Review: Sydney Grace Mystery Bag Items

Hello, my friends! This post was supposed to go up two weeks ago, but things in my life have honestly been so crazy, or more accurately, I’ve lacked the ability to properly plan for my blog these last two months while my life has been busy. Today is part 2 of my review of the Sydney Grace products I picked up in July, which are the items included in the mystery bag they included in my order. See here for Part 1 of my review, which includes the things that I picked, as well as my haul post where I talk about the ordering and shipping process from this US indie brand to Canada.


I took a chance on a mystery bag, which was one of the deals available during the sale. If you spent over $50, you could choose a mystery bag. There were three choices for colour family: warm-toned, cool-toned, or brights, and two options for either light or deep skin.

I chose the warm-toned bag for light-medium skin. To me, warm tones could mean shades such as golds, bronzes, and coppers, but I feel like a lot of palettes these days that are classified as warm-toned tend to focus on a lot of orange and red shades. I don’t wear these colours often, so I was a little worried that the mystery would focus heavily on these types of shades. However, I signed up for a mystery bag knowing that I could get anything, so I was fine with this.

Sydney Grace mystery bag contents

The mystery bag comes up with an actual makeup bag. It’s white with the name Sydney Grace emblazoned on the front in gold – it’s a super cute bag. I often find makeup bags to be awkward, either too small or two big, too flat or two wide. This one is the perfect size. I traveled with it to Europe last month, and now I’m using it as my gym makeup bag.

Sydney Grace mystery bag

Customers knew ahead of time that the bag would include 8 items, and the brand chose to include new shades in 75% of the bag, which I think is lovely. You get all-new shades in your bag instead of accidentally getting another shade of something you already own. They also stated that they would include a variety of products, including 4 pressed shadows, in addition to a random mix of blush, highlighter, and loose glitters/pigments. I ended up receiving 4 pressed shadows, 1 cream shadow, one pressed blush, and two loose pigments.


The bag included 4 pressed shadows that are limited edition to the bag.



Burning: Warm matte cream shade. This is kind of a funny shade. It’s too dark to be used to set my primer, but it doesn’t show up on me as a transition shade.

Fire: This shade is…seriously fire (pun intended). This red brick matte is a shade I never knew I needed! I usually use this to deepen up the crease, but for people who like red-orange looks, I think this would look gorgeous all over the lid.

Blaze: If I have to be honest, I was hoping I wouldn’t get a shade like Blaze, but I knew there was a big chance because this is the type of shade people think of when you say “warm eyeshadow”. I already own a few of the same colour in several of my ColourPop palettes, and I don’t reach for them often. This shade in particular has apparent glitters in it, making it quite flaky in texture.

Spark: This is a matte red-toned brown. This shade is quite similar to Beyond, but slightly more red-toned (it’s like if Lords a Leaping and Beyond had a baby, actually). Had I known that I was going to get this shade in my mystery bag, I probably would have not purchased Beyond and Lords a Leaping.

Sydney Grace eyeshadow swatches

The mystery bag pressed shadows are just as high quality as the ones I picked out on my own. They are soft in texture, intensely pigmented, and have beautiful colour payoff. Although, I have to admit something. I think when a lot of people think of “warm eyeshadows”, they think of these types of shades, and I was actually hoping that I wouldn’t get these types of warm tones in the bag. Don’t get me wrong, they are SUPER pretty, but I don’t often wear these reddish-orange tones.

This is a look I did using the mystery bag items




The mystery bag also included a cream shadow, which is something I was hoping to try from the brand, becaues I love cream shadows. The shade they gave me is called Cranberry Streusel, which is permanently available.

