Feel-Good Friday

I’ve decided to rename my Friday Reflections posts to Feel-Good Friday, since I usually use these posts to talk about discoveries that I love, or things that make me feel good, so to speak. Now that it’s officially December and all of the malls and office buildings have their Christmas decorations up, I feel completely justified in going crazy for all things Christmas. I’ve been waiting for this since the beginning of November!

I’ve started watching This is Us on Netflix a few weeks ago, and I have fallen in LOVE with the show. I went into it completely blind, hearing rave reviews about it but not knowing what it was about at all. It has so much heart and is so touching and heartbreaking all at once, and I feel like I’ve missed having a show like this in my life since I’ve been watching darker stuff lately. I usually watch TV at my desk while I’m writing up blog posts or working on calligraphy stuff, and my husband is sitting at his desk behind me playing video games. He’s admitted to me that he hasn’t been able to concentrate on his games because he’s been sucked in to This Is Us! This coming from the guy who is usually into shows with car chases, explosions, and/or cliffhangers – basically the opposite of this show – so you know it’s good!


We did our Christmas gift exchange at work last week (since a lot of people will be away in December). I went shopping with a coworker to find our gifts, and he bought this colour-changing mug from David’s Tea as his gift. I thought it was so cute that I went to buy it for myself this weekend. The little fox changes colours when you pour a hot beverage into it! It comes with an infuser, which is great because I’m the only one that drinks tea in our household, and I usually find it too much to brew a whole pot for myself. A single mug of tea is the perfect amount!


I recently went to Bath and Body Works to purchase some hand soaps, and they have these new soaps with packaging and scents that are highly man-approved. We recently opened the garden sage and mint scent in our master bathroom and the Focus Aromatherapy scent in the guest bathroom, and the husband is loving the modern design on the front and the slightly masculine but fresh scents. They’re a departure from my usual fruity soaps, but I’m really loving them too!

I’ve been into high-waisted compression leggings for working out lately; they’re so comfortable to wear and they suck everything in! I want these Lululemon ones but I don’t even spend $118 on regular pants, let alone on pants I wear to the gym. I found a bunch of really cute Old Navy workout leggings like this one, which are really good but much, much cheaper. I also love the sheer panels on this one, although it’s only mid-waisted.


The Coastal Christmas collection at Michael’s is giving me serious life. My favourite holiday & my lifelong obsession with the beach? Yes, please. I have finally convinced my husband (it took two years of convincing) to go for a subtle coastal theme in our home, so I’ve bought a few things from this collection for the holidays. Can’t wait to look for more beach themed things for our house in the spring and summer for year-round!

In my last Feel Good Friday post, I was looking for a ghost chair, and I finally found one at Structube – for $49, which you really can’t beat! However, Stashy warned me that they’re uncomfortable for long periods of time and Nicole from Pretty Ruff Life said they’re slippery to sit in; luckily, this chair caught my eye instead. It only costs $10 more than the ghost chair, and I love how different the back is! It hasn’t come in yet, but I’m so excited to see what it will look like at my desk.


A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law told us about a co-op video game called Overcooked. We downloaded the game, and now we and our group of friends are all obsessed. The premise: you and your friends work in a kitchen and must prepare food orders by working as a team; for example, chopping, cooking, and assembling a burger or fish and chips together. As you progress in the levels, there are roadblocks that make it harder and harder to cook (cooking in the dark, a kitchen that shifts around, etc). Chaos ensues – watch this gameplay video to get an idea of the game! It always ends up with us yelling and swearing at each other like the players do in the video, but it’s so addictive. I just wish more than 4 of us could play at a time, because more often there are 5-8 of us.

Credit: Featured Image from Ivory Mix

11 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. My friend watches “This Is Us” and she’s been pestering me to watch it. I’m not much into dramas like that… seems soap opera-y? But that’s cute your hubby got roped into it too!

    I’ve been wanting one of those colour changing mug for a while but I already have 5 David’s Tea mugs on my desk… 😛

    Have you looked at the leggings at Hyba? I’ve heard they’re good and I own a couple of leggings from Reitman’s which owns Hyba, and I really like the leggings from Reitmans.

    Ooh I like the new chair you decided on! So unique looking! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm, it’s a *little* soap-opera ish, but not quite as serious as a soap! I would agree with your friend on pestering to watch it too!

      David’s Tea mugs are so cute! When I was in the store I couldn’t decide if I should just get the one…or all of them XD

      I haven’t looked at Hyba leggings yet! Every time I go into Reitman’s, the Hyba line has always caught my eye but I’ve never actually gone to try them on. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out next time I’m there!

      Hehe, thank you! I hope it looks okay with the desk.


  2. I loooove This is Us! I’m still on season one so I still have a lot of episodes to go! Hopefully I can finish it soon. I love the style of the show. I find it so unique! I remember seeing the trailer before the show came out and I actually thought it was a movie trailer because it reminded me more of a movie than a tv show. I’m so glad I watched it because it’s so heartwarming!

    It’s funny you got that David’s Tea mug because I saw it in store the other day and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My mom knows someone with a discount and picked it up for me for Christmas! I’m beyond excited for it! I love the design so much and the fact that it has a lid!! My tea always goes cold before I can finish it so that’s a nice touch for me haha.

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    • I’m still on season 1 too! I actually took a break from the show last week because I was afraid to keep watching – I don’t want William to die 😦 lol

      Aww, we’re mug buddies now! You’re so right about it being extra cool that it comes with a lid – my drinks always get cold before I can finish too, so the lid will be awesome for that!


      • I think I’m a little further along than you are! I took a break also because I was originally watching as the show aired on TV and I’d watch the episode online the next day but I always end up falling behind. But now that it’s on Netflix, I can finish up and binge watch as soon as I’m done a different show!!

        I heat up my tea at least 3 times per mug lol. I’m so excited about this mug! Funny how something so simple can excite me so much! 😂

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  3. YES we got sucked into This is Us too and I LOVE it – it’s so freaking good even though I end up with tears in my eyes (or more!) after every episode.

    That mug from David’s Tea is so cute! I have one of their Nordic Mugs from last year and I love it, aside from the fact that it’s not dishwasher or microwave-friendly (think it’s the gold paint).

    Okay that chair you picked out is super cool – what colour did you get it in?

    Um that Overcooked Game sounds addicting – definitely going to check that out. I need another time-waster in my life (not really!). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • RIGHT? That show just has so much heart – one of the best shows I’ve watched in years!

      David’s Tea mugs are just so adorable! Ugh, it KILLS me that mugs with gold paint can’t be put in the microwave or dishwasher – I didn’t even realize this was the case until recently.

      I got the chair in white! Structube is so ridiculously affordable, but their stuff is so cute.

      Overcooked really is addicting! Our friends are like, “okay, one more round and then we need to call it a night”, and then two hours later we’re still playing it…


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