year. I was in Houston at the end of 2019, and I tore through an Ulta in five minutes trying to find products that I can’t get my hands on in Canada. It’s hard to shop when you’re under pressure! Anyway, one of the brands I beelined to was Juvia’s Place, because it’s a brand that isn’t available back home. A lot of their palettes are more colourful and fun, which is not my vibe, so of course I had to pick the most neutral one there was.

After bringing it home, I never really used it extensively, because part of me regretted the purchase. Despite the fact that I am drawn to golds, they don’t always look flattering on me and sometimes they can be too bright for work. Only recently have I started using it more often because I felt bad that it was just sitting in my drawers collecting dust, and now I’m ready to review it!

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