Matte Taupe Eye Look

Today’s eye look is something I’ve been wearing a lot lately. I almost never wear an all matte eye look as I can’t do without some bling on my face (aka shimmery shadows). However, lately I’ve been inspired by a coworker, who wears a very dramatic matte eye look to work. She has a very different eye shape (more more deep-set than mine) and does her eye makeup much more dramatically than I would, but I wanted to give a go at doing my own version.

For this look, I pulled out my trusty Tarte Tartelette palette. Even though I rarely r do all-matte eyes, I use this palette nearly 95% of the time I do my makeup in some way – I’m either borrowing a transition colour from here, a darker shade to deepen up the out V, or using it for the matte highlight shades. It has definitely become a regular part of my makeup routine. This is a simple look using only three shades.




Products Used:
All-Over Lid Colour: Super Mom
Transition Colour: Force of Nature
Crease Colour: Power Player
Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Mascara: Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara

  1. With a fluffy crease brush, apply Force of Nature as a transition shade from the crease to just below the browbone.
  2. Apply Super Mom all over the lid, making sure not to go over the crease. Also take this onto the browbone as the highlight shade.
  3. Take a smaller crease brush and apply Power Player right in the crease area, so that it acts as a transition shade between Super Mom and Force of Nature. Also apply this lightly to the inner and outer half of the lid, so that Super Mom is only showing in the middle of the lid. Take Power Player onto the lower lash line with an angled liner brush.
  4. Do a winged liner on the upper lash line using liquid or gel liner.
  5. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

If I were to do this look over again, I would definitely put down a white cream base first (which I don’t own) to make Super Mom stand out better, and I would probably use a starker white shade instead of a cream.


12 thoughts on “Matte Taupe Eye Look

  1. I haven’t been rocking an all matte look in ages. (I can’t wait until I get the Viseart matte palette!!!)
    Is the Tarlette fully matte? It looks super useful. And based on the Tartelette Tease palette, I quite liked their eye shadows.
    The names of these colours are funny. “Super Mom”, “Power Player”?
    How are you liking the Shiseido mascara? It looks great on you.

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    • The Viseart palette is going to be aweeeeesome!
      Yes, it is fully matte! It has been really useful in my day-to-day makeup routine. The two cream shades are not as pigmented as I hoped, but they’re usable.
      Haha, the name of the shades are weird. I think they are meant to be empowering words to describe women, hence random words like Multi-Tasker, Best Friend, Power Player, and Super Mom 😛
      I haven’t made up my decision about the mascara yet! I just opened it last week (sample), and the formula is quite wet, while I prefer dry. No smudging/flaking though! Have you used this mascara before?

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      • I’ve not used this particular Shiseido mascara but I had a few samples before and while I liked how long it lasts, I didn’t care for how clumpy it was. The worst part was the smell – it smelled like industrial strength wall stripper. Ugh.


  2. Do you want to come over and show me how to do winged liner? I suck so bad at it.

    I love the look you created! Are you pretty happy with this palette overall? I feel like people either love or hate it and it’s so confusing as I kind of want it….

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    • Umm, trust me, I’m in the same boat as you! The winged liner on my right eye (aka the eye I take a picture of) always looks good, and then the liner on the left eye just decides to do its own thang.
      I AM pretty happy with it overall! I think if you have a ton of neutral matte shadows, then this palette isn’t necessary, but I wasn’t really into matte shadows till I bought this, so I find it super useful! The first column with the cream/pink shades ARE kind of meh though.


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