Review: Shiseido Aura Dew Highlighter

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m sharing with you a review of the Shiseido Aura Dew, which I bought on a whim last year. I was making an order on The Bay for some Shiseido products for my mom’s birthday last year, and I needed to spend a little more to get free shopping. The Aura Dew highlighters caught my eye, and after doing some research on the product, I decided to give it a try.




This multidimensional highlighter suspends ultrafine rose, silver, and gold Japanese pearls in a cushiony, transparent base that melds seamlessly with every skin tone. Its revolutionary texture ensures that this highlighter stays put for up to 12 hours without caking and can be easily layered over eye, lip, or cheek products without compromising color or adding weight. It’s available in three radiant shades inspired by Tokyo’s gleaming lights, so customizing your glow is easier than ever.

The Aura Dew highlighter is a multipurpose cream product for the face, eyes, and lips. It comes in three shades – Cosmic (Rose Gold), Solar (Gold). and Lunar (Silver). This is made in Italy, and retails for $38 CAD for 4.8 g. It can be purchased at Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, and various department brands such as The Bay and Nordstrom.




The highlighter comes in a glass jar with a black lid, and includes a stopper inside to keep the product from drying out. The jar feels very weighty and luxe, as it should considering the price tag! I owned this for 9 months, and there were no signs of the formula drying out until I accidentally screwed on the lid crookedly, letting air seep in.



My ongoing search for makeup products with fun texture continues! This product has a really interesting bouncy, putty-like texture, similar to ColourPop’s Supershock formula, but with a bit more bounce. I would say the texture is very much like the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes from years ago, if anyone still remembers those. It’s fun to dip your finger into the product and squish it. As I mentioned, I didn’t screw the lid on correctly, which let some air in. The eyeshadow still works, but it’s not the same as it once was. Make sure you screw the lid on tight!!



I purchased the shade Cosmic, as rose gold was the most appealing to me. As soon as I opened this product up, I realized it was going to be 1) too dark for my complexion, and 2) too glittery to use as a highlighter. That’s the downfall of buying things online – you never know exactly what you’re going to get, even when you thoroughly research. I knew I wasn’t going to use this on my lips, but since this is supposed to be a multi-use product, I wanted to test this out on both my face and my eyes. Still, it was disappointing considering I bought it in hopes of using it as a highlighter. I hadn’t tested it yet though, so was still holding out hope.

I was surprised to find that Cosmic was too dark for me, considering I have a light-medium skintone that works with a lot of shades. In the pan, it looks more like a bronzer than it does a highlighter! However, it swatches much lighter. I could get away with this in the summer when my skin was a little more tanned, but overall it’s not going to work if you have fair or light skin. Regardless of whether the shade works or not, it was too glittery to use this on the cheekbones.




The Aura Dew swatches quite pretty, but the glitters are VERY apparent. I’m not sure if you can see the glitters in the photo above, but even though they are fine glitters, they are still very chunky. Despite how nice it looks swatched, it doesn’t look good on the cheekbones AT ALL. It looks like you’ve applied a stripe of glitter on your face! As I mentioned, this was disappointing to me because I bought it with the intention of using it as a highlighter.

After failing to use it as a highlighter, I tried this on the eyes next. I have to say, I enjoyed using it on the eyes significantly more. The effect is very similar to the Hourglass Scattered Light eyeshadows, and what I think of as “grown up glitter” – superfine microglitters over a wash of colour that gives your eyelids an almost wet effect. I enjoy using the Hourglass eyeshadows on its own or as an eyeshadow topper. While you can do the same with the Aura Dew and it looks really pretty, I find that the base colour isn’t as pigmented as the Scattered Light shadows, so I prefer to use it as an eyeshadow topper over a mauvey matte or satin eyeshadow. There’s almost no fall-out, which is fantastic.

One way I’ve been enjoying this product is to use it as a topper over my Project Pan eyeshadows – that way, I can still get use out of my Project Pan items while giving myself a little more variety in terms of looks, so I don’t get sick of using the same products over and over again. Below are two comparison shots of what the Aura Dew looks like on top of my Project Pan eyeshadow (ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in Weenie) compared to the project eyeshadows on their own. It looks subtle in the photos, but you can actually see a bigger difference in person!

A look I did using ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in Weenie. This one is without Shiseido’s Aura Dew as a topper.
This second look is Shiseido’s Aura Dew as an eyeshadow topper on top of ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in Weenie. It’s a subtle change in these photos, but you can really see the added shimmer in person!


I’m glad I found a way to use this, and it’s really gorgeous as an eyeshadow topper. However, I’m left a little disappointed because I don’t find it to actually be multipurpose as it states it is, and I was not in the market for another glittery eyeshadow, much less one that is $38. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend the Shiseido Aura Dew.

Have you ever used this highlighter? What are your favourite multi-purpose products, or favourite eyeshadow toppers?



6 thoughts on “Review: Shiseido Aura Dew Highlighter

  1. Your eye makeup looks so pretty! I’m sure I tried these just over a year ago and I loved them, though I was using them as eyeshadow and it was a long time ago! Such a shame you didn’t love them so much, or at all really 😦 especially when you wanted it for a highlighter! Hopefully you find one soon that you like more!

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