Vacation Beauty Haul, Part 2

Today’s blog post is a continuation of Tuesday’s post, which was Part 1 of my Toronto Haul. In the last post, I mentioned the purchases I made at Sephora, Muji, and H&M Beauty. Today covers the last half of the trip, and features products from Inglot, NYX and The Bay.

2016-05-30 06.32.49 1a.jpg

As I mentioned in my previous post, I met up with stashmatters while we were in town. She showed me where the Inglot store was located – unfortunately it wasn’t open for the day yet! Ever since I first heard about this brand back in 2009 through YouTube, I’ve always researched whether the cities we go to for vacation have an Inglot so that I can visit the store. Similar to Surratt, I was hesitant to go to Inglot this time because I already own two Inglot freedom palettes, and they don’t get much love from me even though I picked the colours myself.

I talked myself into going back a few days later – cause who knows when will be the next time I’ll see another Inglot? I picked up yet another 4-pan palette with the shades (going clockwise from the top left): 395, 337, 378, and 153. These colours may be a bit boring to some, but I designed it to be good for travel: it has one matte transition shade, one shimmery highlight shade, one shimmery lid shade, and one matte crease shade. However, I wanted to scream when I got home, lol. Epic Fail #1: I discovered that I already own 153, and it’s not even a colour I use often because it doesn’t look that good on me! I was so annoyed at myself because out of all the beautiful shades to choose from, I had to pick one that I already owned *sigh* Oh well, I guess at least it means that my taste is consistent? 😛 I was very, very tempted to get some brushes as well, but ended up not doing it. Altogether, my Inglot purchase was $66.67.

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I also visited the NYX store on Queen Street (such a cute area!), and man, was it crazy in there! There were girls pushing all around me, and I couldn’t bear to be in the store for long because of the crowd (my fiancé said, “…Yeah, I’m going to wait outside”).

Epic Fail #2 was at NYX. I left with a Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick ($9) in the shade Teddy, which…looks horrific on me. It pulls cool taupe against my skin tone, even though it looks like a warm brown in the tube. Looks like I smeared clay on my lips! I did try it in store before purchasing, but they had run out of the doe-foot applicators that you use for samples and the tube was running low on product, so I only had a very thin layer applied on my lips and thought it looked okay. Well, apparently when I put a normal amount of the product on my lips, it so doesn’t look okay! I will have to try mixing it with another lipstick to see if I can make it work on me. Also, because I apparently didn’t already buy enough eye shadow on this trip, I also purchased the Avant Pop palette ($19) which I saw on Stashy’s blog before she left for vacation. This has a good mix of shimmers and mattes and would also make a good travel palette if I wanted more options. I was interested in buying some blushes, but I gave up and had to hightail it out of there before all the pushing made me go apeshit.


2016-05-30 06.12.35 1a.jpg

On our last evening there, I made my fiancé accompany me (bless his soul for coming with me on all my makeup expeditions!) to the Eaton Centre for the millionth time so I could go to the Beauty Underground section at The Bay, which we also don’t have in Calgary. Again, I had already checked it out once to see what I had to choose from – this visit was to buy! The Beauty Underground has a whole bunch of indie brands that are difficult to get ahold of in Canada, but the one I was interested in most was Teeez, another brand brought to my attention by Stashy.

All of the products from Teeez looked amazing – I wanted to purchase one of everything! I had to control myself, and ended up only getting a Be Blushious blush in the shade Really Rouge ($26), which is a shimmery bright coral that looks scary in the pan but I think will be beautiful, as well as a Spectrum of Stars eye shadow (yes, another one) in the shade Smokey Rose ($24). I knew that this shadow would be coming home with me when I saw Stashy’s haul from Teeez because the colour is so unique.

Although I was happy with my purchases, the crazy makeup collector part of me was worried that I’d regret not buying more from this counter because I’d never get a chance to get a hold of these products again. WELL, this weekend, I was at the mall in Calgary and saw that there were little tables at The Bay set up with Teeez and TonyMoly products. The name of the brands aren’t labeled on the counters, and I would have missed it if I hadn’t seen the Teeez products in person a few weeks ago. I didn’t get a chance to ask anyone working there, but I hope these will be available in Calgary permanently. I’m SUPER stoked about this! And this may mean I might blow my June-September budgets at the Teeez counter 😛

In Part 1 of my haul, I had spent $77.44, and Part 2 was $144.67. This brings us to a total of $222.11, versus my May low buy budget of $40.68. I was over my budget by $181.43..ooops! #sorrynotsorry

That was everything I purchased on my trip to Toronto. I think I need to swear off buying makeup until the November Sephora VIB haul (ahem, except at Teeez), and I now need about six pairs of eyes in order to use up all the eye shadow I now own. Are there any stores that are a must-visit every time you go on vacation?

11 thoughts on “Vacation Beauty Haul, Part 2

  1. Ha! I knew you’d go back to the Inglot store! The lure is just too powerful! But oh man, I feel your pain of picking up the SAME shade you already own by accident. Boo. Yes you have consistent taste, that’s what it means! 😛
    Yeah that NYX store is mayhem! I heard they opened a store inside Eaton Centre too. I bet that’s crazy busy as well. And yay, you got the Avant Pop palette too – it looks so good, I can’t wait to play with it! And boo again, on fail #2. Maybe try mixing it with a cooler toned lip colour, that will help to neutralize the orange in this shade. Good luck!
    Isn’t the Teeez stuff so nice?! I LOVE love that eye shadow – the colour, formula, packaging – all so well done! The blush you chose is gorgeous too – I eyed their blushes but only petted them and whispered “next time, next time” while the SA side-eyed me! 😆
    That’s amazing the Bay in Calgary is now carrying it (plus TonyMoly!) – I guess the concept is doing well and they’re rolling it out into more cities.
    You did well with your makeup purchases! Did you buy anything in Montreal?!

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    • So funny, because I even told the MUA when I was paying for the items that I was afraid I picked out a colour I already owned – and that’s exactly what happened! Before I go on vacation next time, I’m making a list of the shades I already own 😛
      I went to the one at the Eaton Centre after visiting the one on Queen Street hoping it would be better, and it was even more crowded! Could barely even reach the products. I guess it’s just because the mall is such a high-traffic area. Was in there for two minutes before I was like, “I give up, I’m done!”
      Lol @ your reaction to the Teeez blushes! Out of all the beauty places we visited in Toronto, that counter was in my top 3 favourites. Too many pretties to choose from! The little table of Teeez products in the Calgary store looks rather temporary, and it’s freaking me out!
      I didn’t end up buying anything in Montreal! Didn’t see anything particularly unique that I was interested in.


  2. I laughed when your fiance said “he’ll wait outside” well well well.. sounds familiar.. my hubby is the same as he hates going shopping with me.. and yes, I myself is looking forward to go back to NYC as they have an Inglot store in there and I wanted to purchase new shades since forever and want to add Blushes in my collection (yeah as if I need more blushes) but I know how that feels to purchase something then you realized you already have the same exact one. I do that a lot with lipsticks.. #annoying haha..

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol, he’s normally really good when shopping with me, he’ll come in the stores and follow me around…but he just did not want to deal with the crowd at NYX! Ah, the Inglot blushes look so beautiful but I’ve never tried! I just keep gravitating towards the shadows each time…

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