Nail of the Week: Essie’s The It-Factor

Today’s post is on the nail polish I’ve been wearing for the past week. I was due for a nail polish post because I haven’t done one in a quite a while, and this is also a polish that’s new to my collection and will appear in my April low-buy post at the end of the month. Until now, I actually had left my nails bare for the past 3 weeks, which is SO unlike me! My nails had been peeling a lot, so I wanted to give them a break.

While I would usually wear a pastel shade on my nails over Easter, I was in Las Vegas over the weekend with a girlfriend, and I cannot help but want to have bright nails every time I’m in Vegas. I realized right before our trip that during my nail polish decluttering, I had thrown away the nail polish I had in mind because it had become all gloppy and I just didn’t love it anymore, so I actually ended up buying another nail polish. A trip is a perfect excuse to own a new nail polish, am I right?

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Makeup I Packed on My Long Weekend Trip

Back in January, a girlfriend of mine (also my MOH) surprised me with a trip to Vegas that she had booked for us over the Easter long weekend, complete with an itinerary that she had already thoroughly planned – is she not the absolute sweetest?? The main objective of the trip? To see the Backstreet Boys in concert! I finally got to fulfill my childhood dream of seeing them, and it was even more epic than I could have imagined.

Anyways, now that I’m back, I wanted to share what makeup and skincare I brought with me on our short trip. As far as travelling goes, I tend to bring products I know I can rely on. I hate the idea of having to deal with faulty products or products that give me an adverse reaction while I’m on vacation.

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Review: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Today’s post is a review of the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, one of the brand’s best-selling skincare products. I’ve been using this moisturizer every single day since I bought it during Black Friday last year. It’s been a few months of testing it out, so I’m finally ready to give it a review!

I bought this face cream at a Kiehl’s store, but Canadians can also get their hands on this brand at The Bay, Nordstrom. It comes in a tub form, so this might be a negative for those that see tubs as being unsanitary. I bought the 125 mL tub of the cream, which is the larger version that retails at $62. Kiehl’s also offers a 50mL tub for $36. It’s going to take me forever to use up! The Ultra Facial Cream is made in the USA.

To give some background on my skin type for comparative reasons, I have normal to dry skin, with some episodes of very dry skin. My main skin issues are having dry, red flaky spots, particularly on my cheek area. As a side note, the SA helping me said that Kiehl’s also offers a Ultra Facial Moisturizer, which is a much thicker version than this cream. I had originally meant to buy that one instead, but I was advised to try the cream first because the Ultra Facial Moisturizer is so thick and not really right for everyone.

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Review: Makeup Geek Highlighters

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is a review on a few highlighters from Makeup Geek. My fiance bought four of them for me for Valentine’s Day, which means I’ve been using them for a month now, and I’m ready to give them a full review!

Before I go into each individual shade, I wanted to go over the brand’s highlighter line in general.

A single highlighter from Makeup Geek costs $20 for 0.25 oz of product, but they also have set bundles of 3 highlighters for $48, or $16 per highlighter. There are four different bundles aimed for four different skintones: Porcelain, Fair, Medium, and Deep. The brand currently has 13 highlighters in its collection, six of which are duochromes, as well as a highlighter palette which is in collaboration with Kathleen Lights. All of the highlighters are permanently available, with the exception of the Kathleen Lights palette.

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Review: Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

First of all, can I point your attention to my shiny new logo, which the lovely Stashy has created for me? She saw that I’ve been too lazy to make my own since starting my blog a year and a half ago, so she took matters into her own hands and was wonderful enough to make me not one, but 8 logos for me to choose from! I loved all of them but I ended up picking this one – I love the watercolour floral design! HUGE thank you to Stashy for being a good friend and picking up my slack!

Today’s post is a review on a mascara I’ve been using for the last three weeks, which is the Maybelline Push Up Drama mascara. This mascara was released in October of 2015, which was surprising to me because I thought this was a somewhat new mascara that came out late 2016! Shows how behind the times I am when it comes to mascaras. Back in January, there was a sale on all Maybelline mascaras at Superstore, so I decided to give this one a try. This was on sale for $5.99 when I purchased it.


I’ve generally had good luck with Maybelline mascaras – actually, one of my all-time favourites was the Maybelline One By One mascara, which they’ve long discontinued. I’ve tried a good number of Maybelline mascaras since, but haven’t tried anything new from them for about the two years. I was super intrigued by this one! Who doesn’t want their lashes pushed up?!

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My Summer Wedding Scent

Today’s post is a combination between a wedding and beauty post. I wanted to do a review and share with you the perfume I’ve chosen to wear for my wedding in June! I’m not the type of gal who has a ‘signature scent’, so I didn’t have a go-to fragrance that I immediately thought of wearing for the day.

I bought Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey cologne at a Nordstrom during a trip to San Diego with my fiancé in 2013, back before we had a Nordstrom in the city. I’ve been wearing this perfume for special events (parties, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc.) ever since. It’s a scent I save for “happy moments”, and I was wearing it when we got engaged in Hawaii, so I thought it would be fitting to wear this fragrance on our wedding day.

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February No-Buy

Today’s post is on how I fared for my February no-buy. I was good this month and actually didn’t buy anything, although there were moments when I seriously considered breaking my no-buy, which I’ll talk more about below! I thought it would be really, really hard to get through a no-buy month, but we’ve had a lot going on this month and my mind wasn’t even really thinking about makeup at all.

The only makeup items I acquired in February were gifts from my fiancé for Valentine’s Day. We usually don’t buy gifts for one another for Valentine’s Day, but since we didn’t really buy anything for each other for our anniversary OR Christmas this year (trying to save money for the wedding), we decided to give each other a wish list for Valentine’s Day, and this is what he picked for me.

He gifted me four Makeup Geek highlighters, which I’ve been dying to try! He said the reason why he picked these out of all the things on my wish list was because they were having a sale at the time he was checking out their website – LOL!

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