Close up of Sydney Grace Cream Shadow in Cranberry Streusel

Cranberry Streusel is a super metallic shadow that is described as a burgundy, but I find it to be more pink than burgundy. Let me tell you, I fell in love with the formula the second I used it. First of all, the cream shadow is extremely pigmented and the staying powder is stellar. However, the shade itself is not one that I would reach for regularly, mostly because I don’t really know how to make pinks and reds look wearable – the look below looks kinda crazy to me and isn’t something I would wear out of the house! In this look, I’m wearing Cranberry Streusel in the middle of the lid, paired with other shades from my collection.




The mystery bags also included two loose pigments, one in the shade Coral Rose and another in Lavish. As far as I can tell, both shades are limited edition. Coral Rose is a beautiful warm pink, and Lavish looks white, but is actually more golden than white. Both powders are on the sheerer side, and are meant to be shimmery rather than opaque. They are a little more opaque if you use them with glitter glue, which I usually do when I use them in the middle of the lid in a halo eye look. Generally I find that they work better as lid toppers.

Close up of Sydney Grace Loose Pigments in Coral Rose and Lavish

Swatches of Sydney Grace Loose Pigments in Coral Rose and Lavish

While I find these super pretty, I’m just not sure if I would ever reach for them. I find loose pigments super messy to use, and ones like these in particular aren’t really pigmented and are more eyeshadow toppers, which I don’t find much use for.

Close up of Sydney Grace Blush in Ballet Slipper


The last product I received in the mystery bag was a non-eye product, and it was a blush. Ballet Slipper is a medium warm matte pink that is also limited edition to the bag. The shade almost borders on neutral and could actually work for cool skin tones as well. I really really love this blush. The texture is soft and the colour payoff is pigmented without being TOO pigmented, if you know what I mean. There’s no risk of making yourself look like a clown! I usually do a light layer at first and build it up if I want my blush to be more prominent.


The brand states that the bag is worth $50, and the value is definitely there. There was a great mix of products and I feel like I got to try a little bit of everything from Sydney Grace, although I wish I received one loose pigment and one highlighter instead of two loose pigments. Overall, they had a good mix of shades, although I wouldn’t have picked some of them out on my own – but that’s just personal preference, and what you sign up for when you choose to get a mystery bag. Regardless, the quality of everything they included was very high and I would say I am happy with the bag. If they ever do more mystery bags, I definitely recommend this as something to try out.


13 thoughts on “Review: Sydney Grace Mystery Bag Items

  1. I can totally relate to not having time to stick to a blogging schedule, life can get so crazy!
    That makeup bag looks perfect! It really is hard to find the proper sized makeup bag. I’m trying to pack a travel bag right now and all the ones I got from Ipsy are way too small to be practical.

    It’s too bad that you got a few shades that you won’t reach for as often as others. The cream shadow looks absolutely stunning on you though! You definitely need to wear that shade lots!

    The name “ballet slipper” is so cute. And so is the shade!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly! I find they’re either too small or too big – just so awkward overall, haha.

      I do NOT know how to wear that cream shadow shade without looking crazy! So sweet of you to say it looks nice on me, though. The formula is incredible, though – you should definitely think about picking up a cream shadow from them if you ever make another order from Sydney Grace!


      • Definitely!

        Lol! I can relate, sometimes eyeshadows can be absolutely stunning as a swatch but a little too intense on the eyes for real life.
        I’m sure I’ll place another order one day 😊


  2. Love all these warm fall colors! Plus that tone of blush is absolutely stunning! Don’t think I’ve ever had something like that in my collection before. Either I tend to go neutral or brighter pink.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love a lot of these colours, but I would agree about having so many eyeshadows like Blaze already, they seem to come in every warm palette or collection. I love the look of the liquid shadow, the colour is so pretty and it looks so nice. I haven’t used a liquid shadow in years but I feel like maybe I should give them another go. Looks like a great mix for a mystery bag, you get to try a bit of everything almost.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right?? That type of shade is so common these days! You should definitely give liquid eyeshadow another try, especially because I feel like they’re constantly improving the formulas! You put it perfectly, the mystery bag was a great way to try a bit of everything. Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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