5 Favourite Fall Nail Polishes

Hi everyone! It’s seriously been a hot minute since I’ve written a post. I have been super busy with my new role at work, and on top of that, I was away for a week and a half in Europe. I did have a few blog posts prepared for while I was on vacation, but I was so busy the few days leading up to the trip that I realized I was missing a few elements and couldn’t post them!

Anyways, now that fall has finally begun, today I wanted to share a post all about my favourite nail polishes for fall. Although fall is not my favourite season, I really love fall nail shades. The jewel tones and darker shades tend to work really well with my skin tone! I feel like I have a good mix of brands this time around as well. Read on for my picks!

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My Pastel Nail Polish Picks for Spring 2019

Hello, beauties! Today’s post is a list of my pastel nail polish picks for spring, which is an idea that came up in an Instagram challenge hosted by crystalsmakeup and rubiredlipstick, and I’ve just extended it to my blog. I’ve always loved pastel colours. This is the most random memory, but when I was a kid, we used to get these catalogues in the mail full of Easter/spring home decor, and I would spend hours poring over the pretty items with all the pastel colours, tulips, bunnies and Easter eggs, and ask my mom if we could buy stuff from the catalogues (the answer was always no). Despite loving pastels, I don’t own many pastel nail polishes, because they’re just not flattering on my skin tone. However, I’ve found some pretty good ones which I will be sharing in this post.

Before the Instagram challenge came up, I already had the idea to do a “My spring nail polishes picks for 2019” post. A few shades I had picked were not pastel, and I didn’t want to not mention them, so I’ve included them at the end of this post. Read on to see my spring polish picks!

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Review: Cirque Colors Thermal Polish – Colour-Changing Polish!

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is a review on the thermal nail polishes from the brand Cirque Colours. Last month, I mentioned on my Feel Good Friday post that I was curious as to whether these actually worked. Not long after, I ended up caving and buying one of the shades to try out.

I picked up the shade Terra from Harlow & Co., my favourite indie polish retailer. Originally, I had wanted Luna, which shifts from aqua to purple, but they were sold out of that shade, so I picked up Terra instead. Unfortunately, all of their thermal polishes are sold out on Harlow & Co at the moment, but is still available on the Cirque Colors website. The thermal polishes retail for $14.99 USD on the Cirque Colors website, or $15.99 CAD on Harlow & Co.

Cirque Colors Thermal Polish in Terra

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My First Experience with Nail Stamping

When it comes to doing my nails, I tend to prefer plain nails and have never really been into nail art. However, I always see people on Instagram with amazing designs on their nails, and I always admire how beautiful and precise they are! I first learned about nail stamping from Nova of Super Nova Beauty, and the whole concept seriously fascinated me! I mean, how do you transfer a design from a plate onto your nails? I also always thought that almost all nail art was done free-hand, so the idea of just being able to stamp it on seemed like such a unique ideas. Nova’s nails are always on point, and all of the videos I’ve seen of nail stamping made the process look so easy. After watching video after video of other people doing it, I was really curious about whether or not I could be successful at it myself. Read on to see what my first nail stamping experience was like!

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Review: ILNP Sweet Pea Nail Polish

As much as I love vampy shades in the winter, I’ve been getting tired of wearing dark nail colours and have been trying to incorporate pinks and neutrals into my nail routine. Today I wanted to share with you a recent favourite lately – ILNP’s Sweet Pea.

To give you some background on the company first, ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) is an indie polish brand from the US, and their nail polishes mainly consist of less common finishes such as holographic, chrome, and ultra metallic – I actually don’t think they have released any crème polishes! There are numerous ways for Canadians to get their hands on ILNP, but the most affordable places I know of are Nail Polish Canada and Harlow & Co. I purchased mine from Harlow & Co. for $14.99 each at 12mL a bottle, and shipping was free because my order was over $25. The ILNP official website is also an option, although the prices are shown in USD, standard shipping is $10.50 and is only free for Canadians if you spend over $100 ($50 for USA and $200 for international); most ILNP polishes are $10 USD on the official website, which means you would have to buy 10 polishes to receive free shipping.

