Review: Farmacy Green Clean Meltaway Cleansing Balm

Today I wanted to share a review of the Farmacy Green Clean Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy (which will be shortened to “Green Clean” in this post), which I bought during the Sephora VIB sale last month. I thought about waiting a little longer to do a review of this, since I feel like it takes a few months to see the benefits of skincare, but I decided that cleansers are a little different than products such as serums and moisturizers, because you can usually see how well a makeup remover performs within a week or two of using it.



The Farmacy Green Clean Meltaway Cleansing Balm is a solid cleanser that can be used for removing makeup. It retails at $44 CAD for 90 mL, and is made in Korea. This product is cruelty-free, and can be purchased at Sephora, Cult Beauty, QVC, Beautylish, and the official Farmacy website.

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Review: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Today’s post is a review of the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. I don’t do skincare reviews often, mostly because the majority of the skincare products I use don’t have a dramatic enough effect on my skin to warrant a review. However, this mask costs $77! It’s an expensive product, so I wanted to do a review for people who might be interested in this product and are wondering if it actually works.

I purchased this mask in November as part of the VIB sale, and I thought that after 4 months of regular use, I have tried it long enough to give it a thorough review. As a reference, I have a dry skin type with a little bit of hyperpigmentation, and some random bumps here and there that aren’t breakouts or acne.

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8 Beauty Products I Love That No One Talks About

Hello again! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, regardless of how you spent it! I wanted to continue with my Valentine’s Day theme and share with you 8 products that I absolutely love, but that I never hear anyone talk about. Is this topic a bit of a stretch for Valentine’s Day? Maybe. But just roll with it, please? A lot of products are hyped up, some for good reason. For me, I feel like these items don’t get the hype they deserve!




Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick

Everyone talks about the MAC lipsticks, Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks, and the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks…but no one talks about the Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks! The formula of these are so stellar – pigmented and creamy, but so lightweight with a bit of shine shine. It feels like you’re wearing a lip balm, only with the coverage of a lipstick. I only own one of these in a full size and a bunch of deluxe samples from GWPs I’ve received over the years, but they all perform beautifully.

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July-December Empties

Today, I’m sharing with you all of the products I finished up in the last half of the year. I honestly thought I had finished a ton of products in the last six months, but when I went into my Empties bag and actually counted, it was not a lot at all! I did come to the realization that I throw away a lot of products out of habit instead of remembering to keep them, particularly sheet mask packages and samples, but at the end of the day those would probably only account for an additional 10 items to my empties.

As usual, it took me 6 months to use the amount of products that someone normally uses in half a month, but I still wanted to quickly share what I thought of these products.



Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter

This body butter is AMAZING. I love the coconut scent, I love the whipped texture, I love how moisturizing it is – I basically love everything about this. I would probably buy this over and over again if it wasn’t so expensive ($51 for 226 g). Some people only use this for the winter because it’s too thick for the summer, but I love it for all year round.

Repurchase: Yes

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Skincare Routine for Dry, Uneven Skin

Recently, my skin has been losing its mind – severe dry patches with lots of textured bumps in the cheek area around my nose. I spent about two weeks trying to get it back to normal, and it’s finally in a place where I’m happy with my skin again. While trying to calm my skin problems, I relied on three products to help it recover, and today I wanted to share them with you. They are all Origins products, which until the end of last year had never really been a brand I had ever gravitated towards. A few years ago, I tried their A Perfect World moisturizer, and it didn’t particularly impress me. However, these three products below have really done wonders for my skin every time it encounters some issues, especially when used in combination. Without further ado, these are the products:

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May & June Low-Buy

After a two-month hiatus, I’m back, kind of. The wedding has come and gone, so we are no longer doing wedding-related tasks every moment of our waking day that is not spent at work. Hooray! However, I’m still going through some personal things and my life feels a little off-kilter right now , but I’m going to try dip my toes back into blogging. It might mean two posts a month, it might mean one a week, or maybe I’ll be able to post twice a week – regardless, I’m just looking forward to getting back into it again.

My first post back is my May and June low-buy. I skipped my May post since I was on a break, so today is going to be a combined May and June low-buy post. May was a no-buy month for me, and I actually did stick to my no-buy. Pat on the back for me! However, I thought I had pretty much lost my mojo in June because I felt like I kept spending with no regard to my low-buy budget – I didn’t even know what my budget was. I don’t know what had gotten into me in June – I blame the fact that it was a stressful month for me, okay? 😛

Here are all the items I bought in June:

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Review: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Today’s post is a review of the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, one of the brand’s best-selling skincare products. I’ve been using this moisturizer every single day since I bought it during Black Friday last year. It’s been a few months of testing it out, so I’m finally ready to give it a review!

I bought this face cream at a Kiehl’s store, but Canadians can also get their hands on this brand at The Bay, Nordstrom. It comes in a tub form, so this might be a negative for those that see tubs as being unsanitary. I bought the 125 mL tub of the cream, which is the larger version that retails at $62. Kiehl’s also offers a 50mL tub for $36. It’s going to take me forever to use up! The Ultra Facial Cream is made in the USA.

To give some background on my skin type for comparative reasons, I have normal to dry skin, with some episodes of very dry skin. My main skin issues are having dry, red flaky spots, particularly on my cheek area. As a side note, the SA helping me said that Kiehl’s also offers a Ultra Facial Moisturizer, which is a much thicker version than this cream. I had originally meant to buy that one instead, but I was advised to try the cream first because the Ultra Facial Moisturizer is so thick and not really right for everyone.

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