Review: Teeez Cosmetics Products

While I was on vacation in Toronto, I visited the Hudson’s Bay in the Eaton Centre and found my way to the Teeez counter. The counter is located in The Bay’s Beauty Underground section, which features many indie or hard-to-find brands. The SA who was helping me at the counter was really great, and gave me a solid background on the company. Teeez is a brand from the Netherlands, where a large majority of their colour makeup is a part of limited edition collections with limited edition packaging. They launch a new collection every season, and once the collection is gone, you will never get the same shade or the same packaging again. The idea of that makes me panic and want to buy everything before they’re gone!

I found the packaging of this brand to be a little edgy with all the colourful abstract graphics. At the time I was at the counter, the Sugar Rush collection was out. All of the packaging for this collection was mirrored, so it was difficult to take pictures of the exterior of the compacts without catching myself in the reflection!



2016-06-04 04.15.56 1a.jpg

Even though I had the urge to get everything I could get my hands on, I had to control myself, and only ended up walking away with two things. The first item I bought was from the Sugar Rush collection, and it was the Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow in Smokey Rose, which cost $24 CAD for 2g of product. Almost all of the eyeshadows in this collection were duochromes, and let me tell you – I am a complete sucker for duochromes! A lot of them were crazy colours I would never wear (blues and greens), which was fortunate otherwise I would’ve walked away with all of the shadows from the collection. Smokey Rose was the one that caught my eye first – it’s a taupe with pink shift. I’ve honestly never seen a shade like this before!

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging of this particular product, which is both awesome and absolutely excessive at the same time. The eye shadow is housed in a gold sphere, similar to the shape EOS lip balms. It’s awesome packaging, but it’s also rather excessive for one eye shadow! I wish I could have taken a picture of the shadow with the lid, but the reflectiveness stopped me from doing so!

2016-06-04 04.28.36 1a.jpg

The quality of the eyeshadow is awesome – so buttery and smooth. I find that with some duochrome shadows, the duochrome doesn’t show up well on the eyes, but the shift in this shade is very apparent, even on the lids. Just look at how it’s taupe on the bottom of the swatch, but pink at the top! Just dreamy. This lasted 8 hours on me before the duochrome started becoming less noticeable, but the shadow still lasted on my lids for a full 12 hours.


Processed with VSCO


I also bought a Be Blushious blush, which is part of their permanent range at the price of $26 CAD for 3.5g of product. I had my eye on about 4 of the, but I ended up picking Very Rouge, a bright red-based coral with a sheen. I own a lot of corals, but most of them are softer and lean more towards pink compared to this one. This is one of the most pigmented blushes I’ve ever used. The first time I tried it on my face, I had to wipe some of it off because I put much more onto my blush brush than I needed. I was worried it that the sheen would be too shimmery for my taste, but it gives the cheeks more of a glow, rather than adding glitter particles on the skin. When I use this blush, I don’t use highlighter – I personally feel that pairing a highlighter with this would be overkill. This lasted about 8 hours on me as well before it started to fade.

2016-06-04 04.44.42 1a.jpg

All of the makeup products are touted to have ingredients that are good for your skin. For example, the blushes contain soya oil and vitamin E, and the eye shadows have argan oil. I was extremely interested in many of the items this brand had to offer, and was afraid that I would regret not purchasing more products. A lot of the lip products looked especially awesome, but I was at the counter 15 minutes before closing and didn’t have time to try on the lipsticks, so I didn’t purchase any. The moment I realized that The Bay in Calgary carries Teeez was the moment I realized my low-buy is doomed to failure. Excuse me while I go get more Spectrum of Stars eye shadows!

What is your favourite lesser-known brand?

14 thoughts on “Review: Teeez Cosmetics Products

  1. Aren’t the SAs at Teeez so great? I really enjoyed chatting with them and learning about the company!
    I too, am a duochrome sucker / slave. I just can’t get enough. And Smokey Rose is my current obsession! It looks like I have 3 shades on my lids when I just have ONE! Haha, trickery! (but yes, so true if they offered more neutrals, I’d own them ALL) Isn’t it awesome the duochromey-ness of this one shows up without the help of a base? I find some of MAC’s duochromes appear flat unless I help them along with a dark cream base.
    Ok, now you got me salivating at the blush, and I think I need to take a walk in the general direction of The Bay Underground sometime in the (very) near future. ahem. 😛
    Hmm not sure if this qualifies as a lesser known brand, but what about Vasanti? Have you tried anything from them? I love that they’re Canadian.

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    • I went in 15 minutes before closing and I thought she would try to rush me so she could close up shop, but she was super helpful!
      Ahem, yes, I’m still waiting for your blog post all about duochromes 😉 Haha, I kid. Smokey Rose is perfection. You bought Vanilla Sunbeam too, right? How do you like that one? Agreed with you about some of MAC’s duochromes – usually they need some help from primers/bases.
      Umm, yes you do need to go visit the Bay soon. I also wanted all of their blushes.
      I’ve seen Vasanti at Shoppers, but have never tried! What are your favourite products from the brand?

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      • From Vasanti, I like their tinted lip stick, liquid cover up (like a tinted moisturizer / conceal all in one) and eye shadows. On the non-makeup side, I love their Brighten Up exfoliator – that is hands down my favourite face scrub.

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      • And yes, I did also get Vanilla Sunbeam as well, the duochrome on that one isn’t as strong (shifts from cream to peach) but I haven’t played around with it a tone, I think it’ll be pretty over a darker base.

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