Hair Tutorial: How I Make Messy Beach Waves

Hello, my beauties! Today’s post is all about how I make my undone beachy waves. I actually curl my hair this way all year round, BUT I tend to do it more often in the summer. This style only takes me about 8 minutes to do, but it’s always so dark and cold out in the winter that I can’t bear to get out of bed even 8 minutes earlier to curl my hair! Either way, I love this relaxed way of wearing my curls, which makes my hair look polished in an effortless way.

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My Summer Makeup Picks

In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my favourite makeup picks for the summer. I didn’t include skincare in this post because my skincare routine doesn’t change too significantly between seasons, but I did include some body care and hair care. I mentioned on Instagram a week or two ago that I’m all about fuchsia in the summer, so you’ll be seeing a lot of this particular shade in this post! Also, the good thing about including so many products in this shade is that I’ll use the word ‘fuchsia’ so many times in this post that by the end of the post, I’ll hopefully know how to properly spell the word without having to spell-check it 🤣

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