Anti-Haul: Holiday Release Edition

Every fall, us beauty lovers eagerly look forward to all of the holiday releases being announced and deciding which items to put on our wish lists for the holiday sales and for Christmas. This year, I’ve noticed that there’s more I’m not interested in than ones that I am. Hence, today I’m talking about all of the holiday releases I don’t plan on buying. My list is not extensive – there are a whole lot more holiday products that I will not be buying, but I didn’t want my blog post to be a one-hour read. While I was researching, I realized all of the brands/collections I have listed have at least one eyeshadow palette in the collection, which may be why I don’t want any of these. I feel like I’m drowning in the eyeshadows I already own and don’t want any more!

Please don’t be offended if you want to buy (or already own) any of these products – I feel like these are really popular products right now, and they are popular for a reason!

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My 10 Sephora Spring Sale Recommendations

Hello, loves! On Tuesday, I shared a blog post all about the products on my wish list for the upcoming Sephora sale, and today I’m sharing my recommendations for you! I did a post of my recommendations last year, which you can check out here, but this time I have chosen completely different products! Read on to see what I recommend.



Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup – $50

I recently picked up another bottle of this recently when it was part of a Weekly Wow sale, and it reminded me how much I love the formula of this foundation. It has a thin, watery consistency that feels and looks so natural on the skin. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a light-coverage foundation! I have a review of this foundation from 2017 up here.

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Sephora Sale Wish List

Hello, everyone! I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the upcoming Sephora sale, especially as it came later than usual this year. Today I’m sharing what’s on my wishlist with you guys!

Here are the sale details:
VIB Rouge: 20% off from April 26th – May 6th
VIB: 15% off May 2nd – May 6th
BI: 10% off May 2nd – May 6th

I believe Sephora was originally planning on giving Rouge members a 15% discount, which enraged a lot of Rouge members. A lot of people said that Sephora had decreased the sale percentage, and that Rouge members should a bigger discount than VIBs. In Sephora’s defense, their spring sale has actually always been at 15% for Rouge members (their November sale is 20%) so they didn’t actually decrease the amount, but I do agree that Rouge members should be getting a higher discount. It only makes sense that the more you spend, the more perks you should get, and having the sale start a week earlier isn’t really a great perk. Luckily, Sephora listened to all the feedback, and changed the Rouge discount to 20%.

Usually when the sale rolls around, there’s nothing that I really want, but right now I have what feels like 747298 items in my cart and I’m hoping to take the majority out because nobody really needs to be spending their entire paycheque at Sephora. I’ve somehow used up a bunch of products at the same time, and I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not. On the bright side, I can take advantage of the sale to restock some products, but at the same time, I hate it when I have a huge outflow of money at once, especially when it comes to frivolous things like makeup! Plus, running out of “necessities” (ie skincare) means that I have less to spend on fun things (ie makeup!)

As usual, I’ve organized my list based on how likely I am to buy it during the sale.

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March Collective Haul | Pray for My Wallet

Hi, everyone! I haven’t really done a haul post in a long time, for a few different reasons. For one, I feel like they offer no value to the reader, and second, I tend to buy in small spurts – one or two items a month, and rarely large hauls, so it’s not very exciting. However, this month I spent way more than I was expecting, partially because I ran out of products and partially because…I have no self control. Read on to see all the goodies I acquired this year!

Close up of the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Contour Eye Cream

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist Intensie Eye Contour Cream – $73

I had been using the Drunk Elephant Shaba Eye Complex as my eye cream since January, and my under eye area was crying for someone to save them. They looked SO crepey every time I applied concealer underneath, and the Shaba Eye Complex just wasn’t hydrating enough for the dry, Canadian winter. I finally gave in and purchased my holy grail eye cream, the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream. At least I took advantage of the gift with purchase event that was going on at the time, and managed to get 6 samples and a makeup bag with this eye cream. My eye area has been so much happier with me since starting to use this again!

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Sephora VIB Haul

I had the opportunity to shop the Sephora VIB sale the last two weekends, and while I had intended on walking away with three or four items, I ended up going a little crazy during the Sephora sale. In my defense, other than the odd Weekly Wow sale item, I haven’t purchased any makeup from Sephora this year outside of the two other sales they’ve held! So naturally I had to make up for it during this current sale, haha.

I made three separate orders in the span of the first weekend of the sale, but did not buy anything on the second weekend – in fact, I made it a point to completely avoid the Sephora stores and website because I spent WAY too much money on the first weekend. Read on to see what made it into my cart!

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Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Wish List

It is that time of the year again where the largely anticipated Sephora Sale rolls around. I thought I would be writing this blog post closer to mid-November rather than now, but it looks like Sephora decided to roll their sale out early for Rouge this year. This works perfectly fine for me, since I was worried that the sale was going to be on while we were on vacation mid-November (#priorities).

For those of you who are Rouge members, the 20% off sale is online (code: ROUGEBONUS) and in stores from October 26-29th, and again on November 2nd-5th. The sale goes from November 9-12 for VIB members, who get a 20% discount in stores and online using the code VIBBONUS. For BIs, the sale is 15% off from November 16-19th in stores and online using the code BIBONUS.

Every time the sale rolls around, I always share my wish list. One thing I’m going to try really hard to stay away from this time is eyeshadow palettes. I bought 3 palettes in Japan (they’re all quads, but still), and I haven’t broken any of them out yet, not to mention I still have a lot of eyeshadows at home that I don’t touch often. As much as I want to, I can’t justify buying any more eyeshadows! I did do a big haul in Japan, but I haven’t bought much makeup at home in the last few months, so I feel a little deprived right now. I’m going to try to not go crazy but we’ll see how that goes! 😂

I’ve organized my wish list by things I’ll definitely get (100% purchase), I might purchase (50% purchase) and products that will most likely stay on my wishlist. Without further ado, these are the products I have my eye on!

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The Makeup Wishlist Tag

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a tag on all the goodies currently on my beauty wish list. I took this tag from Nova of Super Nova Beauty and Cleia of Always Cleia, who shared their wishlist a few weeks back – please check out their posts as well!


1. What is the very next makeup item you’re planning on buying?

I’m going on a no-buy in October because I’ve spent too much money, and because November will be heavy on purchases. I won’t be buying anything until the November VIB sale, so I don’t have any firm plans yet. I always have products on my list that I say I will buy next, but then I end up keeping it on my wish list for years. I will very likely buy another Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick. I purchased the shade Chutney in August and fell in love with the formula, so I would like to own a few more shades in this range. I also really want to try the Laneige Kiss and Make Up set which comes with all the limited edition scents! I’ve been wanting to try them since they announced they were coming out with the limited edition scents; however, I don’t need 4 lip masks so that’s something to think about. Otherwise, the Laura Mercier Shadows & Brights Metallic Cavier Stick set is also high on my list.

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