My Recent Empties

I go through products ridiculously slowly, so I thought that instead of doing an Empties post each month, I would do one every three months instead, for a total of four empties posts for 2016. These are the products that I finished off from January to March – there were a total of 8 full-sized products and 6 samples.


The Body Shop Shower Gel: Moringa and Pink Grapefruit

I really like the shower gels from The Body Shop as a whole, because they lather up quite well. I enjoyed the Moringa scent for the first while that I was using it, but I think I got sick of it really quickly. The pink grapefruit scent, however, I absolutely love. I used to hate anything grapefruit, but in the last couple of years, I have really been gravitating to grapefruit scents, and just citrusy smells in general. It’s just so fresh and clean smelling! For whatever reason, I only bought one of the grapefruit but two of the Moringa scent, so I still have one more of these to go through.

Repurchase? No to the Moringa, yes to the Grapefruit



The Body Shop Body Butter: Satsuma and Strawberry

I only recently (as in the last half a year or so) started using TBS Body Butters again. I bought these when the weather started turning colder in October and I realized my Bath and Body Works body lotions weren’t providing enough hydration for my skin. The thickness of the body butter has really helped make my skin less itchy from the dryness. It must take me about two months to go through one tub, because I finished the Satsuma one during the first week of January, and then just finished the Strawberry last week.

I remember the Satsuma scent being all the rage when I was in elementary school, so it brings me back to my childhood. 20 years later, and the scent still hasn’t gotten old yet. Both the Satsuma and the Strawberry line smell very artificial to me, but they’re still nice!

Repurchase? Yes to both



Glam Glow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

I reviewed this product in my post all about the Glam Glow masks. This is an HG product for me. It’s expensive, but I’ve had this jar since December 2014 and finished it in February, which means that it lasted 14 months for me. It’s normally $75, which means it cost $5.36 per month – that’s not too terrible!

Repurchase? Have already opened a new one!

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

Another one bites the dust! I won’t yammer on about this product because I already talk about it so often, but it’s my HG makeup remover.

Repurchase? Already have!




Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream in Maui Hibiscus Beach

I used to exclusively use the Triple Moisture Body Creams from Bath and Body Works. As I stated above, I realized these weren’t moisturizing enough for the winter, so I switched to the TBS body butters. Anyways, I discovered this tube in my house earlier this month. I had abandoned this tube halfway through in the fall in favour of the body butters, and it had about 10 uses left. I hated having it sitting around, so I just finished it up. This smelled good, but wasn’t anything special. I could be wrong, but it seems as though BBW uses the same scents over and over again (or changes a note or two) and renames it to fit whatever new line they come out with – I feel like I’ve used this scent before under a different name, but who knows.

Repurchase? No

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

I wash my hair every day. I try to skip washes every once in a while, but I can’t stand the feeling of not having squeaky clean hair. I bought this after a friend suggested it, and I was really hoping it would be my HG dry shampoo. I LOVED the scent of this. It’s slightly minty but sweet, and super refreshing. It gave my scalp a nice cooling sensation and made my hair feel refreshed in the short term, but the feeling didn’t last long. After a few hours, my hair felt dirty again and I would want to reapply the dry shampoo. The good thing is that it didn’t leave any white residue in my hair. However, it didn’t really give my hair much volume either. Overall, it was just so-so.

Repurchase? No



Make Up Forever Extravagant Mascara

This sample came with the 2014 Sephora birthday gift, along with a mini MUFE lipstick. I finally broke it out at the end of last year, but I didn’t enjoy using it because while it did not smudge or flake, it did absolutely nothing for my lashes. I mostly just finished it it because I had it lying around.

Purchase in full size? No

Fresh Creme Ancienne: Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask & Soft Cream

At the beginning of the month, I did a review of my thoughts on these two products from the Creme Ancienne range. In a nutshell, I loved the honey mask and thought the Soft Cream was just so-so, buuuut both products are hella expensive and not for the average consumer.

Purchase in full size? No

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay: Firming Serum, Cream, and Eye Concentrate

I also did a review of the samples I received from this line. Again, here’s a summary of my thoughts: I liked the smell of this line, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the stickiness of the serum, and the eye cream and face cream were not moisturizing enough for my dry skin.

Purchase in full size? No

11 thoughts on “My Recent Empties

    • I’ve heard that other products made by The Body Shop are more moisturizing, but I keep going back to the fruity smelling ones because they smell so good. A lot of people say good things about the Vitamin E line, which I’ve never tried – will definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!


  1. I guess I tend to go through things quickly then! I seem to have saved up a lot of empties once again this month… I was just writing the post last night!
    I have a little pot of the Moringa scent body butter – I agree, it’s nice at first but it gets too much. Citrus scents are always great for the morning shower – wakes me up! And hmmm Satusuma!
    I also don’t find the BBW lotions to be enough hydration – have you tried the Ultra Shea ones from them? Pretty good – a bit more heavy duty but not as thick as body butters.
    Have you ventured into other cleansing oils? I love the MAC one and all but I find myself straying often. 😛 Currently I’m using one that I found at Winners and I love it! It smells like orange creamsicles (even the SO commented when he came into the washroom after I’d washed my face), it’s this one:
    For less than $10, it’s definitely worth it! I’m always on a quest to find less expensive cleansing oils where the first ingredient is NOT mineral oil (nothing wrong with mineral oil, it’s just a cheapo ingredient and I’d rather have olive oil [MAC, MUJI!] or another natural oil instead) this Superfacialist has sunflower oil as the first ingredient.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You go through products super quickly! Or maybe I’m just super slow 😛
    You’re right, citrus scents are perfecto for morning showers. Also nice for after a long day of work as a pick-me-up scent!
    Now I’m questioning whether I’ve tried the Ultra Shea, because it comes in the same packaging as the Triple Moisture…I don’t believe I have. Maybe I’ll give it a go for the summer!
    Umm, a cleansing oil that smells like orange creamsicles sounds AMAZING, especially for $10! I don’t know why I’m so hesitant to try new cleansing oils (or just skincare in general – scared my skin will freak out, I suppose). I’ve only tried two other ones – the Camomile Cleansing Oil from TBS, and the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, which I liked, but it’s also expensive, not to mention not as accessible. Although, I just recently found a sample of the Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil that I had been looking for in my stash FOREVER, so I’m excited to give that one a try.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve tried the Camomile Cleansing oil from TBS too, it’s ok, I didn’t love the scent. My friend actually gave me a bottle of a nearly new Bobbi Brown cleansing oil – she didn’t like and passed it to me (although, perhaps she should have returned it and got her money back! ha!) – I’ve yet to try it out. I noticed that the first ingredient in that is “Isopropyl Palmitate”, not a natural oil – hrm, why is it so pricey?
      Oh I’m glad you found the Shiseido oil – I hope you like it because I hated that thing lol. It’s stinky and the key ingredient is just mineral oil!


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