The ILNP headquarters are located in Las Vegas, and the polishes themselves are made in the USA. All ILNP polishes are 3 Free, which means they don’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate, chemicals that are said to be harmful to the body. ILNP is also a cruelty-free company, which means they don’t test on animals or get their materials from suppliers who test on animals.

I’ve wanted to try this brand for a really long time ever since I saw it on Instagram. Holographic polishes are not impossible to find, but they’re rare amongst brands that can be readily found in stores, so I wasn’t opposed to turning to online shopping.

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Nail Polish Canada What’s Up Halloween Nail Vinyl Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share something awesome with you. Two weeks ago, Nail Polish Canada (NPC) contacted me about an opportunity to partner with them and share some free What’s Up Nails Halloween nail vinyls with readers of my blog. I wanted to give NPC a HUGE thank you! This is such a wonderful offer and I thought my readers would really enjoy the vinyls for Halloween. They were also nice enough to send me a set to try, so I wanted to share how they fared for me.

The Halloween vinyls are a graveyard design. This is what they’ll look like when they come to you:


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Review: What’s Up Nail Vinyls

Today’s post features nail vinyls from What’s Up Nails, which Nail Polish Canada (NPC) kindly sent to me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these out! First off, I have to acknowledge that this post is long overdue – specifically, 4 months overdue. The vinyls arrived at my house in May, while I was on my blogging break and wasn’t even painting my nails. For my wedding, I had gotten Shellac done on my nails, and wanted the Shellac to grow out naturally after the wedding. This meant I wasn’t able to test out the vinyls until the Shellac had completely grown out. By the time our honeymoon rolled around (two months after the wedding), the shellac STILL hadn’t grown out fully! I ended up getting fed up and removing them myself right before we left for the honeymoon (please don’t try this at home) because the regrowth bothered me so much. After returning from our trip, I FINALLY had a chance to sit down to use these. Regardless of why it took me so long to get this post up, I do have to apologize for not testing these out sooner.

Nail Polish Canada not only to let me pick out one set of vinyls, but 3! I chose the regular chevron design, the mermaid scales, and the X-pattern design, which retail for $5.95 each on the website. The mermaid scales and X-pattern vinyls come in 12 squares, while the regular chevron comes in 90 strips. Since this blog post was going to be my first time attempting to use the vinyls, I wasn’t sure how adept I would be at them. I decided to first try the one that looked the most simple to use for my first attempt, which was the regular chevron.

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Nail of the Week: Essie’s The It-Factor

Today’s post is on the nail polish I’ve been wearing for the past week. I was due for a nail polish post because I haven’t done one in a quite a while, and this is also a polish that’s new to my collection and will appear in my April low-buy post at the end of the month. Until now, I actually had left my nails bare for the past 3 weeks, which is SO unlike me! My nails had been peeling a lot, so I wanted to give them a break.

While I would usually wear a pastel shade on my nails over Easter, I was in Las Vegas over the weekend with a girlfriend, and I cannot help but want to have bright nails every time I’m in Vegas. I realized right before our trip that during my nail polish decluttering, I had thrown away the nail polish I had in mind because it had become all gloppy and I just didn’t love it anymore, so I actually ended up buying another nail polish. A trip is a perfect excuse to own a new nail polish, am I right?

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Nail of the Week: Sally Hansen Orchid Around

Today’s post is a focus on the nail polish I’ve been wearing for the last week. The previous week was absolutely brutal in terms of weather, but the weather this week has been positively spring-like! That, coupled with the fact that it was Valentine’s Day this week, made me want to sport a brighter, girlier colour than what I’ve been wearing for the past few months.

The polish I wore this week was the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail colour in the shade Orchid Around. I bought this polish back in November for $1.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.


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