Pretty Purples

Purple eye shadows have always been one of my makeup weaknesses. I don’t know why, but I find myself gravitating towards this shade, even though I don’t wear purples nearly as often anymore.

Today I wanted to share swatches of all the purples I own, and talk about why I love (or don’t love) each shade.


Urban Decay Rapture – Rapture is a cool-toned subdued medium purple with silver sparkles. Even though there are sparkles, there is no fallout It has a bit of a dry texture, but it’s quite pigmented. I like to use this colour to deepen up the crease.

Urban Decay Vice – Bright eggplant purple in a satin finish. Very pigmented and has a nice, smooth texture. It’s a difficult colour to wear all over the lid because it’s so bright, so I usually use it to deepen up the crease.

Inglot Eye Shadow in #420 –  I bought this in 2011 during my first visit to an Inglot store, which was in Vegas. It’s a frosted smoky purple-grey with a fantastic texture and pigmentation. This was a pretty unique shade addition to my collection at the time, but I have since gotten similar shades (see Bluff and Cherie below).

Too Faced Eye Shadow in Bluff – This is a frosted silver based lilac-mauve. I always think this colour is really similar to the Inglot #420 shadow until I swatch them next to each other, and then I realize this shadow is much lighter and lilac toned. This shadow is soft and pigmented.

Too Faced Eye Shadow in Cherie – Warm purple-taupe. I realized after taking the photos that this one looks much more taupe than purple compared to the other shades, but it’s pretty much a warmer version of Bluff, so it does have a frosted purple tinge to it. It’s a really soft and blendable shadow that I use all over the lid.


Too Faced Eye Shadow in Provence – This is a cool-toned purple with bright blue shimmers (that don’t show up when swatched or applied on the lid). It’s not a good perfomer at all; it’s very sheer, the formulation is dry, and requires many passes to become somewhat opaque, so I’ve never used it before.

Too Faced Eye Shadow in Ooh La Orchid – This is a matte orchid (surprise) shade. It has a very dry, chalky texture but the pigmentation is actually pretty decent. However, I have never used this eye shadow just because of the craziness of the colour.

Tarte Eye Shadow in Best Friend – This is a matte medium eggplant purple. The formulation is soft and buttery, and the colour is very pigmented. I tend to use this shade all over my lids, which ends up being a darker look.

Tarte Eye Shadow in Bomb Shell – This is a matte deep plum which looks more black than purple, but you can definitely tell that it’s a dark plum when swatched next to a true black. It’s slightly dry, but very pigmented. I like using this to define my crease when doing a purple smoky look.


Tarina Tarantino Eyeshadow (from the Magical palette) – this is a deep plummy purple in a satin finish. This is a really good-quality shadow and is one of my go-to’s to define the outer V area when doing a purple look.

Inglot AMC Shine #40– This is a medium red-based purple with silver shimmers. This shade also doesn’t have any fallout even with the shimmers. It’s a very sheer colour upon first pass, but is able to build up quite easily. I got this the at the same time as the Inglot #420 above, when I still had a small collection of shadows, and I used to use this a lot more often than I do now.

MAC Eye Shadow in Beautiful Iris – this is one of the products that I’m trying to get more use out of (I’ve only used it once since that post, boo). It’s a pastel lavender with a pink sheen, and has great pigmentation. The MUA convinced me to get this, but I’m still not entirely sure this shade of purple works for me – it’s a little too cool for my warm-toned skin.

Going through all my shadows made me realize that there’s about three of these that I never reach for. With that being said, this post really made me want to go buy more purple shadows, particularly the grey-taupe-purple ones that I don’t need more of!

22 thoughts on “Pretty Purples

  1. I love purples too but I don’t have that many in my collection… well not THAT much relative to other shades like taupes. 😛
    What, UD has an EYE SHADOW shade also called Rapture? Great way to confuse people. 😕
    I really like both of the Inglot Eye Shadows you showed in this post! I did a quick scan of all the swatches first and both the #420 and #40 jumped out at me. The 420 has enough taupe in it that I can wear it all over. I’ll have to keep those 2 in mind!
    Out of all the ones you showed, I only own MAC Beautiful Iris. I hardly ever wear it – I mainly got it because it is a Veluxe Pearl finish and I’ve made it a life mission to buy every shade of MAC’s Veluxe Pearl. 😛
    Purples run such a wide gamut of colours from warm to cool – that’s why I think it’s funny when people say they can’t wear a colour family – yes you can, just choose wisely.
    I’m in the midst of updating my makeup inventory spreadsheet to categorize colour families of all my eye shadows… it’s a daunting task because sometimes I just can’t decide if a shade is taupe or more purple? Like… MAC Shale, what would you say it is, a taupe or purple:

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    • Haha, I thought of you when writing about Rapture. It was a limited edition shade in one of their palettes, so luckily not TOO confusing…ish.
      Inglot #420 is beeeautiful but can look a little off on me depending on what I pair it with, because it’s a little more cool-toned than what I normally wear. Your skin seems to be at least slightly more cool toned than mine, so it would probably look really nice on you!
      Why has it become a mission for you to own all Veluxe Pearl shadows? Whatever the reason, I approve of this goal!
      I can imagine how tough it would be to categorize shades? Haha I keep looking at that photo of Shale, going back and forth between deciding whether it’s a taupe or purple. I think I would end up categorizing it as a purple, and put the more brown-leaning shades as taupes. Ever since you sent me Sweet Satisfaction (which is amazing!), I’ve been contemplating buying a MAC eyeshadow, even though somehow I always end up neglecting them…I have a couple on my wish list, but Shale is really tempting me!

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      • Oh i just really like Veluxe Pearl finish from MAC. I’ll likely not ever buy ALL of the shades available (there’s something like 20 of them) because some of them are colours I’d NEVER wear like yellow gold or straight up silver.
        Yes, my inclination was to categorize Shale as purple too!
        Glad to hear you’re enjoying Sweet Satisfaction. It’s such a versatile shade. 😀 What other colours do you have on your MAC eye shadow wish list?

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        • Even though MAC was my first foray into high end makeup, I’ve only ever owned 3 or 4 shadows from them, so I have yet to try many popular favourites. So far, I have my eyes on Brule, Sable, Vex, and top of my wish list is Satin Taupe 😀 Shale is now on my list too! Any suggestions?

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            • Haha spam away! Your blog posts are so useful.
              Love your top 10 choices. Totally forgot about Patina and All That Glitters, but those are on my wish list as well! Although between Satin Taupe and Patina, I think Satin Taupe would look better on me, and I already own too many shades similar to All That Glitters.
              I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about the Extra Dimension shadows that I’ve never bothered to look at them, but now that I think about it, I think the bad reviews were from when the Extra Dimension shadows first came out? I don’t know. Either way, Stolen Moment and Lorelei are too beautiful for words.

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              • I think the 2nd release of the Extra Dimension weren’t well received mainly due to the size shrinking so much from the initial launch. I didn’t notice any difference in the formula from the first ones to the subsequent releases. Now that I’m re-reading my review of them, I’m reminded that I wanted to get a couple from the new permanent shades! 😛

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  2. I loooovveee purple eye shadow too. I have no idea why, but I do. I was looking for a good purple color that was affordable, and the new milani purple basics palette has some good ones. Great post!

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