Holiday Gift Guide – Affordable Beauty Edition

Hello, everyone! Today is the second installment of my holiday gift guide, where I’m sharing my picks for affordable beauty products. These are all products that I love myself, and best of all, they’re all under $30 CAD! I think these would be particularly good as stocking stuffers or gift exchanges where you might have a budget to work with!

Becca Drenched in Glow Set.jpg

Becca Drenched in Glow Mini Face Set – $30 CAD

This Becca set only retails for $18, and is new to Sephora. What a perfect way to try a well-rounded sample of Becca’s most popular products, which includes minis of a Glow Gloss, a Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter, and their First Light Priming Filter. For some reason, I can no long find this on the Sephora website (maybe it sold out?) but this Jet, Set, Glow set is a good choice as well. Although at $30 it is pricier, it has both of Becca’s bestselling primers as well as their Eye Brightening Corrector, which I also love.

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Asia Travel Diaries: Taiwan

Hello, everyone! You may or may not know that I spent two weeks in Asia last month. We spent about a week in Taiwan, and a week in Hong Kong. My parents are from Hong Kong and it wasn’t my first time visiting the city, but it was my first time in Taiwan. Today’s post is specifically about our time in Taiwan. We were there for about 6 fulls days and we stayed in Taipei, which is the capital city. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t know much about Taiwan. There’s definitely a lot of controversy in terms of the political status of Taiwan and whether or not they should belong to China – I can’t pretend to be an expert on the matter, but I do know that the Taiwanese people are very passionate about this topic. As a tourist, I do think Taiwan is very uniquely Taiwan, and nothing at all like the cities I’ve been to in China, nor like Hong Kong!


The hotel we stayed in was called Just Sleep Ximending, and we loved this hotel. Not only was it clean and comfortable, but we liked the layout of the bathrooms, which had the toilet, sink, and showers separated so that my husband could use one while I could use the other. It was also a super convenient location: a five-minute walk to Ximen Station and about a 10 minute walk to Taipei Main Station, which is a major hub station. In terms of entertainment, it was a five minute walk to Ximen Night Market, which is a bustling attraction in Taipei.

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Holiday Gift Guide – Non-Beauty Edition

Hi everyone! As we’re nearing Christmas, I wanted to share with you a few gift guides. To start this series off, today I have a list for the non-beauty lovers in your life! Admittedly, this is where I’m weakest in gift-giving because I obviously am more knowledgeable about beauty. However, very few of the people in my life are beauty lovers, so I have to open my mind to the many other great gifts out there! I’ve included some specific items, as well as gifts with a large price range to fit everyone’s budgets.



Who doesn’t love a snuggle up with a good book, especially in the dead of winter? This one might be tough because not everyone has the same taste in books, but if you’re thinking of gifting a book, you probably already know what the recipient likes to read. A few of my favourites in the last few years: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, The Nightingale  by Kristin Hannah, and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I haven’t read it yet, but Becoming by Michelle Obama might be a good gift too; who doesn’t want to read a book written by this incredible and inspirational woman?

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Skincare Must-Haves for the Winter

Hello, everyone! This week has been crazy – I forgot to post this blog post on Tuesday AND Wednesday, and almost forgot today too. It’s been a struggle!

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I have dry skin all year round, but the dryness gets particularly bad in the winter. I feel like I’ve finally gotten it under control in the last two years, so today I wanted to share some skincare categories that are necessities in my winter skincare routine. In particular, I want to show you some specific products that I love. Read on for my winter skincare suggestions!

Herbivore Pink Cloud


This one is a given! You really need a good moisturizer to keep your skin looking soft and supple all year round, but it’s especially important during the winter. I’ve been loving the Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme since the spring and summer, but I tend to switch to a heavier moisturizer in the winter. However, I’ve found that this has been working just fine in the winter so far; I’m not sure if it’s because it hasn’t been too dry and cold this winter, or if this is really good for all year round – but I’ll take it!

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Review: Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing a review of the Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Palette, which I’ve had since last year. This palette wasn’t really something that was on my radar; if anything, I was more interested in the Tarte Pro to Go palette, which is a more compact palette with two highlighters and a contour shade that would have been great for travelling. I would not have purchased this face palette at all if it hadn’t been on sale, so you could say this is something that a sale sucked me into buying. Last year, I noticed that this was half off during one of Sephora’s Weekly Wow sales (and I think it went on sale again around July-August of this year). I figured that at 50% off, I could justify buying it.

I used this palette on and off this year – for the first half of 2018, I was trying to pan a Becca highlighter and a NYX contour so I didn’t get much use out of this face palette, but I’ve been spending more time using it in the last few months, so I can finally do a review of it.

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Beauty Products I Purchased Because of Other Bloggers

Like most beauty lovers, I like to stay on top of beauty releases and new products. There are different factors that come into play when I choose which beauty products I’m interested in buying. A lot of the time, I buy ones that sound interesting when I first hear about them in press releases. Others I buy because of YouTube reviews, and some are recommendations from friends. However, there have been a lot of purchases over the years that have arisen because I see my beauty blogger friends raving about them. Today’s post is on the latter: stuff I’ve bought because of other bloggers!

Delectable Hand Cream

Delectable Hand Cream

When I first saw these hand creams at the grocery store, I thought the brand was a rip-off of the Canadian brand Cake, which were slowly disappearing from shelves. After reading many other bloggers raving about this product, like Nicole from Pretty Ruff Life, I found out that the Delectable line is made by Cake! I finally got my hands on some of the hand creams last Christmas, and the good reviews are so justified. They’re creamy and moisturizing without feeling sticky or heavy on your hands!

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Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my review of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked palette. I usually try to use products for about a month before writing a review on them, but since this palette is limited edition, plus with the final weekend of the Sephora sale coming up, I wanted to get my review up sooner rather than later!

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette is the brand’s 2018 version of the Ambient Lighting Edit palettes. Hourglass has previously released four versions of the Ambient Lighting Edit palette during the holidays for the last few years, and everyone always goes crazy for them. I’ve passed on every one of them, even though I wanted them all. However, something in me snapped this year, and I finally decided to take the plunge on the new Ambient Lighting Unlocked palette. I already own the original three-pan Ambient Lighting Palette which I love, but have never tried any of the brand’s bronzers, blushes, or highlighters, so this was a really good way to try them.

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